7 Best Cities to Meet Hot Pinay Girls

This guest post about Pinay girls is from 199 Flags.

Like my Dutch buddy told me in Colombia, “The Philippines is like playing tennis with the net down.” Man, that statement couldn’t be more true. If you can’t get laid there, all hope is lost for you. It’s literally that easy. I picked up 45 lays in 79 days with hot Pinay girls, and it was my first time taking a trip to get laid (if you want to SEE what it is like, check out this post about Filipina pornstars).

Before arriving there, I had been nursing a long drought. Work had been my life for years. Picking up a lot of lays in a short period was never a part of my life. It was always serious girlfriend, mushy love city which disgusts me to think about now. I feel blessed to have made it through without getting married. I love my lifestyle now more than ever before.

A Beginner's Guide to The Philippines

The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands. That’s a lot, right? You can only imagine how many places there are to go on those islands. The country is full of hot Pinays for your sexual fantasies. If I were to go back now, my productivity would be off the charts. 2-4 lays a day isn’t a farfetched number if ya get my drift. The downside is once you get used to travel gaming or whatever you want to call it, something that easy isn’t as much fun anymore.

The easiest way to start going to town on these Filipino girls is to queue them up BEFORE you arrive. The easiest way to do this it to use Filipino Cupid (find our review here). Without that free dating site I wouldn't have been able to score nearly as many Filipino girls.

That’s why the Philippines is the best place to get your feet wet. Allow me to outline the seven best cities to meet hot Pinay Girls. Here we go:

The easiest way to start going to town on these Filipino girls is to queue them up BEFORE you arrive. The easiest way to do this it to use Filipino Cupid (find our review here).

Without that free dating site I wouldn't have been able to score nearly as many Filipino girls.

That’s why the Philippines is the best place to get your feet wet. Allow me to outline the seven best cities to meet hot Pinay Girls. Here we go:

General Santos City

General Santos City is a place that your foreigner value is sky high. It is also not a place you want to journey into without having some street smarts and balls. The best way to set up shop in General Santos is to pipeline a few filipinas that are higher-tier. Skype with them to make sure they are legit.

nice filipinaThey have an airport there. Keep it mind it is the southernmost city, and the heat is too much for some people. If you’re like me and can stand high heat, don’t worry about it. Use the pipelined girls to your fullest advantage by having one of them meet you at the airport. You then have a tour guide.

All in all, you shouldn’t stay here for more than a few days while you capitalize on what you’ve pipelined. What makes this a good spot is the foreigner value. Most people don’t go down that far. It can work against you as well if trying to use day game. Girls can get so nervous that they will run away.


This place is an absolute shithole, but it offers the same foreigner value as General Santos. That’s because it is located in the South. I love to surf. There is a surf spot that is accessible from Butuan known as Tandag (Surigao del Sur). You can take the Bachelor Express or Superstar bus lines to get there.

As for Butuan City, do the same thing with the pipelining. I walked around the streets of the city and was constantly bombarded by beggars. That’s how rare a foreigner is there. The beauty of this is online gaming, you have a shot at finding a virgin or a girl that’s not broken in. This is the kind of stuff my demented ass thrives off.

Don’t plan on staying there for any more than five days or you will go insane. The girl I pipelined hooked me up, though. She met me at the airport and showed me a decent place to stay that was cheap. She even tossed my salad.

Puerto Princesa

This is the Capital of Palawan. Palawan has some beautiful tourist attractions, although foreigner value isn’t as high as the first two cities. It’s a good place to set up a couple of girls on rotation. Then plan some of your own activities to do without the girl. Also, if you like to dive this is a perfect place for that.

thick pinay girlI went there toward the end of my trip and quickly picked up a couple of lays from pipelining only 2-3 days before my arrival. The first girl came straight to my place and in the heat of the moment, I anally creampied her. Like I said demented.

The fact that locals are used to seeing foreigners bodes in your favor. There are a lot of girls with the gringo fetish. This can also work against you if you don’t know how to screen out the sluts. You can always tell if a girl has banged a lot of foreigners if she is too comfortable during your first meeting. You think you are laying good wood, but in reality, any gringo could do the job. This type of girl will usually have a bad attitude from previous foreigners screwing her over.

I figured that trick out fast. It’s the girls that are uncomfortable and put up substantial amounts of LMR (last minute resistance) that you want to keep around.


Cebu is great, but it’s an absolute minefield of hookers and ladyboys. At this point, you should see that online game is paramount in the Philippines. That’s why it’s ideal for beginners. The Ayala Mall is a good spot to stay close to in a hotel. Hotels are cheap as all hell in Cebu so it's easy to bring some Filipinas back for a nice bang.

Some people like Mango Square for partying at night. That scene disgusts me.

 Like every other city in the Philippines, it’s hot. Everywhere you go, make sure you have air conditioning.

The Pinay girls in Cebu are on the darker and more petite side. There are some super hot Pinays in there if you dig deep enough.

 The pussy is also insanely tight there from my findings.

So much so that I would delay blowing off as long as possible because I would never want it to end.

Cagayan de Oro

In my opinion, this place is underrated because for me it was an absolute fuckfest. Hooking up with 18 and 19 yr olds left and right is my style. If you put in some extra time, you may even score a virgin. Any guy that tells you virgins are a waste of time never had one no matter what he says.

CDO is also in the South where foreigner value is higher. The city itself is no fun at all. Think get in, get your rocks off and then get out. I went to a corner store one night with a girl to drink San Miguel and was getting eye-fucked almost the entire time by those dudes that wear head wraps. I don’t know the exact religion, but steer clear of them.


Staying in Davao is a bit of an adventure. I remained in a place that was a hole in the wall and for some reason, some of my fondest memories of the Philippines took place there. No AC, no washer, barely any internet, falling apart at the seams.

sexy pinay girlIt was a true taste of the culture and living like a Filipino. That’s the kind of stuff I am into, it gives me the goosebumps as I write about it.

The best part about Davao is the women. They are hotter there in my opinion and easy to scoop up. The girl I liked the most was from there. I trusted her and was going raw the whole time. Still clean to this day and no kids. These days, I don’t roll those dice not because of disease because getting a girl pregnant petrifies me. Life is too good for that responsibility.

Davao is also close to Samal Island. You can access Samal for pennies by taking the ferry. It’s a fun place to take a date and get drunk on the beach.


Manila is where I banged most of the girls on my journey. I was big pimping in the place I stayed. High up in the sky, spa, doormen, bars/clubs close, restaurants close and a steady stream of new & exciting pussy every day. It got to a point where I wasn’t getting turned on unless it was something new.

This was before I started working full time as a writer so I could dedicate my entire day to poon hounding. It was some of the most fun I ever had in my life.

There are two places to stay in Manila. Makati or Fort Bonifacio, it’s that simple. Makati is my favorite place in the Philippines. If I lived in the Phils, that’s where I’d be posting up.

The Best Cities to Meet Hot Pinay Girls - Overall

Finding hot Pinay girls in the Philippines is easy. The great thing about online dating and pipelining is you can use to it guide your journey. You never know which city a super hot girl will pop up in next. That’s why it’s important to travel through the islands without a strict itinerary.

There are probably some other places that I haven't experienced. If you have knowledge, then drop it. I’m sure everyone that follows Masculine Profiles would love to hear about it including myself. This has been your boy 199, enjoy it! It’s more fun in the Philippines.

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  1. going to the following; Cebu, Lapu Lapu, Boracay, Palawan, El Nido and Angeles City… are these good cities to get “hot” looking gals… do I stick to clubs and go go girls?

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