The Guide to Proper Hairstyles for Men

This is a guest post from a friend of mine who has an immense knowledge and experience in Men's Lifestyle. He maintains his own blog at  MensAxis. In this post he writes about his approach to mens hairstyles. Enjoy!


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A Guide to Proper Hairstyles for Men

Description: Get a hairstyle for men that shows the world exactly what kind of a man you are. From side-parts and slick-backs to the closest of shaves, these gentlemen's cuts will transform your style.

Like it or not, hair is a part of all of our lives. Whether you neglect yours, keep it perfectly groomed or have lost most of it through your years, Hairstyles for Men, the way you wear your hair says a lot about your personality. So, if you have been looking to cement your image by creating a style that is unique and complementary to yourself, these popular classics and contemporary hairstyles for the successful man will help you do just that.

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What your hairstyle says about you! Hairstyles for Men:

Whether we are aware of it or not, people tend to make judgments of others based on their appearance. Measuring a man’s success can often be done by way of observing the way in which he presents himself, what part of his look has been neglected, and which ones work perfectly to give him a unique sense of style.

While paying particular attention to your hairstyle may not always be considered the most masculine thing to do, it is still an essential part of your appearance, and so admit it or not, most men are obliged to work hard at finding and maintaining a hairstyle that works for them.

Fortunately, keeping yourself stylishly groomed is not that difficult, it just requires a little imagination, a decent hairdresser, the right hair products, and a bit of care and attention.


The Caesar is one of the Great  Hairstyles for Men

This classic hairstyle, as its name suggests, has been a favourite of men since just about the dawn of society. This is because it is easy to manage, requires very little investment into hair products, and seems to suit just about any head that it grows on.

Some of the greatest advantages to the Caesar is that it is suitable for a professional look as well as a casual one, and that you won’t have to spend twenty minutes of each morning of your life trying to get it perfect.

Its simplicity is its strength, and its adaptability makes it perfect for just about any man. But perhaps you are looking for something with a little more flare…

Brushed Up

The brush-up is more commonly associated with young men, and there is something about its appearance that yells vigour and energy with these mens haircuts. As one of the few survivors of styles from the hipster movement, this is one of the few ones that I am pleased to see has made it. Hairstyles for Men, the brushed up look is great.

This style isn’t for everyone though, it's full-bodied structure might draw all kinds of attention, which isn’t ideal for every man. It also requires a physique that can support it, usually being appropriate for men with light frames. Also, if you’re not into loading truck-loads of products onto your hair, then this look might seem a little unmanageable for you.

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But if startling fashion trend is your thing, and you actually enjoy spending time doing your hair, then spending 30 minutes a day on perfecting this style might be fine for you. Hairstyles for Men is obviously very important to you, that's great, women will love that.


Hairstyles for Men, theSide Part Pompadour

It’s not my favourite and this style has a stupid name, but regardless of my personal feelings towards it, the side part pompadour is generally a surprisingly popular look. There is something about it which shows evidence of excessive grooming and possibly too much of a fascination with how you look, but if you have the time, products and physique to pull off this look, it can actually form quite a spectacular style with these mens haircuts .

There is something about it which is reminiscent of John Travolta from Greece, perhaps minus the smile. Further proof that our parents were right in saying that trends do in fact come around again and again.

Short Back and Sides

The short back and sides is, and always has been a popular classic. I first wore this look in high-school, and carried it proudly until my hair fell out just before my thirties. It is easy to manage, a cinch to spike, keeps its shape all day and doesn’t require too many products or follow-up haircuts to keep its shape.

The beauty of this look is that is suits just about every physique and shape. It works with baby-faces and beards alike, and ensures that if you do stand out from the crowd, it is for all of the right reasons.

Hairstyles for Men, The Side Part

Who doesn’t love a sophisticated man or an adorable nerd. There may be a fine-line between those two styles, but the crux which makes them both work is the side part. Worn by classic ambassadors of manhood like Clark Kent and Leonardo DiCaprio mens haircuts, this look has proved time and again to be an easily manageable, neat and sophisticated style.

What are the benefits? Well, for starters, you’ll look like you mean business while your hairstyle automatically carries some sort of weight of intelligence, making you look as smart (or smarter) as you are.

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Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men

If you can’t decide whether to be a tough guy or a slick one, the slicked back look mens haircuts provides a certain compromise of both. With an able hairdresser, a full head of hair, a little grease and a comb, this look can be worn by just about anyone.

A word of warning however, it requires a certain (strong or wiry) physique and a rugged masculine face to pull this one off, otherwise it might end up looking a little creepy.


The Undercut

Alright, so you’re going full on tough guy for this one. I don’t know, you might be a cage fighter, bouncer or small time drug lord, whatever the case, these Hairstyles for Men are all about being a little more intimidating. But you’re not being a complete thug, a well styled undercut should have evidence of care in its style to soften the harshness it brings to the head. This is a one of great mens haircuts.

This look is also not particularly easy to maintain and will almost certainly lengthen your morning routine, and also requires a lot of grooming to ensure that it doesn’t look downright messy. Also, if you work in an industry where appearance is everything, this one might not go down well in the office.

Close Cropped Hairstyles for Men

Stepping away from those loud hairstyles for men for a moment, the close-cropped style might be a little more to your liking if you found the others a little too much. This one is also a timeless classic, and it works with almost all hair, face and body types. It is simple, neat and easy to style as you please to give it that extra personal touch.

This style is popular for men of all ages, and has been paraded by celebrities such as Daniel Craig and Ryan Reynolds who have senses of style on opposite sides of the spectrum, so it will more than likely work for you as well.

Hairstyles for Men Who Are Going Bald?

All this talk of hair, and you, like me, are possibly wondering what any of this has to do with you and your male pattern baldness. If you are well into going bald or are already there, then honestly, trying for any hairstyle might be a mistake (just ask Donald Trump, he’ll tell you).

A far better solution is to keep your hair as comfortably short as you can. Invest in a good set of head sheers, and this will be even easier because you’ll need to have a shave at least once every two weeks. Some men prefer as close a shave as possible, but the skinhead look isn’t for everyone. Shaving it on a number two will give you a neat look while making the best of your baldness. Mens haircuts for guy losing their hair can be important.

If, however, you absolutely need to do something with your hairstyle, and you are going bald, then perhaps shaving it and doing something with your beard is a better call for your Hairstyles for Men that are going bald.

So, whether you’re looking to wear a mop of organised chaos, want something suave and sophisticated or are struggling to come to terms with the loss of your hair, at least one of these styles should be perfect for you.

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