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Great conversation ice-breakers for online chat

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Great conversation ice-breakers for online chat

People use online matchmaking websites for all sorts of reasons, but many of these boil down to the same basic aspect. They are looking to connect with someone, either for casual friendship, but more often than not for something longer-term. For anyone broaching this way of communication for the first time the prospect of getting to know a complete stranger can be daunting. But there’s no reason to feel intimidated by the online environment.

When you go onto a site like, what is likely to strike you is how friendly and accommodating the person at the other end is. So if you are still nervous about what to actually say when you start chatting with someone in a virtual setting, here are some suggested ice-breakers that will help to keep the chat flowing.

Common ground

A great way to kick-off the proceedings would be to find common ground; areas where you are liable to have interests you can both relate to. There are any amount of topics you could discuss, such as the last movie you saw, or the result of any sporting events dominating the morning’s headlines.

 It could be something like a royal wedding or the Euro-vision song contest. The possibilities are endless. The important aspect is that this type of icebreaker will open the door for the conversation to continue and develop.

Open questions

Regardless of whether you are sending messages or have got to the stage where you feel comfortable enough to engage in web chats, you should always be focused on open questions. The worst thing that can happen is to get a response which is either yes or no. Instead you should be thinking about making inquiries that will inspire subjective responses. So rather than “did you have a good day in the office?” ask “what’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in your office lately?” It’s always good to focus on something that might elicit a strong opinion. Until you get to know someone better it would be best to avoid politics, but certainly touch on topical subjects.


A good way of really strengthening your connection is to offer compliments. When you are at the stage of chatting online this could be anything from you like the look of their profile photograph to you enjoyed the messages they sent recently. Everyone gets a little kick from receiving positive comments, so ensure that you keep up a steady flow of these.

Q and A sessions

Another excellent week to stoke the sense of chemistry is to ask a series of succinct questions that will help to build a good overall picture of their personality. These can be things like what their favorite magazines are, or which type of restaurant they prefer; their preferred holiday destinations or their favorite movies. Each of these questions and responses will put you both in a positive frame of mind as you discuss the things that really excite you. The more of these subjects you broach, the more responses you tease out of them, the more rapport you will generate.

Make plans

Another terrific ice-breaker is to make plans to hook-up in the real world. Here the possibilities are endless as you bounce around ideas about places to meet or activities to indulge in. There is never any likelihood of awkward silences as you make suggestions about popular bars, tasty restaurants, hot nightclubs or trips to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster. As the anticipation grows, so will the sense of  excitement. Very soon all that ice-breaking will lead  to you  melting in each others arms.

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