How to Get Girls in the Philippines

This is another post written by my buddy Mark. While I may know Latin America better than the US, my knowledge of Asia is nothing compared to that of Mark's who has been getting a LOT of action over there. Read on to get some great advice from him.

As a man who has been to the Philippines and enjoyed meeting girls in this pearl of the orient country, I can say that it’s not enough to get introduced to one and expect a good outcome. There are certain things that need to be considered, as well as some tips that will help you win the hearts of Filipino women, especially if you're using some Filipino Cupid tricks.

For example, it is important to understand that there are a lot of reasons why you would like to get girls in the Philippines. For one, you may be looking for companionship. It can be for your short stay in the country, or for a more serious type of relationships. A lot of stories have revolved around men successfully finding wonderful girls from the Philippines.

Why Choose a Filipina Girl?

There are a lot of reasons why you can choose a Filipina girl. Other than the fact that they are INSANELY beautiful some of the reasons are:

Relatively fewer chances of scams

While there is a huge number of girls scamming on dating websites, in the standard society of the Philippines, these instances are relatively fewer. The Filipino culture, despite being influenced by Western countries, is still basically conservative. Women believe in relationships, finding love, and becoming a good wife or partner. This is good news if you are looking for serious types of relationships.

You can find younger women

This is not on the negative end of the scale, though. However, you can really find younger women also looking for foreign relationships. Most of these women range from 20 to 30 years old. This will allow you to enjoy the companionship as they bring in their beauty, youth and dedication to the relationship.

Filipino Women a Distinct, Positive Disposition

In general, Filipina women are very fun to be with. They can laugh around at your silly jokes and are resilient despite challenges. At times, you will be delighted with their stories, while at other times, you may observe their daintiness in situations that are unexpected. This is basically because it seems that these women are brought up to act with good manners, being proper all the time.

Filipinas are Family Oriented

What’s in it for you? This only means that you can expect a ‘wife’ if you are looking for one. You can come home to a clean house, be greeted with a warm smile after returning home from work, and expect nice meals each day. Basically, you can expect a good management on your household. In the Filipino culture, the family is given a priority above anything else. Therefore, you can be assured of a good family if you decide to settle down with a Filipina woman.

However, if this isn't what you're looking for don't worry. They know how to get down too.

Women from the Philippines are Well Educated

This does not mean being that overall intellectual type of woman, though there exist some, especially those who live in bigger cities. However, this basically implies that you can get a woman who can at least communicate with you, in a language you can understand. As a matter of fact, it is a common feedback among other men that their wives and girlfriends tend to pick up their language very quick. This is because of the innate qualities of Filipina women when it comes to studying and learning.

Where to Find the Best Filipina Girls

It is not really a secret that the Philippines is a real paradise for guys from the Western countries who want to meet and get laid here. The thing is that there are actually more ways in which you can go about this than what you might expect. While the very first option that may come into your mind is the girls that you meet in bars and so-called ‘freelancers’, there are actually other better girls that you can meet from other locations too. However, in general, the following are some places where you can get girls in the Philippines.

Filipina ‘Hookers’

I don't personally go for hookers, but I have to include this if I'm going to be talking about meeting some women!

Probably the easiest way in which you can get girls in the Philippines is by availing the services of a hooker. It does not really matter where you go, in bigger cities such as Manila, Davao, Cebu, Subic Bay or Angeles, or even in smaller cities such as Tacloban or Dumaguete, it will never be a question if you can find beautiful girls around because there will always be options for you.

You can expect, however, that in bigger cities, you can get more options. For instance, if you visit Cebu, the selection is much more compared to smaller towns such as Puerto Princesa. Generally speaking, there are two types of hookers that you can meet. One group is the freelancers.

They are the ones that work by themselves, and you can easily meet them in night clubs, bars, in the streets and shopping malls. There are also bar girls, also called as massage girls, ones who are employed by a bar. Usually, they are more expensive as there is a percentage that goes to the bar owner.

Online Dating Sites

If you feel that paying for Filipina hookers is not really your choice, or you just want to avoid spending money and time on girls from these places, you may want to create a profile and join online dating sites.

My personal favorite is FilipinoCupid. I haven't used any others, but I haven't needed to. I've heard from others that by far it is the best.

Whether you are looking to date or for some fun, Filipino Cupid has it all. It's definitely one of the best dating sites in the Philippines - especially if you are a travel.

Almost everyone in the Philippines can speak English so you'll have an easy time communicating.

Filipino Cupid Signup

Culture Guide – Hot Tips!

Generally speaking, the above-mentioned places are where you can find Filipina girls. If you want to extend your relationship to be more than just what happens inside the bar or night club, and way beyond the corners of your computer screen, it is up to you to decide. However, as a man who has experienced having a relationship with a girl from the Philippines, there are some tips that I can share.

  • If you are offering something to a Filipina, it would be best to ask her at least twice. Usually, out of modesty, she will refuse the first time you offer. On the other hand, if you do not take the time to ask her the second time, she will also assume that you are not really into her.
  • It would be better if you are careful when it comes to touching her unnecessarily. It is actually quite unsettling to a Filipina girl than the kind of a touchy-feely guy. However, you can always ask for permission before physical contact, even the ‘casual’ ones. This may not be applicable, however, if you choose to meet paid girls. This is applicable, on the other hand, if you are looking for more serious types of relationships.
  • When it comes to giving gifts, a Filipina girl would usually appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift, more than its price. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a gift with a meaning behind it, explaining well the thought process that came into play when selecting the gift.
  • Be extra careful not saying anything which may be viewed as derogatory regarding the Filipino culture, or those with famous Filipinos. Even though you may view it as a joke, you can expect that she will take it quite difficult inside, and would think that you are looking down on her.
  • If you are really into her, you can ask about her family. You may want to ask if her family has problems that you may be of assistance. Filipinos, in general, always seem happy, carefree, and smiling, but there might be something else that is heavily weighing within her, which may be easy for you. Be careful though as some might take the opportunity. You might end up helping the whole big family problems (financially, ouch).
  • When it comes to dating a Filipina, the traditional wooing process involves more than just giving gifts or going somewhere for a date. It involves dealing well with her family, seeing her home after your date. What is important in the relationship is that you should be patient

Bottom Line

Getting girls in the Philippines is a combination of challenge and excitement. While you can get paid girls quite easily, getting into the real thing and meeting a good girl for a long term relationship may involve some other things. Keep in mind that a lifelong partner involves having affection for the right person, and developing that affection through time.

Do not turn away easily, feeling discouraged, especially if during the first time you talk with someone you are quite unsure if the person is interested in you or not. All of these sacrifices and risks will definitely be worth it one day. While you may have to be patient for some weeks, months, or years, you can expect a result that leads to a stronger relationship which can endure a lifetime.

Most importantly, despite the difference in culture, be genuinely open-minded about learning new things. This is the best way to get girls in the Philippines.

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