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This article is posted by a good friend of mine who has already written a number of posts with MP. He maintains his own blog at 199flags.  In this post he writes about his experience with Thai women and his personal thoughts Thai Dating. Enjoy!

The thought of Thai women gets me all types of excitement in a good way. By my estimate, they are the most popular women for expats. It’s because there’s a few roads you can take here.

The first road consists of running game on quite possibly the hottest Asian women in the world. Top-tier Thais are unbelievably hot. Since the cat is out of the bag, the top-tier girls aren’t so easy to scoop. Thai women are starting to experience a lot of gringo fatigue due to high levels of tourism and online dating outlets. This has put stress on Thai Dating.

The second road is p4p or pay-for-play. This is probably the best place in Asia to do that. Personally, I never take this road, but I can see why guys come here just for that. The girls you can purchase are super hot and don’t cost a lot. A man would probably pay over a $1,000 an hour to get the same quality in America.

The third road is ladyboys. If you don’t know what they are, it’s basically a girl with a cock. These days, a lot of them are getting surgeries to turn their cocks into vaginas. Plastic surgery is cheap in Thailand, and the surgeons do great work. The fake boobs here look excellent on the normal girls too. You’ll need to learn to differentiate the ladyboys from the real girls.

What Makes Thai Girls and Thai Dating so Special?

My experience comes from Bangkok only. The first time I came here was back in 2014 after spending a few months in the Philippines. I was sexually exhausted after that trip and only had the chance to sleep with one Thai girl. It was a bit of letdown because they looked gorgeous compared to an everyday Pinay.

The following attributes are what make Thai girls so damn hot in my opinion:

  • They have dark, almond-shaped eyes - like the eyes of a dragon.

  • They stay in good shape.

  • A lot of them have some good curves for Asians.

  • They have flawless skin. I love the pale Thai girls.

  • Petite

  • Nice lips

  • Great personalities for the most part

  • Good dental hygiene for Asian standards

  • Incredible pussies - tight and flowing with moisture

These were some of the things I noticed in 2014 except the last point. It wasn’t until my second and third time in Bangkok that I realized how great the pussies are here. It’s almost hard to put into words how juicy they get once they are warmed up.

My Return Trip in 2016 for Thai Dating

Fast forward a couple years later. I was in Eastern Europe and decided it was time to return to Thailand. It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. It had been awhile since I went on a good, long run full of sex and adventure.

I did some pipelining because of Thai Cupid and lined up a girl covered in tattoos. She was very keen to meet, and we did some video chatting before my arrival. I was ready for Thai Dating.

The morning I landed in BKK airport, I was exhausted after having to sit next to perhaps the most disgusting human being I’ve ever seen in my life. It was to the point where I felt bad for the guy and wished the the best for him. He was definitely the kind of guy who comes here to take the second road I mentioned in the opener.

I was so excited to get back here and check into my apartment off Airbnb, that I unpacked my things and didn’t even think about sleeping.

I set up a meeting with the girl I pipelined, the only problem was she had plans to work until 2am. This lead me to make a decision on the fly. There was another girl I pipelined, and she was ready to meet for Thai Dating. Before we met, I told her we could only spend a small amount of time together because I needed some sleep. She was okay with it.

The big bag of condoms I packed was destined to lighten its load. Once the first girl arrived, it didn’t take long before the action started. I was hungry like the wolf. Meanwhile, I made sure to confirm the tattooed girl was going to come late in the night.

After finishing up with the first girl, I snagged a few Leos at the 7-11 across the street to celebrate my triumphant return. Things were already much more exciting than my first trip in 2014.

Leo and I got to know each other a little better before the tattooed girl showed up. When I went out to meet her, she was looking damn fine. Dark red lipstick on big lips, daisy dukes, gorgeous face, it made me think I might get a bill at the end for this Thai Dating.

We went up to the room and talked for awhile first while enjoying a Leo. It was nice to meet her in person after the build up online. I took charge and laid her down in the bed. For the next 12 hours it was sex, reload, sex, reload, sex, reload, raw sex and sleep. It felt glorious to be back in BKK.

After my second day there, I landed a full-time gig working online and split my time between girls and work. I decided to take the quality over quantity route, and it paid off. This Thai Dating was goin well.

Later in the trip, I met one of the hottest girls in my life. She was a petite, tan-skinned Thai girl with a no joke perfect pussy. I let her stay with me for almost a week, and it was a great time. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. My favorite part was laying her on her stomach and pushing my face into it. Beyond the sex, we shared a lot of laughs and good moments together. She was one of those women I could have started something serious with if things were different in my life. Thai Dating was great this time around, come join me next time. MP

Final Thoughts on Thai Women

If you’re looking to get a real taste of Asian women, Thai women are of the highest order. They are great, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Some have higher standards than other Asian women.

  • Sometimes they overvalue themselves similar to American women.

  • The flake rate is low, but you will still experience some flakes.

  • A lot of women are hookers.

  • There’s a lot of STDs in Thailand.

  • They can be spiteful if you turn your back on them.

  • It takes some practice and experience to identify a ladyboy. A lot of men can easily get tricked and end up getting a nasty surprise (luckily this never happened to me).

I hope you enjoyed my fresh take on Thai women. Personally, I love living in Bangkok probably more than any other Asian city and not just for the women. There’s a lot more great stuff going on here.

Author Bio

199flags is a site dedicated to helping men get laid. Some of the problems the author overcame include: erectile dysfunction, depression, anger issues and lack of fitness. After taking his first trip to Asia, he turned his entire life around and found new purpose. Now, he’s skipping around the globe using Tinder like a boss.

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  1. After living in Thailand multiple times, I can tell you that the girl with the tattoos probably had a history of being a prostitute. It’s not uncommon for prostitutes to get some tats during their working days and most normal girls will never get them because they don’t want to be seen as one or thought to have a history in it.

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