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Foreign girls (3 steps to use with international dating sites)

Foreign Girls3 Steps for Success on International Dating Sites to meet foreign girls

International dating is an exciting prospect. What honest, masculine man wouldn’t want a chance with beautiful feminine Foreign girls with traditional values?  Historically most of the information out there on the net has been aimed at pick up and gaming foreign women for flag collecting and one-off trips. More recently there has been an increase in interest from western men in dating overseas for the purpose of finding a serious relationship with one of many Foreign girls. There are more sites and resources for meeting Foreign girls abroad than ever before, now the playing field is opening up for serious and casual relationships alike.

However dating internationally isn’t easy, especially if you’re using dating sites to make first contact. The increased interest for Foreign girls also means an increase in competition for guys, as more and more men sign up and utilize these sites. In this post we look at three practical tips you can use to help you stand out from the crowd on the online international dating scene, and help you find a quality foreign woman for a serious relationship.

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Foreign Girls

1) Don’t skimp on photos, Foreign girls want to see great pics

9 times out of 10 guys on dating sites take a few bedroom (or God forbid bathroom) selfies for their profile and call it a day. In the West if you’re a strikingly handsome man you might be able to get away with this, but if you’re looking for a serious woman overseas then you’ll have to step your game up. If you’re serious about finding feminine Foreign girls, you will most likely appreciate if they make an effort to look their best.

Follow the golden rule here and do what you can to present yourself in a positive light.


The Tinder Template is a very valuable resource, you can apply its principles to all online dating formats. Since Tinder is a global dating site, this book can be used anywhere. Use Traveling with Tinder to help while traveling.

Tinder Template

Here’s a few pointers: put on a good shirt and find a friend or family member with a decent camera (cell phone pics are okay but the nicer the quality the better). Take a few portrait shots (preferably with a confident smile).  

Include at least one photo that shows your whole body, and finally try a sort of “candid” shot which shows you doing something you enjoy (fishing, playing piano, working on cars, etc).

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2) Get specific in your profile to meet Foreign girls

All international dating sites will have you fill out basic profile information, which is all well and good. There should also be some parts of the profile where you can write about yourself and the kind of woman you’re looking for. It’s these short description sections that will also help you stand out from the pack.

Online Dating

Now you don’t need to write a book. Keep these sections short and sweet. The key here is to be specific. When you write about yourself (job, lifestyle, etc) mention details like:

“I enjoy my job as an engineer because I find it challenging and interesting”. This is more preferable than saying something like “I’m an engineer”.

 When you mention your hobbies or where you live, try to leave the women some clues as to what your day to day life is like.

Instead of simply writing something like “I live in Salt Lake City and I like rock climbing”. Try something along the lines of “I live in Salt Lake city which is close to the mountains, and on the weekends I love to rock climb”. Those few details will make the image stick that more in a reader’s head.

3) Intro message to entice the Foreign girls

Your intro message should be short and to the point. It should more or less follow the outline below (each section should be a short paragraph):

Intro: This is your most basic info: name, age, where you live, height/weight, education, work, etc.

Describe your life to Foreign Girls

Briefly mention what you enjoy most about your life, your work, family, friends, and hobbies. Help the ladies imagine what lifestyle they can expect to share with you.

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Something is missing:

This part is definitely for the Foreign girls. Emphasize that even though there are many things you enjoy about your life, you feel that a good woman is the missing piece in it all. If you want you can a little romantic here if that’s your style, just don’t bear your soul or anything. In you’re the more straightforward type don’t worry about being sappy. The important thing is to be honest.

Let the Foreign girls know you’re serious:

Emphasize that you don’t want to waste their time or play silly online games. Let them know you are serious about finding a woman and that you plan on traveling to meet women in person. If you already know what dates you’ll be in her country go ahead and share them.


Seal the deal:

After all this storytelling it’s time to ask her for contact info. Ask if she’d be interested in getting to know each other more to see if there’s any chemistry.  

The added benefit of a detailed introduction message is that it can help you filter out scammers and fake profiles. If a woman responds and her letter doesn’t seem to make much sense given your intro letter than that’s one of the many red flags that the profile could be fake. Often a fake response will ask a totally irrelevant question or answer a question you never asked.

Final thoughts when using international dating sites to meet Foreign girls

There you have it. These tips are simple but don’t underestimate their effectiveness. Dating is a lot like business. Even the smallest advantage between you and your competition can mean the difference between success and failure. Use this information to give you a leg up on the international dating scene.

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