Colombian ass

My First Colombiana With a Fake Ass

I’d wanted to make sweet sex to a girl with a fake ass for some time. It was a pipe dream, so to speak. Pun intended. You see them all over Latin America. Butts that just don’t look right. They’re so big you don’t really know what you would do with them. Would you dive in balls deep? Would you just sit back and marvel at it? Maybe you would just want to hug it… either way if you’re a loyal reader then you know I love my Colombian women.

I didn’t know how I’d react, but I found my chance, and I took it. My friend tipped me off about an online girl who was live. She had a fake butt and fake tits. A real winner in our books. He was leaving town, but had smashed her out a few times over his trip. He told me she was a gringo hunter and sex addict. Sounds like my kind of woman. I immediately found her online and started my rap.

Game On

I sent her a standard opener, and she quickly replied. It was on from the jump. My boy was right. This one was about that life. Her face wasn’t anything spectacular. Actually, she probably wouldn’t have got much love without her purchased assets. It wasn’t ugly, but it was gorgeous, either. Kind of like the faces on many a Dominican girl. Not ugly, but not hot. She knew she had to make up for it with the body. And she certainly did.

cali colombiaI quickly grabbed her Whats App, and we began chatting. I ran standard game and just got to know the girl. It was nothing new to me. Except for the fake ass. I had to have that fake ass! We quickly made plans to meet a few days later, but she flaked at the last minute. Again, standard operating procedure in Latin America. I sat back and played it cool.

A few days later she got back in touch and suggested a date. I was free, and we were set up to meet the next day. Thoughts of her fat fake ass roamed my mind as I smashed out one of my regular girls that evening. I just couldn’t get it off my mind.

Dat Ass Arrives

We were scheduled to meet at two. She claimed to have to pick her kid up from practice at 545. She was thirty minutes late, but again, this is standard. I had hit the gym, got my work done for the day and grabbed a quick lunch before we met. I arrived at the bar and waited. A taxi pulled up, and she looked exactly like her photos. Thicker than a snicker. Or whatever the urban term is for girls with large ass these days.

A flowered dress covered her caramel skin as her silicon tits popped out from the front. Her fake ass swayed side to side as she walked towards me. I started to get hard. I was imagining her naked from the moment she stepped outside the taxi. We greeted, and she was cool. Flirting in Spanish commenced and everything was going as planned.

After one drink each, around 35 minutes or so, I suggested wine at my place. She took the bait. And we walked back to the crib. Music was turned on. Wine was poured. We drank a glass before making our way to my bed. AC was cleverly only located near the bed. Smooth bachata filled the air, and we rapidly finished the bottle of wine on my bed.

In All Its Glory

I took her glass and sat it back on the table. Then I pulled her up, and we danced for a minute or two. She looked up at me in a way I had seen many times before. It was on. I moved in for the kiss, and she moaned while accepting. I felt something rising from the abyss as my hands made their way to her ass. I gave it a squeeze. Jesus! It felt like a wonder of the world. I had never felt something so soft, yet firm and big.

fake ass doggy styleI threw her on the bed. And then we did what animals are supposed to for the next couple hours. I seemingly could not get enough of that ass. Doggy style was better than any porno I’d ever seen. I’d finish and be ready to go within 10 minutes, again. We went four times over the course of two hours before showering together afterward.

Once the post-coital bliss left us, she checked the time and realized she had to pick her kid up in 5 minutes. I called her an Uber as she quickly got dressed. I stared at that ass as the Uber arrived. Just watching it switch from side to side as she walked away. I turn to head back into my apartment and instantly cursed myself. Fuck! I had forgotten to get pictures of that thing.

Fake Ass = Highly Recommended

This isn’t just a tale of fun, hedonistic pleasure. No. It’s a recommendation. Every man deserves to make sweet sex to a woman with a fake ass (without paying for it) at least once in his life. I cannot recommend this enough. Even if you’re not a fan of fake tits, a fake ass is a whole different ballgame. Especially if you find one that jiggles just like a real booty.

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