Filipino Girls vs Vietnamese Girls

South East Asia is home to Vietnamese Girls and Filipino Girls, the most amazing girls in the world. However, deciding where to find the best ones can be quite challenging. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. This may even be more challenging if you have not yet been to these places before. Two of the best options in South East Asia to look for girls is the Philippines and Vietnamese Girls.

If your'e wondering how I meet Filipino girls check out this Filipinocupid review. Likewise, if you want to know how to best meet Vietnamese chicks check out this Vietnamcupid Review.

Vietnamese Girls

However, what are the differences between Filipino girls and Vietnames girls? I have been to both countries (and more), so I can personally attest that I am knowledgeable about this topic. In order to be guided accordingly, I have divided this comparison between Filipino girls and Vietnamese girls into several factors.

Overall Appearance, Vietnamese Girls / Filipino Girls

Of course, looks is one of the most important thing that guys look for, which is why I am putting this on top of my list. I have been to Vietnam several times, and the Philippines a few times more, and I can say that looks can be subjective. Personally, I think that they have a pretty similar body structure. Vietnam Cupid is a great way to meet girls and cut some time out of your chase.

The difference comes in, with their standards of beauty in the country. Girls in the Philippines are more exposed to Western grooming, which means that they take care of themselves well with makeup and beauty products. Filipino Cupid is widely used by the girls there, so you should use it also. Vietnamese Girls, however, are simpler. They also have more curves as I notice which is really the only difference in body structure to me.

Since both groups of women come from South East Asia, of almost similar decent, you can expect that they are generally petite and smaller, compared to women from the West. All of them have black hair, which I think looks really sexy, especially those with longer hair.

The overall appearance is also influenced by the way they carry themselves. With this, I also think the Philippines has an advantage because they know how to carry themselves well. Vietnamese girls tend to be more independent looking, but when you get to know them, they also have a sweet side.


I'll start with the most important aspect of culture - how likely are they to hook up?

Filipino girls are typically pretty down. They're okay with casual hook ups and it's socially okay since they are more westernized than other asian girls. If you want a casual fling then the Philippines is a must. Filipinas can be pretty easy.

On the other hand, Vietnamese girls are tougher nuts to crack. Is the meat sweeter on the inside? Maybe, but that's probably more so because of the thrill of the chase than anything else.

Typically, Vietnamese girls require a few dates or hang outs before they'll sleep with you. It's possible to still score on the first date, but it's not as easy as latinas or even filipinas. ​ I've detailed a guide on how to hook up with Vietnamese girls here.

This is also difficult to decide on because it depends on you which is important. I have observed that the standard of living is higher in Vietnam compared to the Philippines. However, it boils down to the cities in which the girl lives in. You can expect to meet modern and liberated ladies in bigger cities, while you can also meet simpler ones in smaller towns.

filipino dance

In the Philippines I try to stay away in bigger cities such as Makati, and go down south, such as Dumaguete City or Cagayan de Oro City.

In Vietnam, town cities are also better too, as they are not that influenced by modern living in urban capitals.

If you think that having good conversations and the capability to speak English better is what you are looking for, you will find a lot of better options in the Philippines.

Also, education plays a huge factor when it comes to the lifestyle of the girls from both countries. Vietnamese Girls, while educated, are limited to the standards of their society. As such, they hold true to their being conservative. In fact, you cannot simply ask Vietnamese girls out on your first meet-up, as they are highly sensitive to what other people might think about them.

vietnamese celebration

With ladies in the Philippines, however, education has exposed them to learning about different cultures, thus being open about it. A lot of girls from the Philippines love meeting men from other countries, which you can enjoy to your advantage.

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Vietnamese Girls

Personality, Vietnamese Girls vs. Filipino Girls

Most girls in both cities are bubbly and sweet at the same time. However, I personally feel that Filipino girls are sweeter compared to Vietnamese girls. There was one time I met this girl in a restaurant. After a few more days of meeting her, I can tell that she is a really caring one. Vietnamese Girls are somewhat more independent. Girls from both countries are generally a little shy at first, but when you get to talk to them, you will find that they are nice. Still, I prefer girls from the Philippines in this particular aspect because of their capability to hold conversations.

Some men I have talk to also told me to be careful about some women who may put up some acts just to get what they want. Well, true enough, I met this girl from the Philippines (whom I met at a bar), who was very sweet during our first meet-up. After two days, we ended up in a hotel. Another two days later, she started telling me problems about her family. Had I not known earlier that these things could happen, I could have fallen into her trap, ending up with giving her money.

This is something that I did not experience in Vietnam. Perhaps it is the language barrier, I think. However, most Vietnamese girls prefer meeting foreign men because they personally want to. Of course, there are still those ‘shady’ individuals who would still be able to work things their way, but the girls that I have met are fine.

Ease and Availability of Access

Of course, aside from the actual girls themselves, it is also important to know how easy it is to have access to them, or to the country they are in. With this, I think Vietnamese Girls are more accessible, because the airports are decent sized in almost every city, and getting around these cities are pretty much easier compared to the Philippines.

While the Philippines have bigger airports, most of the flights from one city to another are expensive, considering the cities are separated by islands. At times, you even need to take a boat to reach other locations.

In terms of knowing where to meet the ladies, I suggest online dating sites that are location based. Before heading out to the Philippines, I met some at FilipinoCupid.

I suggest the same with Vietnam Cupid as you can get a head start on meeting these beautiful girls before you even arrive.

Personally, I try and interact with them first online through these dating platforms before I enter the country , and ask if I could meet them during my stay in the country (the pipelining method). The Philippines has a lot of good malls for meet-ups as well if you don't want to use FilipinoCupid.

While you can meet girls in other locations, such as bars, you can already expect the kind of girls that you will meet there. In fact, if you are not careful, you may even fall into the trap of hookers.

With this Vietnamese girls have an advantage. Even though prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, it is still somewhat tolerated. However, the rules are stricter in Vietnam. Therefore, if you want to meet nicer girls, Vietnam is the better place. 

Who to Choose?

Whether you would like to go for Filipino girls or Vietnamese girls, it is entirely up to you! I have personally seen the pros and cons of each culture, but I ended up staying for more in the Philippines. Again, it’s the language thing. Rest assured, girls from both countries are great, they are easy to be with, and if you find a good one, you will have a great time!

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  1. viets are rarely open to casual hook ups, phils are much more likely to be down, if you dont want a serious relationship there is only one choice

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