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Filipino Girl, Real Experience chasing a Pinay Girl

My first time in Asia chasing Asian Girls

My first time in Asia was a fabulous experience, meeting a Filipino Girl was an amazing experience. I attribute all of the  success of this trip to asking for help and listening. I went to China with a group to do sightseeing. After that  first 10 days, I wanted to do more on my own,

filipino girl

I was lucky, I had time and money. I asked the guy who put the  trip together to china about my goinf and visiting Thailand. I also wanted to go to the Philippines to meet a Filipino Girl.

It just happened to be that he had a friend that would be there at the time and was happy to meet me and show me around.

I didn’t realized at the time how this was a great match for me as this guy just wanted to eat great food and visit various massage parlors. (or call out for room service massage, not the hotels room service, girls that would come to your room)

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China, my  First stop on Asia

The first leg of this trip in China was great, but it was a very structured tourist trip, co-ed with strangers who did’t really want the “massage with happy ending” experience.

This was a structured tourist trip, I had no real time to chase Asian women, which was my goal when I started this trip. China was great though, we hit all the historical martial arts tourist stops.

filipino girl

Bangkok!!! Ahhh, Bangkok, Pleasures Galore

Well, I did, and I’m so happy to have met the guy  in Bangkok who taught me the ways. It was great, I started using Thai cupid  to get used to it. It was a blessing. The Thai girls were waiting to please me and keep me geat company.

Beauty, Food, massage parlors, nice people, fabulous hotels, did I mention massage parlors. They varied greatly from beautiful women giving you a great massage to not so beautiful women doing anything to get a couple bucks.

We had a few parlors that we liked and frequented them. Usually there was some sort of happy ending, Some were much better than others. They were so inexpensive you could just get another one somewhere else if need be.

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Meet a Filipino Girl, the most effective way to meet a Pinay Girl

Then he planned to visit Manila, Philippines, he asked if I’d like to go, I said why not. It was a cheap flight, and even cheaper living expenses when I arrived.

Then I started using Filipino Cupid  Online Dating Site while still on Bangkok to find a Filipino Girl. WOW what a great experience. Filipina’s, as they’re called, are ready, willing and waiting on Filipino Cupid Online Dating Site.

filipino girl

Manilla, Philipino Girls that just come to your hotel

While in Manila, one Filipino Girl came to my hotel, Sucked and massaged me until I had to say stop. She just wanted to make me happy and she only asked for about $15 us and food.

Then she became a tour guide who showed us around. It was a fabulous experience.

Then we went to Cebu, Philippines, a pretty big city, and it turned out great. I had set up a couple dates while I was still in Manila so it was great.

I met these unbelievably beautiful young Filipino women who just wanted to massage me and suck me off. It is like heaven there.

The key to my success was having Filipino Cupid to set things up for me. The filipino women feel more comfortable with guys who use the Filipino dating site. We have to pay a couple bucks to use it, it was more than worth it, and that weeds out some of the bad  apples.

The filipino women want to meet foreigners on Filipino Cupid. I was shocked at how beautiful the Filipina’s are. Such beautiful thin bodies with nice tits.

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Filipino Cupid is definitely the best way to meet Filipino Women . (Filipina’s)

I met a guy there at a coffee shop, he was from England, he had found a  Filipino girl on Filipino Cupid  who actually lived in the mountains of a small secluded Philippine Island. This gentleman was an older, bald, chubby, one legged man. She was a young, thin, beautiful filipino girl. They had 2 beautiful children together,

I met them at her family’s home in the mountains, it was cool. Shacks in the mountains with no running water, The nicest people you could ever meet. This guy was lonely in the UK, he found a Filipino Girl on Filipino Cupid, and now couldn’t be happier.

It was very apparent that this Filipino Girl was very happy to be with him and to have his children.

I share this to let you know that this can happen easily for any single guy looking for a young asian woman, These marital blessings are very beneficial to everyone involved.

Please let us know about your experience if you go.

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filipino girlfilipino girl

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