5 Stunning Filipina Pornstars (Do the Philippines)

Filipina pornstars,

The Philippines has been on my list for some time now. Filipina porn stars, Mmmmm sounds nice. Sadly, I haven’t been able to make it out there just yet. Those luscious Latina curves have a nigga hooked on phonics (among other things). Yet, the thought of heading over to Asia is alluring.A new continent, new cultures, and numerous new women.

Filipina pornstars

 Suffice to say, I’m tempted. If they sound appealing to you I would definitely recommend checking out this article we wrote about where to best meet pinay girls, though meeting them online through Filipino Cupid is always a great option too. So when I saw Matt Forney (mattforney.com) had released a book about making sweet love to Filipino women – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. 

The Tinder Template will be a great help here, get a copy here and study it to hone your online dating skills. Filipina pornstars, I thought, what a great topic. I’d always enjoyed posts about playboys visiting the country, but no one had released a full book about the country until Forney. So I dove into the book, and it was good. Really good. Honestly - Do the Philippines is the only guide a man will need to seduce and make sexy time with as many cute Filipino girls as his heart desires.

 Yet, I had one concern looming in my mind… Many have claimed Filipina girls to be average looking, at best. Matt made a similar statement. So I decided to take to Google for a little “research” session. And after looking through some photos of Filipina pornstars – I’d say I’m more than just tempted 😉

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are my five favorite Filipina pornstars from my research (in no particular order):

CJ Miles

Filipina pornstars

Charmane Star                                                               Kaylani Lei

Filipina pornstars
Filipina pornstars

But these laws are out of touch with the citizenry. They attempt to shape society with antiquated concepts of what is right and moral, and no matter how much they try, they won’t ever keep up with the public’s demand for sexual relief.          

Filipino Cupid will make it easy, girls are here waiting to meet Foreign men.                           

Thoughts on Filipina Pornstars & Women

Don't get me wrong. It's unfair to judge a country's women by the 

quality of pornstars it produces. I get that. It's just that these Filipina 

pornstars are FUCKING   SEXY !!!!

There just has to be some "real" Filipina girls that look as fucking

sexy. Statistically, there are. I'm positive (as the country boasts a

population of nearly 100 million). While very tempted, I was still torn

about the Philippines, Asia, and Asian women in general. So I reached

out to a player friend who had been all over. From the Philippines to

Colombia to the Dominican Republic - He had been everywhere. As we

 had both been to Colombia and the Dominican Republic, a comparison

only made sense. He said (and I'm paraphrasing):

"In the Philippines, there are women just as hot as the high-end girls you'll find in Colombia. There just aren't as many of them. You find Filipina girls with stacked bodies just like they have in the Dominican Republic. There just aren't as many of them."

Review of Do the Philippines by Matt Forney

With this in mind, I took another look at Do the Philippines. Thoughts of sexy little Filipina pornstars began creeping into my mind and I found a few things of note in the book:

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         *Can't beat the price

According to Forney (and others on RVF), the Philippines is an incredibly cheap country. While cities like Manila can be enjoyed for around $1,000 to $1,500 USD a month, the smaller cities outside the capital can easily be lived in from $700 USD and up. For men bootstrapping businesses or beginning their journey to location independence, the Philippines may be a great place to start.

  • White obsession

I had heard the Philippines had an obsession with white skin and culture, but I didn’t understand the extent of this until reading this book. Matt states:

Filipina pornstars

"Filipinas have a fetish for whiteness and white men that borders on creepy. While East Asians in general are fascinated with whites (skin-whitening cream is popular in Singapore and other Asian countries, for example), Filipinos take their obsession with whiteness to a whole other level. Filipinos who look white or European have greater social status than those who are more Asian or brown, as evidenced by the oddly Caucasian appearance of the nation’s movie stars and pop singers. The average billboard in Manila or Davao City features models who are whiter than I am, and it’s common to see girls using umbrellas when it’s sunny out to preserve their pale complexions."

Due to the national obsession with American culture, Forney found that even black men do well in the Philippines:

Black guys in particular can slay ass left and right; while in Davao, I linked up with a black reader of mine who was getting laid more than me.

  • No need to learn a language

One huge benefit of visiting the Philippines is you won’t have to learn a new language for your trip. Forney claims that English is spoken by nearly everyone in the country. This is a huge benefit compared to visiting a place like Colombia where one in every ten girls “speaks” English (and by “speaks” I’m not talking conversational). While Tagalog is used in the country - English is considered the second official language of the Philippines

One huge benefit of visiting the Philippines is you won’t have to learn a new language for your trip. Forney claims that English is spoken by nearly everyone in the country. This is a huge benefit compared to visiting a place like Colombia where one in every ten girls “speaks” English (and by “speaks” I’m not talking conversational). While Tagalog is used in the country - English is considered the second official language of the Philippines.

  • Virgins or sluts

I laughed when I first read that Filipino women often fall into one of two categories: virgins or sluts. According to Matt:

"A reader of mine I met in Davao characterized Filipinas as either “virgins” or “sluts,” with little to no middle ground, and I have to say that I agree. Whether your goal is to plow your way through dozens of girls or find a wife and mother of your children, the Philippines has something to offer you."

  • Great personalities

This may be the biggest selling point of Filipino women for me. They seem to be sweet women who actually care about taking care of their man. It seems they love to clean, cook, suck, and fuck – on command. Matt recalls a time:

"...when I mentioned to one of my Davao girlfriends that I was sick, she insisted that I let her run to the pharmacy for some medicine and stay the night to make sure I was all right."

Compare this to the attitudes of some socially handicapped American girls who struggle to comprehend the basics of actually having a conversation with someone (and no, not all American women are bad. Some are absolutely fantastic.) – and the Philippines sounds lovely.


Do-the-Philippines-200x300After reading Do the Philippines, I was more than intrigued. So I talked a bit with Kyle and we tentatively have plans to “Punish the Philippines” in early 2017. The allure of cute and easy women who take care of you combined with the cheap prices makes the country to difficult to pass up. If you’re ready to book a one-way flight to the Philippines and never look back or maybe you just want some more information about Filipino women, I highly suggest Do the Philippines by Matt Forney. Click here to learn more

MANILA, Philippines - There is probably only one way to separate a man from a good slice of grilled beef — and that is sex. Or, as this week showed us, the threat of being deprived of seeing sex.

Filipina Pornstars can help.

It was a Saturday evening. I was out with friends for a well-deserved meal of all-you-can-eat beef, and in the middle of the meal, a friend who was busy swiping around his smartphone announced the news that the government is now blocking porn sites across the country. The natural reaction was, of course, disbelief. How can a country with a world record on porn viewership be stripped of one of its citizenry’s most prized delights? What about the Filipina Pornstars? The friend checked if his favorite website was still working on his phone. It was. A collective sigh of relief. There are still ways around the ban. There are still roads to private pleasures.

Filipina pornstars
Filipina pornstars

But, first, let’s be very simplistic about it: Pornography is illegal in the Philippines. The Revised Penal Code — and here you see how archaic it is – penalizes the selling, giving away, and exhibition of films, prints, sculptures, and literature which are offensive to morals, or those that serve no purpose but to satisfy the market for violence, lust or pornography. In addition, there are more specific crimes like the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. In a way, the government has all the reason to ban pornography; and in a way, Internet service providers have reason to be afraid, as they can be held liable under the law for being conduits for the exhibition and distribution of the objectionable materials.

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Pornography is that guilty pleasure Filipina Pornstars can never live without.

 Even with criminal laws prohibiting it, Filipina Pornstars will always find a way to come out, whether through the carefully wrapped Hustlers we did in our Trapper Keepers back in high school or the super secret folders with nondescript titles that we meticulously manage on our laptops.

The Internet has only allowed Filipinos to be franker about their desires. Porn is our open secret, part and parcel of contemporary life. Within our own circles, and in the years we’ve spent growing up, we know that our friends enjoy watching it as much as we do.

Filipina pornstars

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