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Facebook Dating, facebook dating app

Facebook Dating, FB is getting serious about online dating

Facebook Dating, they are finally getting in the dating game,  Zuckerberg said , planning a dating service to take advantage of their enormous single account holders. THe facebook dating app will be interesting , I’m sure.

Facebook Dating

FB has been considering Facebook Dating for a long time. This move could help strengthen its popularity among younger users get make people to use FB more often, they are looking for an extra boost due to traffic losses elsewhere.

Here’s an article did on online dating sites.

With over 200 million users on  Facebook that list themselves as single, FB realizes there is obviously a market here. Facebook Dating could be huge, if they can get people to feel they are secure.

Investors like d the news as FB share price rose after the announcement.


Facebook  members have always been able to reveal their relationship status so it has been letting people show that they’re available.

People have always been meeting and hooking up in various ways on Facebook, they have been not getting involved. When the facebook dating app gets going, it’s going to make it  easy to go directly to facebook dating.

Facebook Dating

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We will see how well things go for them, Facebook Dating has been going on for a while, just they haven’t been getting the credit for it.

Facebook was building the Facebook Dating service based on privacy, a good start as this is a major subject of concern. They could by trying to set a stage tp make up from a scandal over its handling of personal information.

Some of the big names in online dating are a bit concerned over the news of Facebook Dating, they are afraid that their customer base that leaves FB during the day to come to their site, (Match, Tinder, OK Cupid) might not have to switch sites now to date.

They are already on FB they will only have to click a different tab and be online dating.

It’s being said that the FB dating simply doesn’t compare to the platforms of the big online dating sites therefore people will still leave FB for their online dating pursuits.

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Facebook Dating

It seems that there will be a heart at the bottom of the screen that will take you to their online dating profile if they have one set up.

It will be easy for FB to match people up seeing how they already have such an enormous amount of data on you and your habits.

They  did some data analysis of local face to face dating events that they are using to create there online dating platform.

The news is that the have a “pass” or “Interested” button, as opposed to swiping right or left.  The facebook dating app will be a testing grounds for Facebook dating

The basis is designed to create long term relationships, not hook-ups. I’m not sure they will be able to stop the hook-ups, as it seems so strong among online dating users. LOL

They plan to reveal more soon. Many FB execs have been wanting this for a while. So I’m hoping for good results. I hope that FB adds real value to online dating and helps users find what they’re looking for.

Zuckerberg has seen others meet on FB and has seen positive results from that which is a primary reason for his newfound faith in online dating.

Tons of people responded to his post about online dating and  with similar stories about meeting partners on Facebook. That’s what got things going.

Conversations with a potential match can be started by commenting on one of their photos. The conversations will be text-only. They are very worried about nudity and the more adult rated side of the web that we love so much will be a problem.

Executives were quick to point out features for keeping people safe. Dating activity would not show up in and things would be kept private. Hopefully the facebook dating app will be very secure.

Privacy concerns are mounting since the recent data breach. Many people are very conservative about their dating and are concerned that they will be “found out” by their FB friends that they are “Online Dating”, Oh No!!! LOL

I understand, this is a touchy subject, I agree that this information should be very confidential.

Facebook Dating

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Privacy could be a challenge on the minds of users on FB, therefore a challenge for FB to grow an online dating platform.

They have such a head start though that I’m sure there is great stuff to come from FB with online dating.

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Zuckerberg also said on Tuesday that Facebook was building a “clear history” privacy control to delete browsing history, similar to the option of clearing cookies in a browser.

Here’s an article from theverge on the Facebook Dating App wishes Facebook dating and the new facebook dating app all the luck in the online dating world.

Thanks for reading, Chris

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Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating

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