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Everything You Need To Know About Meeting Filipino Girls on TrulyFilipina

Everything You Need To Know About Meeting Filipino Girls on TrulyFilipina


I know why you’re here. It’s because you’re interested in dating a Filipina, right?
You’re now taking the first step to finding the girl of your dreams. But before you get into battle,
you’ve got to be prepared with what you’re about to do and expect when meeting a Filipino girl.
Now let’s cut to the chase and get started!

1. Know the kind of Filipina you want to meet

What is your ideal girl?
Yes, we’ve established that she’s Filipina. But what qualities does she have? What relationships
are you looking for at the moment? For you, these questions might not be necessary for online
dating, but trust me, it is.
When you sign up on a Filipino dating site like TrulyFilipina and get all these messages from
girls wanting to get to know you, it’s surprisingly easy to get overwhelmed. So instead of
focusing on your real purpose, you waste your time and opportunities on the wrong ladies.
That’s not really an ideal scenario for you. So what can you do instead?
Keep in mind that it’s not always “The more, the merrier” in dating. Unless you’re just casually
dating, then that’s fine. But in serious and committed relationships, you only want to be meeting
and talking to Filipino girls who are also looking for the same things.

2. Filipino girls are mostly interested in serious relationships and marriage

If you’ve decided that you’re now ready to settle down and meet someone who you want to
spend the rest of your life with, then you’ve come to the right place.
Does the girl of your dream have these qualities?
• Has strong Christian values
• Also wants to get married
• Thinks her husband and family are the most important
You have a higher chance of finding girls like these on TrulyFilipina.


It is a Filipino dating site that’s been connecting singles all over the world to Filipinas seeking love and
relationships. They’ve been around since 2009 and has been the bridge to couples who broke
geographic borders and let their love win.

3. How to meet Filipino girls on TrulyFilipina

In TrulyFIlipina, everything is made convenient and easy to use. None of those complicated
signup process or long profile forms that would take forever to fill out. Once your account is
created, just do a little tweaking with your profile. Like your primary photo and a little information
about your preferences. It will only take 5-10 minutes tops. That’s a promise!
Right then and there, you can start meeting beautiful women in the Philippines. Once you start
interacting with these girls, here are some helpful things to keep in mind:
• Always be as specific as possible when you do your searching.
• You don’t always have to send a message. You can always add them as a friend first or
express an interest.
• To interact with beautiful Filipinas, get the premium membership to unlock all the
unlimited features like instant messaging, browsing, and photo sharing.

4. Get to know their culture and how they date

When you’re dating someone from a different country, it’s only natural that you’re both going to
have cultural differences in most aspects of your life. Whether if it’s dating, marriage, traditions,
and many others.

Since you’ve been thinking of dating a Filipina, I guess you probably already know about the
dating aspects of the Filipino culture. If not, here are some of the basics to guide you:


It’s essential that you understand from this moment on that when you date a Filipina, you’ll be
dating her family too. Same goes if you eventually get married. Filipinos have large families, and
it’s a normal thing there. You’d be expected to hang out with her relatives and probably drink (or
sing karaoke with her uncles.)

Dating & Courtship

Filipino girls looking for serious relationships are rather careful with the men they talk to. They
are already conservative by nature and would get to know you really well first before even
agreeing to meet you in person. That’s why constant messaging and video chat is always a

5. Are you the man she’s looking for?

Whether if she’s been hurt before or just naturally careful with her feelings, a Filipina woman
always sets the standards for the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. If you desire
to win over that Pinay’s heart, you should be...

Respectful towards her and her family,


Filipinas are truly remarkable women. Smart, independent, beautiful, and family-oriented. The last thing she wants is a man who looks down on her and doesn’t respect her family. If you’re that type of guy, Filipino girls won’t ever give you the time of day.

 A responsible adult 

 No one wants to date an irresponsible man. Much so to a man-child who couldn’t get his life
straight. That Filipino woman already has enough worries under her belt from supporting her
family. Be a man and do your responsibilities for yourself and for her.

Loyal only to her!!

Who wouldn’t want to end up with a loyal partner? Show the love, compassion, and loyalty your
Filipina woman deserves and she’ll give it back to you many times over.

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