Get Laid, How to Dress Like You’re Going to.

Pants that actually fit you

If you want to get laid, there’s no point doing all those burpees in the gym if you’re going to wear some baggy jeans that flap around your legs and trail in the mud behind you.

We want to see what you have. Your ass is very likely the second thing any woman who is interested in you will want to look at, so you must ensure it is visible.

Get Laid,

When I was single, I had three pairs of strides in light grey wool that fitted me perfectly and hugged my ass so tight, my buttcheeks went to a tribunal. I’d wear them on a date and offer to go to the bar to see if they watched me walk away. If they did, and kept their eyes trained on the ass, I knew it was ON. You need trousers like this in your life. If she likes your ass, you're half way to getting laid.

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Trousers on the skinny side are great if you want to accentuate how lithe you are – it certainly conveys a certain energy, if nothing else – but if you’ve overdone the leg days, stick to something with a slim cut that doesn’t taper in – you don’t want to look like you’re held up by two burst sausages. Jeans are good, but forget embroidered pockets, ripped knees and the grim roadie-style stonewash. Keep them dark, plain and avoid too much of a turn-up unless you want to look under five feet tall.

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COS smart trousers tend to be quite flattering and Topman and New Look have some wearable skinnies if you dare.

Get Laid,

Here are some great pants to check out, click here.


I would probably wear loafers, because there’s really no excuse for dudes to wear sneakers when they’re going out. Unless they’re jogging, or they’re going to play some kind of sport.

View some great "dress to get laid" shoes.

I would also wear some nicer jeans or maybe even some tailored suit pants, then a sweater with a collared shirt underneath. 

Again, T-shirts and baseball hats aren’t really appropriate for going out.

I would just try to be very put together. To me, it doesn’t really matter how fancy you look, as long as there’s some thought behind it.

A different opinion:

I do have my sex jeans. They're ripped from the pockets down, except there's no pockets. The front and back are just holes; there's no jeans to them. I like them. You get a nice breeze.

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Get Laid,

I did them myself, but the jeans are originally from H&M.  I was looking at this pair of Versace jeans that were like $3,000 – so those were the inspiration.

A really nice shirt from a place like Pink. A nice pair of jeans, Diesel maybe. And really, really nice shoes. Or, I might go to the other extreme with a long v-neck shirt, ripped-up jeans and some sneakers. I'm really into v-neck shirts and tight jeans, with like, a pair of nice sneakers. Just simple stuff.

I really hate it when guys wear long shirts and huge pants with huge sneakers. I hate that.

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A simple, take it as it is attitiude

The same shit I am wearing now. Nothing would change. If I were determined to have a one-night stand, honestly, I'd probably just do jeans and a t-shirt with my new Toms — modest and approachable.

Get Laid,

Love Happens

54% of women say you look hottest in faded vintage-style jeans.

With proper care, a pair of jeans, can get you laid. Like a relationship, can last a lifetime. Maybe that explains why we love seeing your butt covered in worn-in denim, a spot of thigh showing through a hole. You seem like you'd be a loyal boyfriend; that you won't throw us away at the first sign of fray. Top with a bright sweater, the perfect contrast to your blues.

Her Other Choices
34% Dark, clean denim 
5% Tight, George Michael-style
4% Baggy, hip-hop-style
3% Ripped, rock 'n' roll style

85% of women say flat-front pants are hot.
To say that women dislike pleated pants is the understatement of the century. If you want to get laid, lose the pleated look. Why do we want our men to lose those baggy, saggy reminders of a bygone era, in favor of the modern sleekness of flat-front pants? We don't like to sleep with men who dress like our grandfathers.

Her Other Choices
64% of women say pleated pants are NOT

56% of women say, "On the first date, wear something casual but chic."
Show that you put some effort into what you're wearing (it says the date is important to you) but you're not trying too hard (which says you're des-perate or, worse, slick). Slip on jeans and a cool, crisp shirt, and add a structured blazer. Put in a little effort, to get laid,. Oh, and make the blazer a soft fabric like corduroy, suede, or velvet; it gives her an excuse to touch you.

Her Other Choices
27% Casual Friday style (khakis or dress pants, dress shirt)
7% casual (jeans, T-shirt, hoodie)
6% straight From Work (suit or blazer, minus the tie)
3% Dressed to Impress (suit, tie)


33% of women say, "I'm most impressed when a man wears cashmere."
The contrast of a rough man in super-soft cashmere is irresistible. Also, 63 percent of women say a man in a scarf is hot, and 23 percent think green is a color you should wear more often.

View some great Cashmere clothing

Her Other Choices
27% leather
11% wool
10% suede
10% silk
7% corduroy
2% velvet

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48% of women say, "When meeting my parents, go with your casual Friday best."
The goal: Look approachable and responsible. Wear conservative, neutral trousers with a soft-pastel shirt-maybe pink. (Forty-eight percent of women say a man in a pink shirt is "hot and confident.") Add a sport coat and you'll look honorable, even if your intentions are anything but.

Her Other Choices
25% Casual Chic (jeans, dress shirt, blazer)
14% Straight From Work (suit or blazer, minus the tie)
9% Dressed to Impress (suit , tie )
4% casual (jeans, T-shirt, hoodie )

Get Laid,

No matter what you’re wearing, the chief thing women will notice about you is your grooming habits. This includes your hair, facial hair, body hair, body odor, and overall cleanliness. While particular taste among women differs, there is some consensus.

And what it comes down to is this: Put in a little effort.

Women love a man who knows how to take care of himself and who takes pride in his appearance. Clean-shaven, rugged, whatever. So go beyond the basics of maintaining good hygiene, and build a solid grooming routine.

Jeans and white tee shirt

This combination is classic — and for good reason. It’s comfortable, budget-friendly, and quite frankly, it’s a look any man can pull off. However, the fit will drastically affect its overall appeal.

Here are some great choices to check out great t-shirts, here for jeans

A t-shirt that fits correctly will display your physique in the best possible light. Too baggy or too tight are equally unflattering. Make sure your sleeves aren’t too loose or you’ll end up obscuring your biceps, a body part women find extremely attractive.

For denim, our advice is to choose a slim or tapered cut that is just long enough that it grazes the top of your shoes. But be sure that the style you pick complements your body type — jeans come in different fits for a reason.

Depending on your job, you may wear a suit nearly every day or hardly at all. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, women take notice when you’re in your most dressed-up attire. However, a suit that doesn’t fit you properly is not doing you any favors. If it looks like you’re drowning in a sea of suit fabric, you’re probably better off not wearing a suit at all.

Your jacket should fit snugly in the shoulders, your sleeves should end just before your wrists, and your pants should be hemmed to the proper length. If you need an adjustment, any of these aspects can be altered by an inexpensive tailor — so learn how to talk the tailor’s lingo.

Don’t just wear a suit, wear it well. 

A v-neck sweater strikes the right balance between relaxed and done-up, so wearing one is a safe bet for most occasions. As a bonus, it’ll help keep you warm when temperatures start to drop.

For the sake of versatility, we suggest solid gray, navy, or olive green. Try wearing it over a button-up shirt or crew neck tee — the layering factor is a major part of what makes the v-neck so winning.

Well-chosen accessories truly elevate your style, so don’t treat them as an afterthought. If you’re just beginning to experiment, we suggesting making your first purchase an understated, minimalist watch. (We know that the functionality of a watch is basically obsolete at this point — but they just look so damn good.)

Be careful not to ruin an otherwise solid foundation by going overboard. Too much jewelry, flashy statement pieces, and wardrobe flair can end up doing more harm than good.

Rule of Thumb: Limit yourself to no more than two or three accessories at a time. This includes watches, rings, bracelets, tie bars, colorful laces, scarves, pocket squares, and lapel pins

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Great accessories.

​In closing, when it comes to getting ready to go out, whether it be on a date, or going to to find one, take the time to put together a great outfit. Take the time to groom yourself to be the best man you can be that night, I will pay off handsomely when you are getting Laid!!

                  Great luck, MP

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