Are All Dominican Girls Crazy?

Not all Dominican girls are crazy, but some of them definitely are. Just like any place in the world, a man can find crazy women and sane women in the Dominican Republic. I’ve met a number of Dominican girls and she was one of the craziest. Let’s call her miss thickness. While I was still in Miami, I had pipelined her off of Dominican Cupid.

Of all the Dominican girls I had chatted with before arriving in the Dominican Republic, she seemed to the “thickest” of them all. I was beyond excited to meet miss thickness and make love to the first rap video-esque girl in my life. Her skin was caramel brown and so sexy to me – with just a hint of African blood to ensure her thighs were plump and her tits juicy.

Miss thickness lived in a small city about three hours by bus from the capital, Santo Domingo. I wasn’t sure how I would make things work logistically, but I knew I wanted to meet her. Luckily, she felt the exact same way. Upon landing, I sent her a message and a few photos of my apartment. She agreed to take the bus the next day to come and see me. I was thrilled.

With plans for the next day arranged, I went out my first night in Santo Domingo and got my Dominican flag from another lovely lady I met online. A few hours of sleep later and I rolled over to find a message from miss thickness on my phone. She had just got on the bus and would be in Santo Domingo in around three hours. That sounded perfect to me. I dragged myself out of bed and found a place to grab breakfast. A quick workout at the park later and I was ready to meet up with ole’ girl.

The Arrival

She wrote me immediately when she arrived at the bus station. I replied I was on the way and strolled down to Zona Colonial to hail a taxi. While my taxi quoted me the gringo fare, I eagerly agreed. I couldn’t be bothered to haggle with taxis. A nigga was horny. As I pulled up to the bus station, I hopped out and began looking for miss thickness. I was a bit nervous, as you never know what Dominican girls will look like from online dating. A girl made eye contact walking towards me and I started praying it wasn’t her. That hideous thing kept walking right by me. Gracias Dios! Just then I glanced to the left and saw her. Got damnnnn!

domincian womenShe smiled as she walked up to me and I couldn’t help but throw a big, goofy smile on my own face. Miss thickness was certainly the definition of thick – curves in all the right places. Instantly I felt something move in my pants. As she greeted me, I remember thinking this is exactly why I came here. It wasn’t that she was a dime piece, but she was sexy as fuck and incredibly exotic to me.

We got in my taxi and headed back to my apartment. She didn’t speak a word of English. My Spanish was non-existent. It didn’t matter. She just kept smiling at me with her mouth full of braces and laughing at my horrid Spanish attempts. The taxi driver was clearly annoyed, but I didn’t give one fuck. I was about to destroy that big, fat ass when we got back to my apartment. And trust me – Dominican girls might be crazy, but they do have datttt ass.

Once inside my crib, I gave her a quick tour and a glass of water. She just kept staring at me and giggling. It was endearing in an “I want to fuck you no matter how borderline autistic you may be” type of way. We sat down on my couch and continued attempting to converse. It wasn’t exactly working, but she was giving me the doe eyes. I knew what to do.

I slowly leaned over as she was giggling and made my move. She moaned enthusiastically as we kissed. My hands started to explore her thick Dominican body, as my dick began to burst through my jeans. I began ripping off her clothing right on my couch before I picked her up and carried her to my bed.

There was absolutely no resistance. I didn’t even turn the lights off. She had came to the capital to get fucked. Dominican girls don’t play games if they really like you. Sober and raw – I exploded all over her big tits after around two minutes in missionary. It wasn’t exactly my best performance, but she didn’t give a damn. She just continued smiling and giggling. I tried to ask her if she wanted me to get a towel for the cum covering her tits, but she seemed to be wearing my semen like some type of trophy. Whatever works for you, mi amor.

Miss thickness eventually went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit. As she walked, I got a glimpse of her juicy ass for the first time. She was going to have to clean herself up again. I need that ass in doggy ASAP. When she came back to the bed, I was already up for round two and there was no resistance. She got on top of me and rode my dick like a champ. Then she turned it around on me and threw that ass back in reverse cowgirl. My sexual fantasies were being fulfilled.

I picked her up and slammed her back against the wall while I fucked her standing up. Then I threw her back on the bed and propped her ass up in the air. As I got behind that ass, I had a huge smile on my face. It wasn’t the best ass I’ve ever had by any stretch of the imagination, but it was exactly the type of chick I wanted when I decided to visit the Dominican Republic. I plunge deep into that pussy from the back before I pulled out and finished all over her back and ass hole. She was still smiling as the cum dripped down her ass crack.

It Gets Interesting, Dominican girls

This is where the fun begins. This isn’t just a tale of making sweet love with Dominican girls while traveling. No. It gets interesting. Post-coital, I took a nap with my thick Dominican girl before we headed to meet up with some friends for the night. I had made a few contacts online and we had planned to meet up later that night. I figured I’d just bring miss thickness with me. We rolled to a bar in Piantini, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Santo Domingo, to have a few drinks and hang out. While at the bar, I met some expats living in the Dominican Republic. We drank, watched sports, and talked shit for hours on end. The topic of Dominican girls was continually brought up. As my Dominican girl didn’t speak a word of English, she just sat by my side smiling all night long.

One of the guys we were chilling with came up to me and asked if he could get the number of my thick chick for “business purposes” or some shit. Let’s call him Trent. I laughed, “Bro, you don’t have to lie. I already smashed. You can get her number for whatever you want.” Trent laughed, but insisted he wanted the number for purely platonic reasons and I gestured him over to her.

Miss thickness walked over and chatted with him while the night went on. Drinks, sports, and laughs continued. Things got late and I grabbed a taxi home with my girl after goodbyes. She instantly began telling me how she didn’t like the guy who asked for her number. She tried to explain to me that he was weird and that she doesn’t like black guys. I just laughed. We already fucked, babe. No worries.

More fucking that night and in the morning commenced. After the fifth time we fucked, she looked up at me and smiled, “Quieres anal, amor?” I must have looked at her funny because she reached her hands around her back and spread her ass cheeks. I think she wanted to show me the access point – in case I didn’t understand her Spanish. Finally, it clicked for me and I understood what she was asking, but I couldn’t fuck anything in that moment. Not even a fat assed girl in her fat ass. I had to decline.

zona colonial girlsShe left later that afternoon after we walked through the ruins in Zona Colonial and along the Malecon. I wasn’t too keen on seeing her again, but I did enjoy how sweet of a girl she was. We took a taxi to the bus station together and I kissed her goodbye. If she was back in the capital, I thought I may see her again, but I wouldn’t make too much of an effort.

It Gets Better, Dominican girls

She sensed my reluctance to meet up again as we messaged. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see miss thickness again. I just was working on making sweet love to a number of other Dominican girls. She quickly became annoyed, but she still liked me. A few nude pics were thrown my way, but I wasn’t biting on a repeat visit.

Then I met up with one of my friends that had met her the night we went out. Let’s call him Justin. As the topic turned to Dominican girls, he told me that he had gotten her number off Dominican Cupid as well. We laughed. I had a feeling she was a gringo hunter and my gut was right. The gut feeling is always right.

We chatted a bit about her and I told him I was probably done with her. So Justin inquired if I would care if he tried to bang her. I laughed and told him her should definitely try to bang her. After all – sharing is caring. I didn’t think much about it until a few weekends later. The fun began when she came back to the capital to stay with her “cousin” for the weekend. However, I believe “cousin” is her term for whatever gringo she can find on Dominican Cupid that weekend.

I got a message that Friday night from miss thickness. She said she was in Santo Domingo until Sunday and wanted to see me. I told her I was busy that evening, but maybe could meet with her tomorrow. She sent a bunch of heart emojis and was clearly excited to see me. I didn’t exactly share the same enthusiasm. A Friday night filled with sex, run, and reggaeton led to a Saturday of forgetfulness. I forgot to message her and then ignored her messages later in the evening when I went out. Suffice to say – she wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t care and decided to block her on What’s App for being too needy.

Sunday morning rolled around and another hangover did too. I woke up around noon to a call on What’s App. It was Justin, my boy who had also gotten her number on Dominican Cupid. I picked up the phone and he started speaking to me in Spanish. I cut him off instantly, “Dude, I’m way too hungover for Spanish.” He laughed and explained that he was with miss thickness at his apartment, but she wouldn’t have sex with him yet. Apparently, she didn’t want to have sex with him unless I said it was ok.

Of course, I gave him the go ahead. He said thanks and then asked me to say “yes” in Spanish after he asked me the same question in Spanish. Thickness wanted to make sure she understood what was going on. After some rambling in Spanish, I muttered, “Claro que si.” I figured that was the end of it.

A few hours later, my friend writes me on What’s App, “Hey man, miss thickness made me send this, but I’m sure you think it’s funny.” Then I got a photo of him and her in bed together. I cracked up and then replied, “Sharing is caring and it can be fun ;)” Again, I thought that was the end of it.

The Best Part

As I had blocked miss thickness, I hadn’t heard from her since she banged my friend. Justin ended up blocking her too, as she was a bit crazier than most Dominican women. However, she had still been making trips to the capital to sleep with foreign men. Gringo hunting is a lifestyle.

hoes ain't loyalI was out with another different friend about a month later. He was around the first night I had miss thickness over too. As we chatted, he started to laugh, “I forgot to tell you. Trent banged miss thickness too!” I burst out laughing. Even though miss thickness claimed not to be attracted to Trent, she came back to the capital and banged him as well.

It’s one thing to sleep with an exotic, foreigner every once in a while. It’s another thing to sex every foreign man in Santo Domingo. Over the course of a month, she had slept with three gringos. Not just three gringos – three gringos that miss thickness knew all knew each other well. Some Dominican women have no shame in their game, but that’s ok – I don’t either 😉

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  1. This is incredibly stupid man… i can’t believe I read all that. Just because you’re an asshole looking for a whore doesn’t give you the right to generalize over a whole country.

    Not all Dominican women are like that. That was a hooker, not a serious girl, and believe me, in DR there are many good women and I pray God you don’t come across with any of them ever.

  2. This all sounds like you have no respect for women at all and are making up for being “uncool” in high school. This is also extremely offensive to All women specifically Dominican women. Going to the Dominican Republic and using your gringo status to be able to have sex with women … grow up and take a good look at your life dude really reevaluate yourself. If you had any decency or respect for yourself and women you would take this down. Real men do not talk like this about their sexual experiences immature stunted little boys do. Have some respect for your self and represent men in a better light.

    1. Just because you don’t like it and agree with it doesn’t mean it should be taken down. You must be one of those dumb oversensitive feminists. I enjoy reading these stories and they have inspired me to travel and actually talk to women instead of being a shy loser kid who stays in his house and plays video games/jerk off to porn.

      You can keep your 50 Shades of Gray I’ll keep reading these stories and not be shamed by the like of femnazis like you Michelle.

      1. Also what do you know about real men or men at all? Michelle you’re a woman stay in your lane and get back in the kitchen bitch.

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