Truth Or Dare

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions To Spice Up Your Relationship

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions To Spice Up Your Relationship

Truth or dare is a fun group or pair game not only for kids, but for grownups as well. The common denominator for truth or dare, especially the truth questions, is the unpredictability of the questions that will be asked, which gives a healthy dose of anticipation and anxiety for the participants.

Giving truth or dare a spicy, adult twist can make it an exciting game for couples. The mechanics of truth or dare remains simple and easy to follow. Essentially, each player chooses between answering a question truthfully and performing a daring task. If a player chooses truth, the other player asks him/her dirty questions which must be answered truthfully. If a player chooses dare, the other player can command him/her to do a sexually exciting task. A player cannot always choose truth, and couples can set the rule to have alternating truths and dares to make the game more exciting.

How to Start the Game

Set the place and mood for this exciting game. The living room or the bedroom can be ideal settings for the game. Dim lights can add to the excitement and enhance the mood of the game. If you are at a loss for great truth question or dare challenge ideas, there are several websites and apps where you can get hundreds of dirty truth or dare questions or get a truth or dare generator. The good thing about having a truth or dare generator app is you can bring this exciting game with you anywhere and you can always bring up the game and plan on how to best play the game with your lover.  

Dirty Questions About Relationships

It can be fun to categorize your dirty questions at times. If you know that your spouse has had several relationships before yours, you can relieve your curiosity by asking questions you have always wanted to ask but never got the chance to. Two words of advice: be prepared. So here are just a few of the dirty questions you can ask:

  • Have you tried phone sex?

  • How gave you your first orgasm?

  • Have you ever had a threesome?

  • How many sexual partners did you have in your life?

  • Have you ever had an orgy?

Dirty Questions About Fantasies

This game is a good way of discover the fantasies of your spouse and vice versa. In a way, it could give both of you ideas on how to take things up a notch in your relationship. So be ready for surprises as you ask these few questions for starters:

  • Have you fantasized about a teacher?

  • Have you fantasized about a co-worker?

  • What is your craziest sexual fantasy?

  • Have you done a sexual fantasy in real life?

  • What fantasies have you thought about your partner?

Dirty Questions About Preferences

Knowing the sexual preferences of your partner can be stimulating (pun intended). You can get to explore other areas in sex and relationships that your partner prefers or wants to try out and the revealing things you get to know will give you an idea on how to be a better lover. Prepare to be enlightened as you ask these few questions:

  • What’s your favorite position?

  • Do like sex rough or sensual?

  • What do you like during foreplay?

  • Do prefer to give or receive pleasure?

  • Do you like lights on or lights off during sex?

Let’s not Forget the Dares

Dares can make the game twice as exciting as this involves doing something naughty and sexually exciting for you and your partner. Sexual dares can be a good penalty too if your partner chooses truth more than twice or if they prefer not to answer a truth question. Being naughtily creative can take excitement to new heights for couples. You can start off the dares with the following options:

  • Do a sensual massage to your partner

  • Perform a strip tease

  • Watch and emulate a porn video scene

  • Take off your partner’s underwear without using hands

  • Lick your partner’s chest

  • Do a hand job

  • Get your partner aroused with your tongue

  • Send a naked selfie to your partner

  • Undress your partner with one hand

  • Try to make your partner orgasm in 5 minutes

Having these ideas can kickstart your sexual creativity and get the ball rolling. Always be game and be ready for anything.

Dirty truth or dare questions can definitely spice up your relationship in many ways. Before you decide to play this game, keep in mind to be a good sport and prepare for the unexpected. Truths can be inconvenient sometimes, that is why you need to have an open mind and be matured when you play this game. When you have all these things taken into consideration, you’ll have a fun, naughty and wonderful twist to this game. So let your partner know about this naughty and exciting game. Enjoy!

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