Dating Salvadorian Girls in San Salvador has Potential

My impression of El Salvador may be a bit skewed. Salvadorian girls are beautiful. I was only there for three days and I got jumped. However, the city of San Salvador can be incredible – if you stay safe. The locals you’ll see at the clubs and bars are often quite friendly. The locals you see on the streets rarely are. San Salvador and El Salvador as a whole has a nasty gang problem. The country is quite dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time there.Salvadorian girls

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Yet, El Salvador is worth a trip for a couple reasons. First, you’ll find some of the prettiest women in all of Central America in the small country. I’m a big fan of dating Salvadorian girls. Second, the beaches in El Salvador have great surf, are cheap and foster great nightlife on the weekends. Many travelers skip the country due to the violence, so there is not much tourism infrastructure outside of the main party beach, El Tunco. Also, you cannot skimp on staying in a place without a guard at the door. This means lodging isn’t as cheap as it should be.

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Due to the dangerous nature of the country, I’d only recommend El Salvador for men who have a decent grasp of the Spanish language. If you find a private driver and don’t walk anywhere, you should be all right in the capital. The landscape and natural aspects of El Salvador are truly stunning. The country is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever been to. Enjoy dating Salvadorian girls. Enjoy the beach. Then get out of El Salvador, alive!

San Salvador – City Guide, chasing Salvadorian girls

Positives of San Salvador

Pretty Girls: Some of, if not, the hottest girls in Central America are Salvadorian girls. I was impressed, to say the least. If you’ve been in Nicaragua or Guatemala for a while, you will be too. Salvadorian girls are much prettier than the ones you’ll find in Nicaragua or Guatemala.

salvadorian girls

High Exotic Value: Not only are the Salvadorian girls pretty, but they like gringos. San Salvador is dangerous and doesn’t have much tourism infrastructure, so you’ll get a lot of gringo love in the city. Don’t expect the top Salvadorian girls to throw themselves at you instantly, but they are accessible if effort is put in.

Not a Shithole: While San Salvador is dangerous, it’s not nearly as ugly a city as San Jose in Costa Rica or Managua in Nicaragua. It’s not gorgeous in a European capital sense, but it’s not ugly either. I actually enjoyed the look of the city, in a weird way.

Negatives of San Salvador

Dangerous: Again, I got jumped with a buddy of mine here. This place is gang infested. You don’t want to walk around at night, anywhere in the city. There is no real nightlife “district” for this reason. Even during the day, you’ll want to be careful about where you’re walking. If there were no armed guard near you, I’d book it as quick as you can.

Expensive: Due to the violence, you cannot live as cheaply in San Salvador as you can in other Central American capitals. You’ll need to take taxis almost everywhere, especially at night. Food prices are also a bit more expensive than I’d imagined.

Where To Stay to meet Salvadorian girls

I didn’t get an in-depth look into the city, but I did find what I believe to be the best spot to live. As you cannot walk anywhere at night, you really don’t need to live close to nightlife. Unless the club was in your backyard, you’d need a taxi. You’ll want to stay within walking distance (during the daytime) to Plaza Futura. Your life in San Salvador will revolve around this Plaza. Hosting foreign diplomatic offices, Plaza Futura is one of the safest places in the city. The mall features numerous restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more.

Salvadorian girls

You could work here during the day, approach a couple of girls in the plaza during your work breaks, have a date meet you for a drink after work and more. The place has everything you need and it’s relatively safe. This means that staying close to Plaza Futura may be a bit expensive, but it is worth it. So you’ll be staying in the Colonia Escalon area/neighborhood. If you’re staying for more than a month, I’d recommend looking for an apartment. However, most who visit San Salvador will only be staying for a week or less.

If you’re only planning on staying a week or so (or if you can work a good monthly rate), I recommend you check out Hostal Cumbres del Volcan. The place is awesome. It’s not fancy, nor is it pretty. However, the location is great, the staff is friendly, the rooms are clean and most importantly, the hotel is very “chica-friendly” by all standards.

I had multiple women in my room every single day and it was never a problem. Even bringing girls back to the hostel at three in the morning was acceptable. The young Salvadorian guy that works the front desk is awesome. Just make sure to get a private room. You’ll want to make reservations.

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Day Game to get Salvadorian girls

As I didn’t get to see the whole city, I cannot give a great day game report. While I’m sure there are a few malls that could work for day game, as stated previously, you don’t want to do much walking outside. Thus, I’d recommend day gaming at Plaza Futura. The place is not teaming with chicks, but you’ll find approach opportunities if you spend a bit of time there. The House of Coffee is a coffee shop with an outdoor patio area in the plaza. It’s located next to the public restroom and has a great view of the courtyard area of the plaza.

If you’re the location independent type, I’d recommend working here during the day. You’ll have at least one or two approach opportunities per hour, plus an insta- date option is easy.

Night Game

Nightlife in San Salvador was pretty damn good. While there are not too many options, the ones available to you promises a good time. Again, I didn’t get to see much of the city in my three-day stay, but I found a few good spots where Salvadorian girls are.

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For pre-drinking, the best place to go is Zanzibar in the Zona Rosa nightlife area. The place is laid back and has a few cute Salvadorian girls strolling around, although they are typically in groups. It’s still a good place to grab a bottle (cheap) and chat up some locals. There are a few other clubs in this area, but I didn’t try them out.

Salvadorian girls

If you want to see stunners, you’ll want to visit Circo. The place is packed to the brim with beauties on the weekend. However, it’s not exactly a spot you go and hit on random girls. The place is a sit-down and drink with your friends’ type of place. Bring a social circle with you and you may kill it here.

Last, but not least, you’ll want to visit Los Alabamiques in the Multiplaza mall every weekend night you’re in San Salvador. The club is always packed and the crowd is fun. You’ll have a lot of value here; so don’t be afraid to approach. This was one of my favorite nightclubs in all of Central America.

Online Game for Salvadorian girls

Online options are limited in San Salvador. However, you’ll find dating Salvadorian girls easy when using these sites. I would try using:

Tinder will probably be your best bet. Latin American Cupid worked well for me, too. You’ll be able to meet some cute girls online in San Salvador, but I’d make a night game your focus if you’re in the city on a weekend. I recommend opening girls in Spanish if she doesn’t have any English in her profile. If she has English in her profile text, you can use whatever opener you normally would back in the Western World.

P.S. If you have a short trip (for example, a four-day trip) in San Salvador and plan on dating Salvadorian girls – Latin American Cupid is a site you’ll want to pay for. The combination of Tinder, LatinAmericanCupid, and night game will ensure you meet some sexy Salvadorian girls.

While you do have to pay for it – Latin American Cupid is worth it (if you want to get the Salvadorian flag).

Here’s a link to an article on Central America:

Date Spots for Salvadorian girls

Run all your dates at Plaza Futura if you decide to stay nearby. With coffee shops, restaurants, bars and a beautiful courtyard – I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else for a date. The plaza is perfectly set up to bounce from bar to bar before heading back to your place. While this section is short, it’s all you need. Plaza Futura is that great of a date spot.

San Salvador OverallSalvadorian girls

Overall, I enjoyed my time in San Salvador immensely. Even though I got jumped, the city was too much fun to not enjoy. If you have a grip on the Spanish language and are good staying out of trouble, I highly recommend checking out San Salvador for a week or two. You’ll meet some cute Salvadorian girls and enjoy the great nightlife. Just be careful.

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