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Dating Panamanian Girls in Panama City, Panama was an absolute delight.  Latin American Cupid is the way to get a big head start, click here to check It out.  It was my first trip abroad and I couldn’t have been more excited. The Latin women, the culture, and vibe had me falling in love in PTY. Here’s one story why (followed by how I did it):

She Only Knew a Few Words, My first of many panamanian girls

dating in Panama City, Panama

Location: Panama City, Panama – I had pipelined her before I arrived. We had been messaging back and forth on WhatsApp for around 3 weeks before I could finally get her to meet. I wasn’t all that sold on her looks, but she was 19 and nice enough. She had light skin and a cute smile, but I had no idea what she really looked like.Tinder Profile

I’d sent her numerous voice messages on WhatsApp – some in Spanish, others in English. She claimed to love my “accent” when I spoke my extra shitty Spanish to her. Her English was almost none existent, but she tried on occasion. I figured we wouldn’t be doing much verbal communication. She was poor and didn’t have enough money to catch the bus for my first two weeks in Panama City. While this might have been a lie, I almost believed her. Finally, she messaged me out of the blue after we hadn’t talked for 3-4 days asking to see me.

I asked when and she said tomorrow in the afternoon. I was free. She wanted to meet at the worst mall in the city and then taxi with me back to my place to “study Spanish” or something. How sweet of her. So I headed to the mall after confirming she had caught her bus. In typical Latina barrio girl fashion, she was 30 minutes late. I ate a sandwich and waited for her. Expect Panamanian girls to be late. When she showed up she couldn’t find me and become a bit frantic in her messages, but eventually, we found each other.Panama

I’m thankful we did. She was much better looking than in her photos. Perfect light skin and a pretty smile, she was about 5’2” and quite petite. She had a sweater-type of top on with tight green jeans. It was hot out and I found this odd. Her ass was thick, but her titties looked huge. While I couldn’t really tell in the sweater though, I remember thinking this may have been one of the rare occasions a girl is hotter than her pictures. I had high hopes for mt first experience with Panamanian girls.

The language barrier was huge, but the vibe was perfect. She was somewhat standoffish, but completely into me at the same time. I loved it. We hailed a taxi and headed back to my place. Once inside, I whipped out my Spanish pocket guide and we began “studying” together. She was sitting next to me on the bed and I kept teasing her about how horrible a professor she was. My hands were all over her from the jump. Twenty minutes in and I went for the kiss. She rejected me.Latin American Cupid is the way to get a big head start, click here to check it out.

sexy panamanian girl

I looked at her and asked, “No queries?” with a smirk. She laughed and I went in once again. This time she accepted. Clothes started to fly off shortly thereafter, but she was weird about things. She wouldn’t take her bra off even though she was 100% naked elsewhere. She clearly was trying to decide what she wanted to do.

Whatever I thought, as I started to finger her while she stroked my cock. She moaned and looked up at me, “Condon?” in the sexiest accent (that’s how ‘condom’ sounded out of her mouth). I almost came right then and there. I quickly grabbed a condom from my stash next to the bed and rapidly covered my throbbing manhood. We began to fuck, but her pussy was incredibly tight. Every time I want to go deeper, her moans got a bit louder – but they were so sweet and gentle. Nineteen-year-old moans are always incredibly sexy. I lasted surprisingly long for being sober and incredibly aroused at her accent and moans, yet she looked upset after I came.

I was confused and tried to ask if there was a problem, but the language barrier didn’t help things. She began typing on her phone and I sat there perplexed, dick still out in the open. We sat in silence for a few minutes and I started to get a bit confused about what just happened. Then next thing I know she gets completely naked and hops in the shower. She finishes her brief shower and then looks at me. I finally see her huge titties for the first time. Jesus fucking Christ – these tits were huge and perky as hell. They were the best tits I’ve ever seen in person or had.

I was aroused again, but still confused. I yell: “Que?” to her from my bed.
She smiled and said, “Come” in her English accent, as she stood naked in my shower. I was confused, “Por que?”
She began to look upset, “Condon!

I got it and laughed. She wanted to fuck again in the shower. I grabbed another condom and greeted her with a kiss. She began to suck my cock and it didn’t take much to get hard again. Her tits looked insane. I pulled her up and bent her over. I rammed my dick deep inside her and she moaned as I grabbed her titties and began to thrust rapidly.

Her breasts felt incredible as she moaned while I fucked her. We stayed in doggy style for around ten minutes switching between bent over and semi-standing doggy while making out. I finished and slapped her ass before kissing her one more time as a walk over to my dingy studio apartment mattress.


She yelled, “Masculine Profiles!” and I turned around.
 She smiled and said, “I come baby, I come.” in slow, stuttered English.

I laughed again, as she turned away and hopped into the shower again. I think those were three of the ten English words she knew. I saw her once more, but it was always difficult to get her to meet. She was just broke and didn’t have much time. However, I’ll never forget her sexy accent and those perfect tits.

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If dating Panamanian girls is important to you when visiting PTY, then here are how to find some cute ones:

Day Game in Panama City, Panama. Panamanian girls during the day.

I’m not a huge day game guy, but I did do a bit of approaching in Panama City during the day. There are three malls in Panama City that all provide ample day game opportunities. Multicentro, Multiplaza, and Albrook all offer day gamers something different. I despised Multicentro, but found the other two malls pleasant and target rich.

Multiplaza is the upscale mall in the city and you will see a number of beautiful women walking around the mall. Albrook is just as nice as Multicentro, but is visited by more locals as it is next to the bus stop. Albrook was my personal favorite mall for a day game in Panama City.

panamanian girls

Walking around Via Espana and Via Argentina at certain times during the day provided certain opportunities to day game as well. I often did my one approach a day here. However, you’ll have to have a bit of patience in this environment. You’ll only see hot girls every so often.

However, the best day game spot in the city is Cinta Costera. This path next to the ocean features a number of people relaxing, walking, running, and biking at all times during the day. I found walking Cinta Costera for an hour or so is the best place to day game in Panama City. While I never ventured much to Casco Viejo during the day, I’m sure you’d find some girls around the area as well, especially in the coffee shops.


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Online Game in Panama City, Panama

Click here for the way to get a big head start meeting some of these beautiful ladies, click here to check it out.

Panama City may have been the best city in Central America for online dating. While the options were still somewhat limited, the Panamanian girls were often eager to meet up. The city hasn’t been infested with too many gringos and you still have value in online PTY.

In PTY, you can use:

I met most of my panamanian girlsthrough online dating. I used Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Latin American Cupid. I forgot about Badoo in PTY. I also messed around with Instagram here. The two best sites to use are Tinder and Latin American Cupid. The panamanian girls on OkCupid can be easy, but there are not many of them. 
I recommend opening girls in Spanish if she doesn’t have any English in her profile. If she has English in her profile text, you can use whatever opener you normally would back in the Western World.

This article on Using Latin American Cupid is very helpful if you’re traveling there:

Panamanian women P.S. – While you’ll need to throw down some cash – Latin American Cupid is worth it in Panama City for a man interested in dating Panamanian girls. If you’re on a short schedule (for example, a two-week vacation) in PTY and looking to seduce some sexy Panamanian girls, Latin American Cupid is a site you’ll want to use.

If you enjoyed this article about dating Panamanian girls in Panama City – then I highly suggest you check out my book, A Bachelor’s Guide to Central America by clicking here.


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