Dating & Nightlife in Panama City, Panama

Overall, I found the nightlife in Panama City, Panama to be some of the best in Central America. I also found a number of good date spots I enjoyed in PTY. Use this post as a guide when visiting the city, but always ask locals for up to date recommendations. Girls on Tinder are amazing at giving you the details on which bars and clubs are hot in their city.

Nightlife in Panama City, Panama

There are hundreds of bars, clubs, discos and pubs located throughout the whole city. I certainly didn’t visit all of them, but I did dig up some intelligence. The main nightlife areas are Casco Viejo, Calle Uruguay, the Causeway, and the Hard Rock hotel. I never visited the Causeway, but did spend extensive time in all the other areas.
Nightlife changes quickly in Panama City, occasionally changing on a monthly basis. Panama City is often compared to Miami in this regard. Thus, you’ll want to make sure to ask around when looking for a place to visit at night. Ask girls on Tinder, ask Couch Surfers and make local friends. That being said, I did find a number of places I really enjoyed.

Here are a few of my favorite bars and clubs to party at in PTY:

Prive/Seis: Two small discos located in Calle Uruguay and stacked on top of each other, they often rotate music types and have special drink nights. Prive is better in my opinion and often gets packed late on a Tuesday night. You’ll find locals mixed with expats and travelers in both of these spots.
Hard Rock Hotel: Both of the nightlife spots in the Hard Rock Hotel can be good. The nightclub, Bling is decent sized and provides a number of approach opportunities. The rooftop bar, which is the highest in Latin America, can be good as well. However, the rooftop can often be filled with couples and old gringos with prostitutes. Expect bitch shields to be up, but the quality to be good.
girls in panama
Relic: Located in Casco Viejo, this is the one bar everyone in Panama City says to visit. And for good reason – it gets packed on the weekend and most people speak English. The bar is connected to a hostel and the crowd is quite international. This is a good starting point for any trip to Panama City during the weekends, but I’d venture away from it unless you’re having great luck here.
La Buat: Pretty local spot in Casco Viejo and potentially the best place to grab a grip of phone numbers in Panama City. The place is dark and intimate with many levels and walls giving a player room to operate. English is not great here, but if she likes you then she’ll help you work through the language barrier.
Theatro: A crazy popular spot in Casco Viejo with locals and travelers alike, this place gets packed on a Friday and Saturday. Don’t plan on doing much, but dance floor game here. It’s loud as fuck and dark. Electronic music is popular here and there are often girls in big groups. The upstairs was my favorite spot to talk with chicks.
Tantalo: This roof top bar in Casco Viejo is pretty fucking dope, but there’s one problem – it’s hard to tell which girls are hookers and which are not. From a purely egotistical standpoint, I expect every girl to react incredibly positive when I approach. Thus, if she’s a prostitute I rarely know at the jump. So I wasted an hour or so here on a couple of nights chatting to hookers by accident. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Date Spots 
in Panama City, Panama

With bars on literally every corner, you’ll have no shortage of good date spots in Panama City. I found myself continually trying new places on each date I went on. If you’re staying in the city center, you’ll want to run your dates near Via Argentina or in the Calle Uruguay district. If you’re staying in Casco Viejo, you’ll obviously host your dates there. 
In Calle Uruguay, you’ll have numerous options (depending on the night). I highly recommend staying away from the bars that are hooker establishments – you’ll notice which ones those are quickly.

Here are some of my favorite date spots in PTY:

Alta Bar: 
I enjoyed hosting dates at the rooftop lounge in Alta Bar. The vibe is chill and couches comfortable. However, you’ll be paying western prices. I’d typically do a max of two drinks here and then bounce her back to my place.
White: White is another upscale lounge in Calle Uruguay that has a good date vibe. Sushi here is expensive, but the place is fancy. I’d only bring a girl I’m struggling to close here. The spot gives off a “boyfriend-provider” type of vibe on a first date, but is very nice.
nightlife in casco viejo
La Rana Dorada: In Via Argentina and pretty much every part of the city, there’s a bar chain called La Rana Dorada. It’s a chill bar with good craft beers, but only a date spot. It’s definitely not a place to pick up chicks. If a chick is westernized at all, she’ll often love this place.
Le Brassiere: Le Brassiere was my favorite date spot in all of PTY. It’s a little bar across the street from the Grand International Hotel, and it’s known for the infamous booty statue. They have a great selection of international brews and the vibe is really chill. Have a few beers here. Then bounce the chick over to the sensual booty statue to take funny photos.
Tantalo: In Casco Viejo, you have numerous date options. However, I didn’t spend much time there. Tantalo is a great roof top bar in Casco Viejo that overlooks all of PTY. I’d start there when working your date game in Casco Viejo. Just avoid going late on popular nights.

Panama City, Panama – Overall

Panama City is a great city for a budding international playboy looking to meet some cuties. Nightlife in Panama City, Panama is pretty good. I had an incredible time here and some of the girls I met here I still keep in touch with today. While PTY isn’t super cheap, I found it worth it. There are gorgeous girls here, great nightlife and friendly locals. I don’t have anything bad to say about Panama City. If you’re traveling Central America and care about hooking up with chicks, Panama City is a must stop.

If you enjoyed this post about dating and nightlife in Panama City, Panama – Make sure to check out my book, A Bachelor’s Guide to Central America here.

12 Replies to “Dating & Nightlife in Panama City, Panama”

  1. Cool Good recon. I have heard negative things about panama from other forums, especially being a high pay4play scene. Sounds like a good place to visit.

  2. If you have your shit together, then PTY is a cool spot. If you’re a goofy backpacker – you want get laid. The country just doesn’t compare to DR, Colombia, or even Puerto Rico in terms of talent and numbers.
    Also – there is some p4p in Panama City, but it’s easy to avoid.

  3. Thanks for the review! I stayed 3 nights at the Trump Ocean Club Tower and although had mostly business affairs… I had a chance to go out Thursday night. Agree on your report; great spot to be in if you are in a good position. I found a lot of girls from Venezuela and although most you run into are your “Pretty Woman” types, there are a few legit girls. The Venezuelan girls are way hotter than the local girls IMO. The local girls rock the ethnic-indigenous look if that’s what you’re into. The Venezuelan girls are finer, lighter skinned and have a more refined look. Hot bodies on both types though. I definitely will come back to party and hang out with my new “friend”.
    If you are on a budget and are still trying to build yourself financially, I recommend you stick to DR or Costa Rica… you don’t need to be a high roller, but definitely be able to drop some cash if you want to party comfortably. The rooftop at the Trump casino (Bar 66?) has a great view and some hot local and working girls. Highly recommend.
    Safe travels!

  4. Is there any nightlife places or areas for professional gentelmen in their low 50’s. I am young at heart and love having a good time, I’m well established, but do not like to visit bars where I am out of place by 20 to 30 years. I am not one of those older guys who tries to act like I did in my 20’s or 30’s, I am very realistic. But would like to know if there are some places where maybe 35 to 55’s hang out? Thanks in advance.

  5. I’m headed to Panama City December 20 to 24 a quick visit before headed to Medellin. Where might the best area, hotel to stay while I am in Panama City? I have a reservation already at Le Méridien Panama. But wondering if there might be a better option for a single male traveler looking to see what happens if that makes senses. Thanks, David

    1. Hey David
      Me and another friend from UK are also headed to Panama on the 21st of December. Then plan on hitting Medellin whilst there. Maybe an idea to meet up possibly and sample the nightlife and some parties

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