A Lunchtime Surprise: Dating Girls in Managua, Nicaragua

Location: Managua, Nicaragua

I lifted weights and changed in the locker room. Being slightly hung over, I planned to set the bar pretty low. She looked damn good on Tinder, but I’d gotten laid last night and truly didn’t give a fuck. While only being in Managua for a few days, I already knew things were easy in the crumby capital of Nicaragua. I threw on my cargo shorts and crusty white V-neck and strolled to the restaurant.

She was already seated and enjoying her first lunch beer of the day as I walked in. While ambitious on her part, I took this as a good sign. We greeted and made pleasantries. Food was ordered. She kept drinking beers while I stuck with water. This one was a bit weird. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but she was different. However, she was pretty cute. We met on Tinder a few days earlier and she made things easy. I sent her my standard opener:

“Sweet baby Jesus! Tell your parents good job ;)”

I was met with zero resistance in setting up a date as the conversation took off. Her Tinder photos made her look like an “8” in my books, but she wasn’t that attractive. She did pass the boner test with flying colors. Plus, she was fluent in English after a stint in NYC for some bullshit job. She was upper class in Nicaragua and had her own car. It was clear she only fucked gringos.

We ate lunch and then I started touching her arms and legs a bit. She responded well. I struggled to gauge her buying temperature as this chick was weird as hell, but it was getting to that point. I wanted to lie down. My hangover had me needing either sex or sleep. I didn’t care which was about to happen.

“Hey, want to come back to my hotel for a minute? I just finished my workout before lunch and I need to take a protein shake.” I said.

She smiled, “Umm, sure. I drove so I can drive us back.”

“Cool.” I shrugged while signaling the waiter for the bill.

We hopped in her “especially nice for a Nicaraguan” car and were back in my hotel room within five minutes. I shook my shake as she sat on my bed. After cleaning out my blender bottle and taking a piss, I joined her on the bed and shoved her back.

She laughed as she lay there, but I didn’t make a move. I turned the television on to drown out some of the noise if sex was going to happen. Don’t want to bother the neighbors now.Sex did happen. Within a minute of turning the TV on, we were making out. I had a condom on less than two minutes later.

The sex was cool. Not great, but I’m not one to turn down a couple orgasms with a cutie. Her tits jiggled perfectly as we fucked and they were larger than I expected. Her ass moved in a similar way. Overall, it was a solid lunch. We banged and she left 20 minutes later, allowing me to nap and work the rest of the day away. Traveling with Tinder works that way sometimes 😉

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