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Date In Asia

Is a free dating site therefore its full of trash. We’ve tested Date In Asia, it has qualities that some guys will find useful. In the end you are going to be getting lied to often, meeting ladyboys who will waste your time, lying about the fact that they have a penis. You will be overrun with prostitutes DateinAsia will have great pictures of hot asian girls, great bios, because you are dealing with people who don’t work, and have no money to pay for AsianDating, a premier Asian dating site. Below is the current price structure.  Not bad at all.

Date in Asia is a free dating site,

this is one of the big problems

I met my beautiful Filipina wife on FilipinoCupid…

I met my beautiful Filipina wife on this site. Need I say more? Like Asian dating above, Filipino Cupid  is free to join with upgrade option, rather inexpensive, ($12.50 p/mnth with 12 mnth plan) but enough to keep the Rif Raf out.

12 Months $ 12.50 USD per monthBilled in one payment of $ 149.99 USD SAVE 64%
3 Months $ 23.33 USD per monthBilled in one payment of $ 69.98 USD SAVE 33%
1 Month  $ 34.99 USD

 She’s a dream come true, she is young, thin, and has the type of body that will stay thin. She has nice full boobs, she smiles constantly, gives me amazing massages, cooks and cleans, It’s never been discussed, she just does it. I never touch the laundry, it’s always clean. She doesn’t ask for anything, which makes me want to give more. Filipino Cupid Is fabulous, I highly recommend.


Using Date in Asia you will find the girls are mostly Filipina bargirls, which are great if you’re looking for a quick fix, or single moms that need help.You have to be careful, some of these girls will lie. This is common on many of these dating sites but on, the good far exceeds to bad. You just have to be careful, and meet a lot of girls and weed out the bad ones. Asian Dating is a far superior site.


                                                                                     It is popular with Filipinos and Thais and blowing up into China, Japan and Singapore. This site is not just for people living in Asia, the majority of singles located in other countries will be of Asian origin. The website is very toxic as you will be fooled and waste much time, or worse. If you are in the market for some Japanese Sex, look here.                             But on the other hand I found my girlfriend at ChinaLoveCupid Maybe you will check both sites if you want to meet some nice girl. ChinaLoveCupid is a great site, high quality girls, they are more honest on this site.

Try it out for free, and upgrade if you want to communicate. ChinaLoveCupid is in the same family of dating site as AsianDating and FilipinoCupid. These sites are run extremely well and they don’t have as much of a problem with the liars and the cheats, and the crossdressers.

You might have you stumbled across Date in Asia, and wondering if you should sign up?  Here’s some great info on Asian Dating Apps. Let me give you a brief rundown on why you might or might not want join this site.  This is an honest opinion after living in Asia, and more specifically, South East Asia for years and using all of the dating sites myself.  To be completely frank, we don’t think this site stacks up very well to the paid versions of other Asian dating sites.  We have better news, though.  There are other options that are FREE and they serve the same purpose but a lot better than Date in Asia.  We much prefer AsianDating for so many reasons.  Seriously, just sign up and after setting up your profile you’ll have an influx of messages from actual Asian girls. This site is free to join and browse, you must pay to communicate, it’s cheap and worth the few bucks it costs.

Some reviews we found about Date In Asia:

1) Administrators of this site are acting like nazis

The worst ever experience with the admins of the site and also with the girls profiles which 80% are scammers or ladyboys. Stay away from that mess.

2) My experience on Date in Asia

is that most of the girls are Filipina bargirls, scammers, or uneducated / unemployed single moms looking for a way out.

My experience on Date in Asia is that most of the girls are Filipina bargirls, scammers, or uneducated / unemployed single moms looking for a way out. The site is full of fakes and scammers and when you call them out and / or tell them to go away they ban you. It’s nothing but a joke of a site and not worth one’s time.

3) scammers abundant

I am a victim of a scammer in this dateinasia website.I was communicating with one of yr profile guy few times when he started to ask me for money; he made some pathetic stories about himself & when we met , he put rape drug in my coffee. I became unconscious & the rest is a police case.Pls be more vigilant to warn us , unsuspecting girls like me.One suggestion is to warn us girls not to meet the date without accompanying friend, at least for the first time.

Here’s an article on Singapore Sex.

Reviews of

It was enlightening to view the reviews of AsianDating,com, which totally reflect what we are saying, that this is a great site.
1) I like the variety of women they have

I like the variety of women they have. I started out interesting in Thai women because of the time I spent there in the peace corp but I ended up meeting up and marrying a Filipina woman I met through the site.

2) Great site

I felt very safe using the site and liked being able to search on so many different aspects.There aren’t many good dating sites for international relationships and this is definitely one of the better ones!

3) I met my beautiful Filipina wife on …

I met my beautiful Filipina wife on this site. Need I say more?

We hope you enjoyed this comparison, I like to include these because I have experienced the pain of some really poor dates and experiences due to lack of knowledge, and that’s no excuse now when you have the data easily available to you now.

Let us know what you think, give feedback and share your experiences with us, we love to learn and when you share it helps us very much, and if you will allow us, we might share it with others to offer your experiences.


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