Review: Cracking OkCupid By Kyle

Here’s a little secret…

Before I became a huge Tinder fan, OkCupid was my favorite online dating website on the market. Sure there were more sluts on Plenty of Fish, but OkCupid was filled with cute, yet easy girls who oozed normalcy.

If you’ve been around the block enough, you know normalcy is often a rarity, especially when talking about girls on online dating sites and apps.

Though lately, I’d let my OkCupid profile sit passively ever since returning to the U.S. I dabbled with the site in Central America, as there were 5-10 attractive girls in each locale I was in. I’d spam them all in one evening and then forget about the site until I left town in search of greener pastures.

You can learn read all about my review and why should definitely considering using ok cupid in this review.

Cracking OkCupid

While I hadn’t been using the site much, I was excited to get my review copy of Cracking OkCupid from Kyle. I’m moving in a few weeks and my new locale is swimming with babes on OkCupid. After reading Kyle’s guide, I knew my pipelining efforts would not be futile.

As I cracked open Cracking OkCupid, I was surprised. I expected the book to be good. Kyle’s blog, is consistently putting out great content. However, the book far exceeded my expectations.

This is one of, if not, the best book on dating online for men on the market. And that’s coming from a guy who sells a book about online dating!

If you use OkCupid, you’d be depriving your dick by not buying this book.

Still, enough with my BS, let’s get down to what makes Cracking OkCupid so damn good…

First, the chapter Kyle talks about bouncing a girl from the bar back to the crib is the best I’ve seen anywhere. The book is worth a buy simply for that chapter alone. If you struggle to escalate on dates, you need this book. And by struggle, I mean, if you’re not getting laid on first dates on a consistent basis – you need this book.

I also enjoyed Kyle’s writing on opening messages and moving the conversation forward. He knows exactly what he’s talking about with regards to getting a girl off OkCupid and into a text conversation. Cracking OkCupid doesn’t use “definitive” when addressing getting girls off the site. Kyle knows each and every conversation with a different girl will be, you guessed it, different.

Kyle doesn’t stop there – he breaks down OkCupid from every angle. Profile set up, writing a profile, photo selection, screening girls and much more are included in this guide.Short Trips

My only complaint is the book gets a bit wordy when discussing lying on your profile, or filling out the details section of you profile on OkCupid. However, the section doesn’t take away from the book as a whole. If you’re a bit advanced in the online dating game, skim the section. If you’re a newb, it’s definitely worth a read.

If you’re on OkCupid, you owe it to yourself to check out Cracking OkCupid. Click here if you’re hoping to crack open the legs (and umm, hearts) of cuties on OkCupid.

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