9 Great Countries to Use Latin American Cupid In

Online dating is great in some countries and not so great in others. Some countries all you need is Tinder and other countries you have to do a full sweep of every online dating site you can get you hands on – just to pipeline a few prospects. And in some countries, Latin American Cupid is a real asset to your pipelining efforts, and thus, your piping efforts 😉

tu culo que ricoHere are nine countries where Latin American Cupid can be useful for a traveling man looking for a little loving:


There are well over 1,000 Peruvian girls between the ages of 18-35 and living in Lima that have logged into their Latin American Cupid profile within the last month. Tinder works really well in Lima, but you’ll get much better quality Peruvian women using LAC. There’s just less gringo competition on the site. Highly, highly recommended if you’re spending some time in Peru.


Panama is a melting pot of sexy Latinas. Panamanian girls, Colombian girls, and Venezuela girls filled PTY to the brim with hot girls. Plus, you’ll find girls from every other Central American country looking to make dollars. This makes Latin American Cupid amazing in the city. You have a lot of girls away from their families looking to meet an interesting foreigner, aka YOU. With 300+ girls online in the last week, you’ll be able to line up at least a date or two a week in Panama City using this site.

Dominican Republic

I’ve said Dominican Cupid is the best site in the Dominican Republic, but LAC still works really, really well in the country. There were nearly 1,000 girls on Latin American Cupid in Santo Domingo (the capital) between the ages of 18-27 – in the last week alone! While Dominican Cupid is great, you’ll still have more than enough prospects on LAC to line up one date a day in the capital.

stunning latina culoColombia

Similar to the Dominican Republic, many have found Colombian Cupid to be the best online dating site in Colombia. However, LAC works really well in Colombia, too. You can find over 1,000 active girls between the ages of 18-30 in Medellin alone using Latin American Cupid. In Colombia specifically, you’ll find less gringo competition on LAC than on Tinder and Colombian Cupid.


Don’t go to Venezuela right now! I’m sure you know this, but it needs repeating. The country is a shithole at the moment. Once it opens up, you’ll be able to meet tons of women on LAC. There’s over 500 Venezuelan girls in Caracas that have been on Latin American Cupid in the last week alone – and the country has been experiencing rolling electricity blackouts! And if you’re a “tits man” the quality is through the roof in this country.


I’m not huge on Ecuadorian girls. However, if you plan to meet some cutes ones as you travel through the country, you’ll need Latin American Cupid. You can find nearly 200 Ecuadorian women on LAC in Quito, but the hottest women in Ecuador can be found on the Pacific coast, mainly near Guayaquil.  If you plan on spending a few weeks in this country, I highly recommend investing in this site.

this girl looks good nakedCosta Rica

Costa Rican girls are good looking. There’s no doubt about that, but they seem to be more romantic than some of the other Latinas I’ve encountered. On a short trip, this works against you. Enter LAC. You’ll find some Ticas interested in foreigners from the jump and give yourself a better chance of meeting some hot chicks who will put out quickly. You’ll find nearly 300 girls use the site weekly in the capital, San Jose.


Nicaragua is an enigma. Day game is non-existent. Night game is fantastic. And online game is somewhere in the middle. I used LAC in Managua and got a couple of bangs off it in a month. However, there are only 75 or so women on the site every week in Managua. Latin American Cupid in Nicaragua is worth it if you’re on a short trip (under a month), but you’ll burn the site in a week.


Similar to Nicaragua, there aren’t a ton of women on LAC in Chile. However, it’s still one of the best ways to meet a couple of easy chicks on your travels through the country. And you’ll find little gringo competition on the site due to the level of popularity. If you’re only in Chile a week or two, I’d recommend this site. Longer trips will not require Latin American Cupid in Chile.

Using Latin American Cupid in Latin America

If you’re traveling any of these countries, I highly recommend giving Latin American Cupid a shot as you begin your time in the country. Personally, I have a yearly membership (much, much cheaper!) and use the site in nearly every country I visit in Latin America. Spending $15 a month or so for an online dating site that is almost guaranteed to bring 2-4 sexy girls a month to my bed is a great investment.

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  1. I’m been wondering how to weed out the girls who aren’t open to casual sex.It seems like every girl is trying to give the impression they’re all looking for something serious which contradicts what I’ve heard from some guys.

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