5 Countries to NOT Use Latin American Cupid In

latinas que ricoI recently detailed some of the best countries to use Latin American Cupid in. In nearly every one of the countries on that list, you can meet tons of sexy women using LAC on a consistent basis. Not every country in filled with fiery Latinas is so conducive to meet chicks on the Internet. For every Dominican Republic out there, you’ll find an Argentina, too.

While I haven’t been to all of these countries, I’ve met men who have. And I made sure to pick their brains. I also understand basic mathematics. If there are only 15 girls with 50 km of the capital city in a country, then it’s probably not worth it to chunk up the change for a membership on Latin American Cupid. This is particularly the case if only one or two of them are sexy.

5 Countries to NOT Use Latin American Cupid In

  • Argentina

There are not even 20 women in the huge city of Buenos Aires that have logged into LAC in the last week. And of the few that did – maybe 2-3 were worth messaging. Trust me – don’t waste your dough on this site in Argentina. The girls in Argentina are notorious for being difficult, and I have heard online dating isn’t nearly as popular in the country when compared to Brazil, Colombia, and others. I’ve heard Tinder works well, but most other sites are a waste of time.

  • Uruguay

I haven’t been, but I’ve heard girls in Uruguay are similar to the chicks in Buenos Aires. And that can’t be a good thing. Quick preliminary research on Latin American Cupid shows a solid selection of nine girls within 50 km of Montevideo using the site in the last week. With numbers like these, you’re much better off saving your money. Give Tinder a try and stick to night or day game to get your flag in Uruguay.

  • Brazil

While the other countries on this list are notorious for being difficult to get laid in (at least for free), Brazil is actually considered a pussy paradise. So what gives? LAC should be good in Rio de Janeiro and other places in Brazil, but it’s not. Luckily, I figured out why. Brazil is in the midst of a Tinder craze. Many have said it’s the easiest way to get laid with sexy Brazilian girls. Brazil Cupid is also said to be ideal for men looking to sleep with girls that every other gringo hasn’t been.

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an enigma to me. The women can be hot. Really fucking hot. However, it’s hard as hell to get laid in San Juan. I found a few reasons for this. First, Puerto Rican girls love thugs. They love gangster-type dudes. They don’t especially like the blonde hair and blue eyes look that many Latinas love. And similar to Argentina, online dating isn’t popular in the country yet. So Latin American Cupid seems to be worthless in the country. A quick check on the site found less than 20 girls using LAC within 50 km of San Juan in the last week.

P.S.: Black dudes may do well here if they have a lil‘ game. 
  • Cuba

Online dating is never going to be great in a country that barely has Internet access. This fact combined with the fact that nearly every girl in Cuba can be bought for the right prices ensures you won’t find many girls on Latin American Cupid. Honestly, it’s not even worth a shot in Havana. Swipe Tinder if you must, but I wouldn’t expect much or anything from your online dating efforts in Cuba. Instead, be ready to run game like the old school cats you know and screen EXTRA hard to make sure she’s not a hooker.

Using Latin American Cupid

While the countries above are unlikely to yield results on LAC, most countries in Latin America have a decent amount of women using the site. For some of the best countries to use Latin American Cupid in – check out this article. Or better yet – sign up for free and do some preliminary research of anywhere you’re thinking about going to visit.

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