Colombian Women Comparison – Costenas vs. Rolas vs. Paisas vs. Calenas

Colombian women are a beautiful breed of girls. One day – you can meet a girl in Colombia who could only be described as thick. I’m talking wide hips, thick thighs, thin waist, and big fake boobs. Think about the type of chicks NBA players smash out or “date” on the regular. Then a few days later you can meet a rail-thin, 5’9″ runway model who looks elegant and classy, but still loves to grind her tight booty to reggaeton music all night.

sexy costenaAnother day you’ll have a mixed girl with a little black, a little white, and a little brown in her skin. You can’t tell what she “is” but you know she’s sexy as hell to you. A few days later a girl pastier (whiter) than you with giant fake tits shows up on your doorstep with a bag of Colombian candies for you to try and a bottle of wine. Suffice to say – variety is the spice of life when it comes to Colombian women.

I haven’t found another country that features such a wide range of wonderful women outside the West. Sure, the US has an incredible range of girls, but they come with their own issues. No matter what a Colombian girl looks like – she’s going to be friendly and at least attempt to show you she’s caring (even if she’s just scheming).  Many have said Brazilian girls make better girlfriends. Eastern European girls are said to be better looking on average, and you’ll find more models in Eastern Europe than elsewhere.

That’s all fine and dandy, but Colombian girls offers the average man a great value and variety. I personally prefer my women with thick hips and small waists, but I occasionally desire a tall and thin model-type. While Dominican girls fit the “thickness” bill a little better than Colombianas do, I didn’t see many model-types in the Dominican Republic.

Colombian Women from Different Regions

Colombians girls come in such wide variety because of a few factors. While I certainly cannot document them all, I will tell you my ideas on the issue. The main reason I found for such diversity in Colombia is the natural barriers throughout the country. Colombia is filled with vast jungles, mountains, hills, and more. It’s a pain in the ass to take a bus from any big city in the country to a different one (not including Cartagena to Barranquilla). You’ll be winding through shitty mountain roads that twist and churn your stomach. I’m not one to get motion sickness often, but I felt like dying during the one long bus ride I took in Colombia.

And this was in 2015. Imagine how horrible travel between regions would have been in the past. Not to mention the violence that has plagued the country in the past made people nervous of traveling far from their homes. It’s safe to say people born in Barranquilla were not visiting their friends in Cali very often in the past. Thus, the people of each region in Colombia stuck to mating together for the most part.

While I’m not going to dive into the Spanish in Colombia, Andes genes, and all that jazz – you can see that the people of Colombia have been left to mate regionally for some time now. Only in the past 10-20 years has much intermixing of the regions in Colombia began to take place.

As such, you’ll start to notice where a girl in Colombia is from the moment you meet her. It’s somewhat easy to tell if a girl is from the coast or from the capital just by looking at her. They’ll be some similarities, but you’ll start to notice the small differences quickly after being in the country for a bit.

Costenas vs. Rolas vs. Paisas vs. Calenas – Comparing Colombian Women

No matter where you are in Colombia, you can find amazing women. Here’s a quick breakdown of the four main regions of Colombia and their women:


A girl from the north coast of Colombia is commonly referred to as a costena. Personally, I found the girls on the coast to be a fun and easy going bunch. Costenas are not the hottest women you’ll find in Colombia, but I’d say they have the best personalities. And they are sexy. Plastic surgery is less common on the coast than in other areas of Colombia. Costenas like to bring this up to you, and then tell you it’s because they don’t need it. This will be said as they press out their chests and look at you seductively.

costenasAnd it’s true – you’ll find the best natural breasts in Colombia on the coast due to the African genes being intermixed throughout the population. You’ll find ass everywhere in Colombia (natural and fake), but the coast can’t be beaten for bigger natural fun bags. The natural curves many costenas possess will be combined with a sexy mixed skin tone. It’s hard to describe until you see it for yourself, but the only accurate word to use is brown. Even the “black” chicks on the coast don’t have skin like black girls in the United States or the Dominican Republic.

Colombian women on the coast shine when it comes to their personalities. While I found the coastenas to be just as flakey as Paisas, they were the nicest women I’ve ever met after sex. They were up for almost anything. Sex whenever you want. Cooking for you was no problem. She just wanted to hang out if she liked you. You won’t have to spend much money to keep a Colombian girl from the coast happy.


The women from Medellin and the surrounding areas are known as paisas. All over the world, the paisa is known for her beauty. Smooth white skin and stunning faces combined with perfectly done surgical enhancements and large hips made for dancing and breeding – it’s easy to see why men love the women of Medellin so much.  There’s a reason every reggaeton star in the world moves to Medellin, and it isn’t just for the weather.

paisa girlThat being said – you won’t have nearly as much value in Medellin as in other places in Colombia. I have some great Colombian friends in Medellin. They aren’t fond of gringos in the city until they get to know you and think you’re cool. There’s just too many smelly backpacking gringos wandering around like packs of wolves at night. Then there’s the older sex tourism crowd that keeps prostitution alive in well in the city of eternal spring.

Still, if all that matters is top tier talent, then you’ll struggle to find more stunning Colombian women in any other city in the country. Paisas are gorgeous. And you can still date these remarkable women, but it’ll take more work, investment, and money. For guys with little game, little money, and little time – it may be hard to meet a cute paisa. The good news is you can still fill yourself with a steady diet of gringo hunters.


Rolas, or Bogotanas, are women from Bogota and the surrounding areas. These women unrightfully get shit on by women from other parts of Colombia talk about them. A girl in Cali will tell you that all the women in Bogota are flat. A girl on the coast will tell you every rola has no ass. Medellin girls think they blow away rolas and the act as such. The truth is rolas can be just as sexy than any other girl you’ll meet in Colombia.

You can meet stunning women born in Bogota. These women will usually be whiter than girls on the coast, but not as light as the girls in Medellin (on average). They won’t have as wide of hips as other girls in Colombia, but they usually will have a giant ass (like every girl in Colombia). Boobs can be hit or miss in Bogota because plastic surgery is not as common in the capital as it is in Cali and Medellin.

Rolas offer a lot to the traveling gringo. You’ll find more girls in Bogota than anywhere else in Colombia – by far! These girls will be more liberal than any other girls you’ll find in Colombia. Sex happens fast on the coast, but one night stands are more frequent in Bogota. Many girls in Bogota also speak some English. Hell, you can meet a lot of fluent girls in the city. So if your Spanish is non-existent than Bogota is a great choice.

Another benefit to visiting Bogota is the variety. You’ll meet girls from Medellin, Cali, and the coast in Bogota. So if you get tired of rolas – you can always find a costena, calena, or paisa to spend your time with. Just like every country – the cream of the crop with regards to women flow to the capital. The average looks of a girl is higher in other in other Colombian cities, but I say more stunners in Bogota.


The consensus is that the girls in Medellin are the hottest in Colombia, but you won’t want to say that to anybody from around Cali. Men in Cali will fight to the death (figuratively) defending the beauty of the calenas. If I’m honest – it all comes down to personal taste. Calenas undergo plastic surgery in similar numbers to girls in Medellin (although you may find more fake tits in Medellin and more fake asses in Cali). The main difference is skin tone. Girls in Medellin will be whiter. Girls in Cali will be darker. Both women will have stunning faces.

cute calenaThe issue with Cali and calenas is ease and safety. Cali is a dangerous city. Top ten in the world dangerous. While this is mostly gang violence, you’ll hear first-hand accounts of travelers getting robbed at gunpoint, too. As such, the women of Cali are slightly less easy going than girls on the coast of Colombia (little to none violence in good areas). And they cannot afford to be as liberal or laid back as the rolas in Bogota.

You can still get laid in Cali with relative ease, but if you’re just looking for sex, then the coast and Bogota both offer easier women. The girls in Medellin can be hotter, but they often “cost” more regarding dates, drinks, and dancing before you’ll get to see them naked. However, if you have some time to invest in Cali and the potential danger doesn’t bother you – you can reap great rewards with the calenas. Many a man has said the calenas are his favorite type of Colombian women.

Costenas vs. Rolas vs. Paisas vs. Calenas

Comparing Colombian women can be tough. There are just so many great options in the country. If sleeping with a lot of Colombianas is your goal – I’d check out Bogota and the north coast of Colombia first. If sleeping with and dating some high “7’s” and “8’s” is your goal – then Medellin and Cali may be your best bet. If high-end girls are all you care about, you’ll want to bring numerous custom suits to Bogota.

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  1. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about, so shut the fuck up. Another ignorant gringo. For one thing, Bogotá does not have the best look women, it does not have the cream of the crop.

    It seems you don’t know Cali, Medellín or Barranquilla at all. And Cali is not the most dangerous city.

    Colombian Cupid is full of prepagos and prostitutes, great if you like that.

    You have not figured out anything. For one, you don’t call girls “chicks” unless you are an ignorant American teenager.

    But keep up the comedy writing. We had some really good laughs, you twat.

      1. You probably triggered him because one of us Gringos must have slammed his betty. Colombianas love Gringos mostly because of this guy’s bullshit attitude. The girls are always complaining about their paisanos. Hey, their loss is our gain. The last three women I dated were Colombiana. Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. They each had their good and bad sides like most people. I will say the Rola was the most honest and the least scheming as the other two.

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