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Colombian Women, Colombian Girls

Colombian women want to be with an older man

Age is not an issue, a 20 year age gap is normal. A Colombian women in her 20´s is very often married to a man in his 40`s and it is seen as the norm. 

Colombian Women


 There are many Colombian women looking for men from outside their own country, the Colombian Cupid dating site is packed with Colombian beauties.

 You can find a younger Colombian girl in Colombia that knows that an older man is going to treat her much better than the average man her own age.

These Colombian women also realize that these older men can offer them a better life, more opportunity, and a much better upbringing for their children.

If you want children, Colombian women make great mothers

Colombian girls have been raised to take care of a family. There is an attitude in which the men work and Colombian Women takes care of the house and the kids attitude.

Colombian Girls are groomed are to be excellent homemakers and moms, and they do a great job. From this upbringing Colombian Girls are very proud mothers and homemakers.

The men in Colombia are demanding, they expect their Colombian women to keep the house clean, keep their body in shape, take care of the children, cook 3 hot meals each day. 

These girls feel lucky to be with a man that can be less demanding, and can share in these chores.

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Colombian Girls are not all the same, there are the higher class girls that have been spoiled. The majority of the Colombian Girls are brought up with less than. Then you have the Girls in Colombia that that have been totally spoiled. Some of these girls grew up with maids.

Colombian Women

 Colombian girls like this have sort of lived in a bubble and don't understand what Colombia is really like for most of Colombian society.  Colombian girls that may be considered middle-class may be held in the idea that a career in Colombia can be a reality and  support themselves and live independently. 

Either way, high class, middle class Colombian Women are still looking for foreign men, so don't be shy with these Colombian girls either, they are on Colombian Cupid also, maybe you can take over the family business in Colombia with a rich Colombian girl. 

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HAD Enough with the girls in your home country

The women the you know,  first world women, can be hard to deal with in many cases. Like us, the media may have  brainwashed them by the advertisers and the general public with misconceptions. If you've had trouble dating women near you or you are not in a relationship, there is no better time than the present time to try a new way of life, in a new area. New people, new ideals, NEW COLOMBIAN WOMEN.

There are TONS of Colombian women looking for foreign men, the Colombian Cupid dating site is packed with Colombian beauties.

If you want to party with Colombian Women

Colombian Women do not usually go out in Medellin  by themselves they go out in groups. Normally, very attractive girls that go out in Medellin will go to a nightclub /  bar in a group, guys will be in that group usually.

For most men from the USA, this would not be a fun night. Getting into that group of friends from the outside, getting the group to let you in, is hard work, and if you don’t speak Spanish well enough for her to understand, sometimes it does not work 

Colombian women

When foreigners come to Colombia, they need to understand that they need to take the time, to get associated, to be able to communicate.

 Often, outsiders get upset when they can't communicate and blame the girls for not giving them a chance.


If you go out to a club, you need to be able to speak to her in her language, take time to be accepted by the group, relax.


These are the rules if you want a hot Colombian Woman at a club.

In Medellin, that game does NOT need to be played. Nightclubs here are for dancing, so start dancing with her, this is also her language, if she likes you on the dance floor, it will be much easier to become her friend and she will give you more time to get past the language barrier. Do this often, and many times you can dance one or two songs without even saying a word. This can be a great way to allow her to become more comfortable with you.

Here 9 observations about colombian women: 

If you just dance, you could be amazed by the girls in Colombia that will get closer to you on the dance floor. Take advantage of this, these girls are being forward with you, don't insult them by not getting closer to them. Be a little "hard to get", you might be amazed women are more attracted than when I start talking to them while dancing.

 A little bit of negligence  gets a woman’s interest, after making an impression, it is the whole mindset of the type of women who wants a masculine man.

This has been only a little snippet of the amazing world that that is "women of Colombia". Give it a try, you'll be happy you did. Colombian Cupid is awesome, try it out. You can get to know these girls before you even set foot in South America. Become her friend then you can be invited in the group to go to the club!!

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