9 Cities in Central America to Find Hot Latin Girls

So you want to meet some hot latin girls while traveling through some cities in Central America? Well, you came to the right place. The region provides men an easy opportunity to travel freely and experience adventure while macking some stunning, exotic women. No other region on earth offers easy access to as much natural beauty, beaches, mountains, nightlife, women, and countries in such a small area.

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Cute TicaYou could visit all nine of the best cities in Central America to find hot latin girls in a little under two months. You’d be able to take the bus and visit up to seven countries over that time span. That’s hard to beat. And the chicks, you can find some babes in every country throughout the region. Sure, some cities are better than others, but you can make every city work with a little elbow grease and game.

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If you’re thinking of checking out the area, here are nine great cities in Central America to meet hot latin girls:

Panama City, Panama

Panama City, or PTY for short, is probably my favorite city in Central America. The place is tough to top. It’s not a world-class city, but it’s pretty close. There’s a number of tourist attractions, including the Panama Canal, and you’ll have access to a variety of hot latin girls from Panama, Venezuela and Colombia. What’s not to love? Well, Panama City is the most expensive city in all of Central America. If budget travel is your biggest concern, PTY may not be the perfect place for you.


Managua, Nicaragua

If making a little sexy time with hot latin girls is all you’re concerned about, Managua may be right up your alley. The average Nicaraguan girl isn’t attractive, but the hot ones – QUE RICO! As a gringo, you’ll have access to these beautiful babes if you have a little game. The city isn’t remarkable outside the fun girls, but you can find ways to enjoy your time there. Plus, Managua is the safest capital in the whole region.



El Tunco, El Salvador

 cute salvadorian girlIf you’re hoping to combine surf, sex and fiesta into one hell of a good time, then El Tunco might just be what you’re looking for. El Salvador is dangerous. Don’t get it twisted. El Tunco, however, does seem to stay away from the violence. When chicks are on your mind, you’ll have access to surfer babes and backpacking chicks while in this city, but the real fun starts on Friday. Wealthy locals from San Salvador make their way to El Tunco to party on the weekend, and you’ll have access to a bevy of sexy Salvadorians then.

San Jose, Costa Rica

I’m torn on San Jose. On one hand, you can find some hot chicks in the city, the nightlife is good, and it’s cheap as can be. On the other hand, Costa Rican girls didn’t have a vibe I meshed well with. You may have a different experience. Hot Ticas can be really attractive, and there’s less corruption here than in other areas, but gringos seem to have a bad name in the country. So bring some game or you won’t get much action here.

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

I’ve never been to Guatemala City, or for that matter, Guatemala. But I did have some friends who went and loved it. From what I’ve heard Guatemala City is a shithole, but it’s the best place to meet hot latin girls in the whole country. Plus, the city is the largest in all of Central America, with almost three million residents. The average chick here won’t be hot, but with that many people living in the city – you’re sure to find a few hot Guatemalan girls. Rumor has it this city is dirt cheap, too.

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While you’ll have to throw down some change, Latin American Cupid is worth it in Central America. Plus, the site works well in every country throughout the region. 

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

nicaragua modelAnother surf and sexy time city, I had a blast in San Juan del Sur. If you’re headed to Nicaragua, then this is a must visit town. Surf during the day and then party your balls off all evening. Everything in this city is dirt cheap, and it’s easy to make friends with other travelers surfing. Make sure you check out Sunday Funday if you’re looking to get laid in SJDS. It’s an incredible time!


Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is another spot I’ve never stepped foot in but have heard good things. Known as one of the best places to study Spanish in the world, you’ll find Euro chicks packed into this picturesque town studying during the day and drinking at night. Like El Tunco, you’ll find upper-class locals from Guatemala City come to town on the weekends to party, mingle and mate. The place is cheap and a great place to meet Guatemalan girls and grab a few flags from Europe.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I choose to go to San Juan del Sur over Tamarindo for one reason – prices. Tamarindo lays claim to the best beach party city in Central America, but that comes at a cost. Everything in Tamarindo is said to be twice as much compared to SJDS. So I took the cheaper option. That being said – many friends have gone to this beach town and loved it. The party is good, and the waves are, too. You’ll have a chance to meet American girls, Euro chicks, and Ticas here.


San Salvador, El Salvador

Too dangerous to go to right now, but man, you can find some hot latin girls in San Salvador. The nightlife in this small capital city is bumping, and Salvadorian girls adore foreigners because most guys are too scared to go. If you’re crazy enough to check it out – be careful! Stay in upper-class accommodation and find a way to take safe, private drivers anywhere you go.

Cities in Central America to Find Hot Latin Girls

Did I miss anywhere? What do you think are the best cities in Central America? Honduras is way too dangerous at the moment, and Belize sucks balls for babes. Sound off in the comments if you have a secret spot in Central America I missed.

And if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check out my book, A Bachelor’s Guide to Central America. If you’re a man heading to the region, my guide is required reading, if waking up to hot latin girls in your bed ever crosses your mind.

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