Tinder Profile, How to Choose Your Pictures

Tinder Profile Pictures

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The Most Important Part of your Tinder Profile

On Tinder, your photos are by far the single most important aspect of your tinder profile If you do not have compelling photos, you will get zero attractive matches.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that there is an exact method and order to selecting your photos on Tinder. There is not. You’re most attractive photo will probably be a completely different style of photo than my most attractive photo.

While there is no single formula for determining the perfect Tinder photo, there are a few guidelines. The best photos for your Tinder profile communicate the following to girls:

  • In shape/athletic

    Tinder Profile
    Japanese beauty
  • Fun loving/social man
  • Cleans up well

At this point you should have some type of understanding of the importance of using your best photos on Tinder. And while your photos are the most important part of your profile, they are trumped by one thing on Tinder…

Lust at First Sight

While the combination of all your photos on Tinder is the most important aspect of your Tinder “game,” your initial profile picture is absolutely vital to getting any matches.

When a girl initially sees your Tinder profile, the only thing see will see is your first picture. If she is not physically attracted to your first picture—or at least intrigued—she will not even look at your other photos, much less “Swipe Right” on you.

Women experience “lust at first sight” just like we do. If she is not physically attracted your first picture, you will not get what you want from her. Thus, the first and most important hurdle in the Tinder game is your first picture. Check out our guide, click here.

Selecting Your First Picture

There are no absolute guidelines when selecting the first photo for your Tinder profile. This is because the absolute best first impression of you through a photograph will be completely unique to you. Your style, swagger, physique, posture, surroundings, and many other aspects all determine if you look great in a photograph or if it is a dud. There is no best answer here…

What I can do is give you a few minor guidelines, then show you examples of some of the best photo types to use on Tinder.

First, when selecting your first picture for Tinder, you want to make sure the photo is only of you. You can do this by selecting a photo of yourself where you are alone or by cropping a photo. Never use a group photo as your first picture!

*Bonus points if you crop a hot girl out of the picture, but you can still kind of tell she is attractive because you keep a tiny sliver of her in the shot.

Your first picture should be from the waist or shoulders up. You should not show your full body from head-to-toe in your first picture on Tinder. Also, your first picture should a high quality photo, but should not look like a professional photographer staged it.

You may have a photo in mind to use as your first picture on Tinder already. Or you may be looking for a bit more specific advice…

Either way, below will help to clarify some of the best types of pictures to use on Tinder.

How to Select Which Photos to Use on TinderTinder Profile

Meeting single women on Tinder can take a little skill, but it is not complicated. With little to no introduction, a women will decide whether a man is worth her time or not—and your photos are the single biggest indicator of what she chooses. At the end of the day, your pictures will be doing the legwork for you.

Two more keys with your photos:

  • You need a minimum of three photos on your profile. I’ve found the sweet spot to be 3–5 photos, although I’ve occasionally had 6 photos on my Tinder profile.
  • Also, make sure to diversify your funds. Don’t have three of the same photo types. One face selfie is great. Five of them makes you look like a narcissist with no friends. Just make sure to have a few different types of photos.

Examples of the Best Types of Photos to Use on your Tinder Profile

The Selfie:

Yes, I said it: a selfie. Specifically, a selfie that shows off your face. Tinder is a dating app where people choose if they are attracted to you strictly through your photos. Women typically rank facial features as the number one physical trait they are attracted to in a man. Thus, women want to see what your face looks like right off the bat. One of the best ways to do that is with a selfie.

No matter how anti-selfie you are, you probably have one where you look good. Don’t be afraid to throw it on Tinder.

Tinder Profile
Make Her Scream With Delight

A selfie that highlights your facial features can be a great first picture for men on Tinder.

The “Man’s Best Friend” Photo on your Tinder Profile:

A photo with a cute puppy may be the absolute best picture to use on Tinder. While I have accepted this as fact, it makes absolutely no sense to me. Which makes sense, as these hoes make no sense… In short, a picture with a dog is a huge hit on Tinder. Seriously, these girls love puppies.

*If you have a decent picture with a puppy, use it. Also, if your facial features look good in this photo with a puppy, then this would be the best photo for your first picture.

The “This Is What I Do” Photo on yout Tinder Profile:

It’s never bad to throw a picture of you doing what you love to do on your profile. If you have a picture of you doing a favorite hobby or activity, throw it in your profile.

Well, unless you love to run marathons or play videos games. Don’t put a picture of you running a marathon or playing video games—they are like anti-poon.

The best types of photos featuring you doing something you love to do are typically athletic. These could be a photo of you surfing, playing basketball, lifting weights, etc.

These photos are also a great way to show off your physique. If you have six-pack abs or are jacked, use a photo that shows off your body while you are doing something. Straight flexing mirror selfies are not a big hit on Tinder.

A photo that shows off your physique (if you are in good shape) while doing something can be a great first picture on Tinder if your facial features are also prominent. The complete guide is just a click away right here.

The Smiler Tinder Profile Picture:

Yeah, dating is supposed to be fun. Weird, right? So show some emotion in your pictures—these are not prison photos!

Smile and look genuinely happy in at least a few of your pictures. What kind of girl wants to get to know, let alone date, a guy who looks depressed or emotionless? Please keep in mind: A smile or looking happy does not mean duck faces. These sorts of faces make men look immature and ridiculous.

While a smiling photo or two are great, I would personally avoid them for your profile picture unless your physique looks incredible in the photo or you just have a great fucking smile.

Tinder Profile
Tinder Template

The Outdoorsman:

Another great photo option for men on Tinder is to use a photo that features you in the outdoors. Women love to date men with a sense of adventure. Women love men who enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors.

This could be a photo of you fishing, surfing, hiking, on the beach, at the lake, etc. There are thousands of different ways to enjoy the great outdoors. You can also use an outdoorsy photo to show off your physique.

One important rule with outdoor photos is to never have a gun, an animal you killed, or a fish you caught in your hand. All these photo types are played out on Tinder.

The Suit:

This is where the “cleans up well” guideline comes into play. If you have a picture in a suit, use it

Chicks dig suits! Just make sure the suit is well fitting and stylish. Chicks love a man in suit, but not if the suit is hideous and/or does not fit you well.

A photo of you dressed up in a blazer or a vest can work just as well on Tinder. The goal of the photo is to show your sophisticated side, all the while telling her you look great when dressed to the nines.

Suit pictures can be good as your first picture on Tinder. While a suit picture is not my favorite first picture on Tinder, some men only look their absolute best in a suit. This all comes down to you.

Final Thoughts on Photos

Some men are at their peak in suits, while other men look better with their shirts off, standing on a surfboard. Some men have a perfect smile (shit-eating grins drive the ladies wild), while other men look better gazing off into the distance and exuding a mysterious vibe.

This article is about Traveling With Tinder: https://masculineprofiles.com/tinder-for-travel/

The best photo of you for your Tinder first picture comes down to you!

Tinder Profile
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One key to remember: It is a lot harder to choose a “best” photo of yourself then to pick the best photo of someone else. If you struggle picking the best photo of yourself, ask an honest friend (maybe a girl, depending if you trust her judgment) and see what he or she thinks about your photo selections. If you would like some help with this, CLICK HERE 

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