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Welcome to The Tinder Template Chp. 1


Stories like the one above don’t just happen out of thin air. Stories like that happen because every aspect of my “game” on Tinder is on point. She loved my pictures. My profile text was engaging and humorous. My messaging was smooth and laid back, while being to the point and sexual. I read her readiness and struck while the iron was hot.


This book will teach you how to create stories just like my little Mexican girl.Tinder Template


This book will discuss exactly how to have sex with more women using Tinder.


While there are numerous ways to skin a cat, this book was created for men who are looking to hook up with chicks on Tinder. This guide is not for:


  • Men looking to just get dates using Tinder
  • Men looking to find a girlfriend on Tinder
  • Men looking to find love on Tinder


Forget all of that homoerotic bullshit – this book isn’t for men looking to find love. This is for men looking to sleep with sexy girls using Tinder.


And fast!


With this book you will find out how to:


  • Get an attractive girl’s attention/attraction quickly.


Simply put, your profile needs to be on point and optimized. You need to be matching with hot girls on a consistent basis. Once you have the matches, you need to have a reliable opening message that will get girls into a conversation.


  • Get her number as soon as possible.


Once you have a quick chat with a Tinder gal, you need to get her off the app. Thus, you need to exchange contact information.


  • Get her to meet face-to-face – as soon as you can!


You cannot hook up with her if you do not meet up with her. Thus, when you get her number, engage her in a text conversation or phone call fairly quickly. Once you are communicating off the app, you’ll want to push for a meet up within 1-3 days.


  • GET LAID within three days of matching with her!


Girls on Tinder will fuck on the first date. Don’t let her lie to you and say she won’t. Your job is to get her out on that date and build the desire to do just that.


Pro tip: Don’t wait too long to get her out. Girls on Tinder move fast – really fast!


Who am I?


Just a nigga that loves pussy!


Well, not really. Although, I like getting with new, hot chicks. It excites me. While I don’t live to just get new chicks (I’m not THAT shallow), I have found I’m much happier when I do. Just like I’m much happier when I’m making money. Just like I’m much happier when I’m continually working out and keeping my body in great shape. Just like I’m much happier when I’m able to spend time with close friends and family.


Chicks should be a part of your life. They should never be the only focus of it. However, if you’ve bought this book then I have to assume you haven’t had the type of sex life you’re hoping for.


And don’t worry – we’ve all been there!


Maybe you just want to hook up with a few chicks. Maybe you want to hook up with a bunch of chicks. Maybe you want hotter girls.


Whatever your goals – this book will help you achieve them. In the last twelve months alone (at the time of writing this updated version), I’ve made sweet love to over sixty women. I’ve made love to young women. I’ve made love to old women. I fucked sluts. I’ve taken virginities. I’ve had women of all different colors. I’ve had women of all different nationalities.


I don’t tell you this to brag. I tell you this because this shit works! A number of these chicks I’ve been with in the past year I’ve met on Tinder – using the exact methods in this guide. The shit you’re about to read is incredibly effective. If you take the knowledge in this book and experiment with it – you will get laid.


Happy swiping gents!




What Type of Men can use this Guide?


Any and every type of man can use this guide.tinder hook up


Traditional thinking equates Tinder success with good looking, in-shape men. And this is quite true. The better looking you are – the easier it’ll be to get laid using Tinder. However, you don’t have to be a male model with six-pack abs to get laid.


A number of guides go into detail about how good looking men can get laid on Tinder. This guide is no different, but I also make sure to leave no rock unturned. While many have said old men and ugly guys have no shot on Tinder – I give every type of man actionable advice to ensure Tinder success.


You’ll find detailed accounts of how old men and ugly men can get laid on Tinder, along with actionable advice for every type of man in these pages.


What is Tinder?


I’m sure you have already heard of Tinder. You might already be using the app – or maybe not. Either way, in simplified form, Tinder for men is this:


I’ve got a penis. You’ve got a vagina. Let’s get drunk and see if there’s any possibility of doing something together that involves my penis and your vagina and/or mouth. I’m flexible when it comes to orifice selection…


And Tinder has changed the game when it comes to meeting women. The app has blown up across the world. It was initially released in the summer of 2012, but did not take off until the end of 2013. Initially, Tinder was created for American students. Now, however, Tinder is available in almost every single country in the world.


So what is exactly is Tinder? Put simply, it is a new and exciting way to meet women. The app accesses your Facebook account and uses information such as your location, your interests, and your friends to suggest potential mates in your area –people who you may have a lot in common with.


You are then presented with images of the people that Tinder thinks you could be interested in and that are close to where you are. You get to look through photographs the other person posts on Tinder and decide, based on those photographs, whether she gets a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.”


Basically, whether you would want to hook up with her or not…


While you are doing this, chicks will be looking at the photographs that you have uploaded on Tinder and determine whether or not they could see themselves hooking up with you.


The final outcome is that whenever you “like” some babe and she “likes” you back, Tinder opens up a chat between the two of you. You are then able to start a conversation. The chat or messaging interface is quite similar to Facebook chat, giving you a stress-free environment to message the girl. It is then up to you to decide if or when you want to meet up, and whether the relationship could go any further.


And the best part about Tinder is how ridiculously easy it is! Tinder does all of the hard work that made traditional dating so exhausting. Tinder eliminates finding out if the girl is attracted to you and gets busy finding out whether you would get along with her.


Tinder is simply convenient. In a world where we don’t have time to date or are simply looking for a hookup – or seven – Tinder is the solution!

Hot Latina Dating



A Quick Intro into Tinder Plus


During the beginning of 2015, Tinder made a big change. The app introduced the paying form of Tinder – Tinder Plus. Any individual under 30 is charged $9.99 per month for Tinder Plus features. Any user over 30 is charged $19.99 per month.


Many individuals were somewhat disgruntled by the change and thought Tinder would die. Yet, the change really didn’t affect the bulk of Tinder users. Users can still swipe away in the current locale to the tune of 20 “likes” per day.


Tinder plus just allows Tinder users three extra features:


  • Unlimited Swiping: By paying for Tinder Plus you can swipe indefinitely.


  • Passport Features: Tinder Plus allows men to change their locations to different parts of the world and match with women in these locales.


  • Rewind Feature: Tinder Plus also allows individuals to go back and re-swipe someone whom they accidentally didn’t mean to not like.


Thus, any man actually using Tinder to get laid will want to purchase the Tinder Plus subscription. If Tinder is something a guy uses for shits and giggles every now and then – Tinder Plus may be a waste of cash.


The biggest benefit outside of the unlimited swiping is the passport feature. A man can use Tinder Plus to view the women on Tinder all over the world. Tinder plus allows men to switch their location to different places and interact with the women in these locations. This allows men to plan trips much easier, even allowing them the ability to have women drooling to meet them before landing.


Why you should be using Tinder


The argument has been made that online dating is not good for men, or society as a whole. There is some to truth to these thoughts. Relying on online dating as the only way to meet women is not what a successful man should be doing. A successful man should be meeting women in all facets of his life. A man should meet women from his social circle, from nights out on the town with his buddies, from his trip to the local supermarket, and online (if he so chooses). A man should use online dating to supplement the ways he meets women in his day-to-day life. Using online dating as the only way to meet girls is not healthy.


The above applies to Tinder as well. While Tinder is just an app, it is a form of online dating. With that being said, the benefits of online dating far outweigh the negatives.

Here are a few reasons why you need to use Tinder:


The Most Attractive Girls: Girls that would never use online dating are on Tinder –and this is the absolute best part of the app. See, normally women who have a variety of “alpha male” dating options in their lives would never use online dating. I’m talking about high-value women who can choose almost any men they want. But these types of women are on Tinder!


Tinder is not seen as traditional online dating. Instead, it is socially acceptable. If you are single, chances are you have dabbled with Tinder, and no one judged you for it…


This allows Tinder to attract the hottest women. They know their peers will not judge them for using “online dating.” So attractive women download the app and pursue hooking up with vigor – just like their ‘fugly’ counterparts.


Time Saving: The largest benefit Tinder offers to the single man is convenience. Tinder is the most efficient form of the game ever. Think about this: Can you approach 20 attractive chicks in a bar? Maybe, but it’s fairly unlikely. Not only because it would take quite some time to make 20 approaches in a bar in one night, but also because it is hard to find a bar with 20 attractive chicks inside.


With Tinder you can line up 20 attractive matches while you take your morning shit. Sure, you probably won’t meet up with all your matches. And yes, your chance of rejection on Tinder is higher, but you can easily compensate for these factors by casting a wider net.
Money Saving: Tinder provides the single man with huge financial savings. With Tinder a man could get a woman into his bed without spending any money at all. (While far-fetched and rare, this does happen.)


The equation is simple: Use Tinder to message girls for free, have them meet up with you at your place, and then proceed to escalate the interaction. No money has to be spent. Although you may want to mix her a strong drink…


There are other features that save money too. The main cost savings associated with using Tinder is eliminating the need to go to bars and clubs to meet women. Lining up a Tinder date during your lunch break is free and easy. Meanwhile, a man who hits the bar every weekend can easily spend over $100 on covers, drinks and taxis.


Access to More Girls: Tinder gives men access to women they typically would not meet in their day-to-day lives. A typical male only interacts with a few types of women each week.


A man may work 40 hours per week and only meet a couple of girls at his workplace. That same man might also go to a few different bars and clubs each weekend. There he only interacts with the type of women that also frequent these establishments. Finally, this same man will probably only have a couple of girls in his social circle to chat with.


But there are a variety of women out there! Think about all the different types of chicks. There are hipsters, fitness girls, women who are bookworms, party girls, and many more. No man has access to every single type of girl – at least not until he begins to use Tinder…


Tinder gives men access to women he may have never had the chance to interact with before:


  • The cute black chick that has a thing for accountants…
  • That sexy librarian that lusts for musicians…
  • The Christian schoolgirl that needs a release outside of her peer group…


The list could go on forever. The different types of women you find on Tinder are never ending.


Strong Connection: Online dating is one of the easiest ways to build a fast connection with a woman. Studies have shown that online dating leads to a stronger connection on the first date than any other form of dating.


See, Tinder gives women a low-pressure channel with which to explore dating. It gives them the opportunity to explore different types of men than the ones they are accustomed to. It also gives them a level of control they don’t typically possess in traditional dating.


Thus, because they think they know a lot about you – by looking through your photos, your profile, and your online interactions – these women feel connected to you before you even meet up.


Incredibly Easy: Lastly, Tinder is easy. Once a man has his Tinder “game” down, there is no simpler way to meet women. A man can work full-time, hustle on the side with a small business, hit the gym consistently, and still have time to line up multiple dates each week with Tinder. In the cutthroat sexual marketplace, it can’t get much easier than that.


Tinder for Old Men


I’m not going to sugarcoat this shit for the old guys reading this. There is an age bias on Tinder. Make no mistake about it! The company even makes this fact blatantly clear in its premium features pricing structure.


This is especially true in Western countries like the United States, Australia, and England. Any man over the age of 35 is considered “old” on Tinder. While at 35 you are certainly not an old man, most women in Western cultures use Tinder as a hook up app and rarely even set the age parameter over 30+.


I could sugar coat things for you old guys and tell you 18-year-old chicks on Tinder love old men…


But that’s just not true.


This doesn’t mean Tinder is of absolutely no use to men over 35. This just means they have to do things a little bit differently.


Tinder for old men is no cakewalk, but here’s how older men can adapt:


  • Location. Location: If an older man is living in the western world and using Tinder, he needs to be in a major metropolitan area. You’re not going to find any girls on Tinder wanting to sleep with old men in Nebraska. New York City, however, is a whole different ball game.


Better yet, an older man could be living in Southeast Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe. If so, he would have no issue meeting younger women on Tinder as age differences are much more accepted in these parts of the world.


  • Faking It: Tinder for old men become much easier if the man is willing to lie a little about his age. This man could create a fake Facebook account and use an age of 27, 28, or 29. He could then use photos that show him as young as possible, even using photos when he was a bit younger.


An older man using Tinder must be careful with this method. No one, especially young girls, takes kindly to “catfishing” on online dating sites. If you’re lying about your age on Tinder then you should continually be working to look younger as well.


  • Looks: Tinder for old men is tough, and that means your looks need to be on point as well. Some girls like a man that looks a bit older, especially the corporate look. Thus, I suggest any older man on Tinder striving to look like “her boss she always fantasized about fucking” to invoke young women’s interest. Focus on the classical, corporate look featuring suits, blazers, pocket squares, and an overall stern, dominant demeanor.


Tinder for older men isn’t always the solution. Older men could look to other avenues while dating online. Tinder for older men just isn’t the best online dating option for most guys over 35 (baring certain locations).


If an older man truly wants to meet women online then he’s often better off using:


  • com: The classical online dating site for individuals looking for love. The site is a bit pricey, but most men find dates on You’ll be dealing with women looking to get into relationships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some flings. Men can date down up to twelve years on – but I would venture any further down.


  • com: is a mixture of Tinder and The site is free, but caters to individuals looking for just a little bit more than a hookup. Older men often find success on, as the site offers men a great opportunity to talk about themselves in depth through their profile. You’ll find a number of women on throughout the Western world. Adjusting your age 10 years down is sometimes accepted on the site.


  • com: This site allows sexy young women to arrange dates with older, financially stable men. The site strives to help younger women receive “gifts” in exchange for their “companionship” and such. Sugar babies and sugar daddies. It sounds fishy and it is, but most of the guys on the site are saps. With a little game and a nice lifestyle – an older guy can clean up on this site. The key is to show the girls the lifestyle your “money” affords you without giving them gifts. You’ll need some game and a lot of experience with women to navigate the waters on this site.