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Colombiancupid, (Colombian Women)

We went to  Colombia, we were ready to scout the dating scene, and that's just why utilized a few online dating sites, such as  ColombianCupid. and of course we used Tinder. We talk about Tinder often on this blog, we want give a solid referral to ColombianCupid. If you plan to travel the Latin countries, LatinAmericanCupid might be a better

Latinamericancupid, Best news #1 (Latino) Date site

​Hispanic Dating, there's a lot going on with the HOTLatin online Dating scene, we wanted to bring you some great information,​ is fabulous.​In general, Overall, ​Latinamericancupid offers some​  very unique matchmaking features ​to all of it's members even if you don't spend money.​ Many  Latin women are not shy about the fact that they are

Is Colombia Dangerous?

When you announce to your friends and family that you are going to Colombia, you’ll hear a collective gasp and an, “ohh, no.” Tell your poor mother not be terrified; the golden days of the Colombian drug cartels are over. It has cleaned up a lot since then. So, is Colombia Dangerous? The Former Crime Capital

How to Dress In Colombia? A Gringo’s Guide

In the toolbox of every international playboy, certain traits and advantages are always emphasized: language skills, logistics, bankroll, fitness, and game. Having spent significant time in Colombia, and having hung out with many players who have made it their second home, I'm convinced fashion belongs in the same category. It's vital to know how to