The 10 Best Spots to Travel in Asia


We all have heard it. Asia is a great destination if you are interested in traveling and learning at the same time, most especially if you are on a budget. This continent is amazingly filled with countries with distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other.

From the Land of the Rising Sun in Japan, to the beautiful islands of the Philippines, you will never find yourself empty with fun and excitement as you get into the best places to travel in Asia. 

  1. Japan – Tokyo

“Where should I travel in Asia”? You may have thought about that question many times. Think no more, and start creating your list with Japan included in it. While Japan is home to many cities offering unique qualities, Tokyo is where you can enjoy a collision of traditional and pop culture.Cosplay with store in background

You will certainly love the fact that everything is amazingly clean here, and the people are very polite. If you are a fan of anime, visiting the edgier and hip Harajuku District will let you see people doing “Cosplay”.

Wondering what happens in Tokyo at night? Well, some strange things happen in the city when all of those conservative and family-oriented residents have gone to bed. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi and Ikebukuro, along other major stations are loud and bright with people going to and from their drinking parties, also called as nomikais. th

The culture of Japan makes it challenging for men to hook up with girls. But if you are up for the game, there are several meat-market type of clubs in Shibuya and Roppongi. These clubs are also foreigner friendly.

Japanese Beauty

Note, however, that Japanese women are generally reserved, and they are not really explicit when it comes to agreeing leaving to a hotel for some good time, but you can be confident that if you end up leaving a club together, then you have a good signal, click this review of Japan Cupid

  1. Thailand – Bangkok

Another example of cheap travel destinations Asia is Bangkok. It offers an interesting mix of the East and West, old and new, along with the romantic intertwine of the Chao Phraya River. Among the reasons to visit this city is its floating markets, golden palaces, as well as its Porcelain-laid spires.Boat on river in Thailand

Never miss visiting the Grand Palace, which is a compound of temples and palaces where you can find the Emerald Buddha. Another must-visit place is Phra Nakhon, home to the Reclining Buddha in the Wat Pho temple.

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Aside from these wonderful places to visit at daytime, Bangkok is also an interesting destination if you love nightlife activities – and women. After all, Bangkok is known for its amazing women. Anybody living or visiting Bangkok can attest to this fact. A visit to Sukhumvit is a must. It is located next to Siam, and is considered as a prominent spot for nightlife activities.

RCA, or the Royal City Avenue, is considered as the largest area for nightlife lovers. It is a local favorite, though a lot of foreigners also frequent this area. This is home to the most famous nightclubs of Bangkok. This is also a good place where you can meet amazing Thai women, and possibly hook up after a drink or two.

Cute Thai in Bikini
Cute Thai in Bikini

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Vietnam – Hanoi

If you want to travel around Asia cheap, Vietnam should be included in your list. Hanoi is the charming capital of Vietnam, and is often described as different compared to other capitals in Asia. It offers an interesting mix of cultural influences from the Chinese and French, while still retaining local ways.Hanoi Bridge pic for best travel jn asia post

Among the amazing sights you will discover in Vietnam is its maze of streets which is over a thousand years old, the well-preserved Old Quarter. It is beautifully situated right in between the famed Hoan Kiem Lake as well as the Red River.

If meeting girls is your game, you have come to the right place. Note, however, that most Vietnamese girls are still very reserved, and they may not be open when it comes to hooking up right at the first time you meet them. However, if you have enough time, you can spend it with them and gain their trust first. They are not ‘foreigner un-friendly’, so they’ll warm up in time.

The Old Quarter is a good place to hang out as it is filled with good restaurants and nightlife events. The Dragonfly Bar Lounge is one good nightclub in this area, while Infinity and Funky Buddha Club are other options around town. However, you may not be able to expect one night stands here, but you can collect phone numbers and messenger contacts, and who knows?

Vietnamese Chick in Field
Sweet Vietnamese

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  1. China – Beijing

Interested in learning more about the superpower of the East? Visit China and indulge in Oriental culture. Beijing, the country’s capital, offers an interesting mix of history and modernity. It serves as home of the most amazing remnants of the imperial past of the country.China Temple Pic for Travel post

One of the must-visit places in Beijing is The Great Wall of China, often considered as the primary landmark of this destination. Shopping is also great here, as the city has a number of shopping districts where you can enjoy a variety of amazing goods. If you want to know where to travel in Asia, add China to your list.

Aside from wonderful sights and tourists attractions, the women in Beijing are as interesting as well. As a matter of fact, they are very friendly, especially to foreigners. If you travel to China for business, or vacation purposes, why not enjoy the company of these women while you have the opportunity?

Chinese Girls

Note, though, that Asian women, in general, can be very shy when in public. This is also true with Chinese girls. The nightlife in Beijing is best enjoyed in areas where nightclubs and bars are present. Women you meet here are most likely interested in meeting other people. Among the recommended nightclubs in Beijing are Mix and Vics. These spots are also where you can find foreigner friendly girls, so at least they speak a bit of English.

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  1. Cambodia – Siem Reap

Siem Reap is often dubbed as the “perfect destination” if you are a first time traveler to Asia. Traveling here is very easy, and attractions are pretty much everywhere.Cambodia Pic for travel post

If you are wondering where to travel in Southeast Asia, and you love history and culture at the same time, Siem Reap should definitely be included in your list.

Among the top destinations in Seap Reap is the ruins of the Angkor Wat, an ancient structure located in one of the biggest religious complexes all over the world. Visit the temple right when the early morning light hits the temple ruins and it will turn itself into a breathtaking painting right before your eyes.

After an interesting day touring around the city, why not visit some of the most amazing nightlife spots in Siem Reap? You might want to meet some of the nice local girls in the area too and have some good time.

One of the best spots that you can visit is the Temple Bar in Pub Street. Life in this area starts at about 10 pm. You can party on the street, and enjoy a good dance in front of the DJ.

Cambodia Cutie beauty
Cambodia Cutie beauty

Another place that you might want to visit is the Hip Hop Club. This is where about 80% of locals and 20% of foreigners looking for some good time meet. This means that you have a good chance of meeting local Khmer girls here. While you may meet some freelance prostitutes here, there are also some nice women just looking for friendship and some fun.

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  1. Indonesia – Seminyak

While Jakarta is the official capital of Indonesia, there is one city that also deserves your attention if you are planning to travel to Asia. In fact, this is one of the best places to visit in Asia. Seminyak is home to the famous beaches of Bali.Indonesia Pic for travel post

Even though the long stretches of white beach sand are its biggest draw, you may also find yourself enticed by the endless shopping opportunities here. To the north, the city is merged seamlessly with Kerobokan, and there you can find some of the best restaurants that offer both budget and style.

If you think that this is all that Seminyak offers, you are wrong. In fact, you can enjoy the best nightlife activities here! Throughout the years, nightlife has flourished in Seminyak, with its amazing collection of chic and sophisticated entertainment venues, hotspots and bars. Most of these venues also serve as dining destinations at daytime, with some great menu and beautiful beachfront views.

Indonesian Seductress
Indonesian Seductress

Head out to Ku De Ta, a famous nightlife spot in the area. This is usually considered as the trendsetter for some of the most amazing and upscale nightlife locations in all of Seminyak. This is also a good place where you can meet other foreigners, as well as local girls who are also looking for a great time with their visitors.

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  1. Hong Kong

Another destination to travel around Asia cheap is Hong Kong. It is a Special Administrative Region of China, and is considered as the leading banking, financial and trading centers of the world. It also serves as the portal between East and West.Hong Kong for travel post

Among the best destinations here is the Victoria Peak where you can enjoy an amazing view of the entire city. If you are a kid at heart, a visit at Hong Kong Disneyland is a must, and especially enjoy the Disney’s Electric Light Parade which happens after dark.

If you want to extend your happy hours to enjoy some nightlife twists, you will certainly be up for surprises, considering that Hong Kong offers some of the most amazing nightlife offerings. If meeting women is what you came for, you will never be disappointed as well. “Compensated dating” is something common here. You need a companion? You can pay for it and have a good time. However, this does not mean that you cannot meet some good and nice ladies in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ladies
Hong Kong Ladies

After all, this is a financial hub of the world. Finding girls is not difficult. You can even meet them at the mall. At night, you can visit some of the best spots, including Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong. These districts that are filled with bars, clubs, and of course, girls who are also looking for fun. Meet girls in Hong Kong right here.

  1.  Korea – SeoulSeoul pic for travel post


It seems that Korea is currently creating an impact in the world with the introduction of its pop culture. Visiting Seoul will surely give you that amazing experience, as you get to indulge in the city’s lively feel. Enjoy the entire view of the city by visiting the N Seoul Tower, and enjoy all the amazing food served in various restaurants and street vendors.

Seoul is also a great mix of traditional and modern style, as you can also visit some of the best temples right amidst the city. If you are a fan of their dramas, you will find yourself lost as you visit temples where some of these dramas were filmed.

Seoul is also a steaming spot for nightlife activities. In fact, you cannot imagine who lively the city is at night. A lot of nightclubs have opened in the recent years, and this is where most of the fun happens. The Gangnam district is not just known for its affluent residences, but it is also a place where you can find amazing girls who are willing to go out for fun, especially if you are a foreigner.

Korean Woman
Korean Woman

Korean college girls are often stereotyped to be foreigner friendly. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to meet some nice local girls in the area. If hooking up is your game, you will not be disappointed as you go to local bars and nightclubs because you can find a lot of girls who are also into this game. Want to meet Korean girls, check this out!!

Seoul is also a great mix of traditional and modern style, as you can also visit some of the best temples right amidst the city. If you are a fan of their dramas, you will find yourself lost as you visit temples where some of these dramas were filmed.

  1. Thailand – Phuket

Phuket is considered as the largest province in Thailand. It has recently been considered as the top vacation spot of the country, thanks to its more than 15 major beaches. This place boasts of the glorious sunsets, lazily lingering over the horizon.Phuket Pic for travel post

Dining at one of the coastal restaurants will not just give you spectacular view, but also allows you to enjoy a sumptuous meal with some freshly caught seafood, aromatic spices and herbs, and homemade noodles. If you want to indulge in these experiences, Phuket is a must-go!

Quite amazingly, Phuket is not just known for its day trips and beautiful beaches, but also for its nightlife which attracts a lot of people, foreigners and locals alike. If you are here to party andhave some fun while meeting girls, the best place to visit is the Patong Beach. It is where you can find the Bangla Road, which is filled with go-go bars, beer bars, and some of the best nightclubs of the island.

Posing Thai
Thai Lovely

You may also want to visit beer bars in Phuket. What’s amazing here is that this is a place where you just wait, and local girls will start a small conversation with you. Girls from these bars can be taken out, though you have to expect paying a bar fine (fee).

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  1. Philippines – Palawan

Any city in the Philippines is no doubt included as one of the cheapest cities in Asia. However, if there is a must-visit in this Pearl of the Orient nation, it is Palawan. This is where you can get to enjoy the best beaches in the world.Philippines pic for travel post

Visit the Small Lagoon in El Nido, and get lost in your very own paradise. You can also enjoy the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, the Caves & Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, and several other destinations. If you love waters, this is the place to go! As a bonus, you will also get to experience the amazing hospitality of the people there as well!

As a place that is quite far from the bigger cities of the country, you may not be able to expect some wild nightlife activities in Palawan. As a wildlife protected area, this place is quite reserved. However, it does not mean that you cannot do something fun here. There are local clubs in the area, which is also frequented by foreigners.


Girls, in general, are friendly, especially to foreigners. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to meet some nice ones. If you are interested in hooking up, you can also find those who are open to this. If there is an advantage with girls from the Philippines compared to the girls from other cities cited in this list, it’s the fact that they can communicate in English pretty well. Getting your message across is not a problem at all.

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