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This is a guest from our friends at on a subject that fairly recently has become part of my dating world. The Monthary celebration, when you date often and anniversaries are so far away, we agree that celebrating  your relationship with that special someone more often is valuable. It's good for both of you. This article helps you choose that Monthary gift, check it out and let us know what you think of it. MP

Best Recommendation to choose a Monthsary gift

Time really flies especially when you meet that special someone who touches your heart and brings joy to your world. It has been days, weeks and finally the month is already over and you would like to celebrate your monthsary in a memorable way. Well, the best way to prepare for this would be to do some monthsary planning and as you do so, it will be very important to choose what you’d like to do with a little bit of care. For sure there will be some exchange of gifts (hopefully you have a good reason to give something special to that dear person) but it will be good to note that not all gifts might be appropriate on this special occasion. While it could be tricky, choose the monthsary gift can be thought provoking and does require a little bit of attention. It is never good to give a generic gift, one that does not require much thinking as these could be unappealing and not well received by the recipient. As such, you should follow these recommendations as you do your monthsary planning: -

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  • Base the gift on a theme

Basing a gift on a theme is something very important especially when celebrating a monthasary. There are some traditional and modern themes which mostly have been associated with anniversaries but these also could come in handy to help you as you plan a celebration of that one month in a friendship. You can choose maybe to gift your friend with a voucher especially if you aren’t very sure of what will impress them more. This way, you give them an open check to pick what really matters to them while still touching their hearts with your thoughtfulness.

  • Be creative

As part of your planning, it will be good to come up with some creative ideas which do not look too obvious to the person you’re gifting. You can either choose to buy a gift or go for home-made options which allow you to infuse your own creativity with the other person in mind. You could either choose to go for a multicolored bangle with your friend’s name on it or even have a special T-shirt printed with their name on it. What of a printed T-Shirt that has some unique objects that resemble alphabets but spelling your friend’s name? This will definitely be appealing while at the same time showing some creativity and thoughtfulness.

  • Create memories

Memories are good and having something to look back to after many years does bring the magic to a relationship. There are those things which make you look back to your many years of friendship with others with a little bit of longing and you wish those days could be replayed again. Well, as part of your monthsary planning, you can come up with something that’ll create such memories not only in you but also in your girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever it is you are celebrating with. What about a shopping experience or gifting the other person with a cruise experience? Depending on where you are, you will always find some things that will make the other person happy and leave some precious memories engraved in their lives.

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  •           Show your knowledge for the other person

I have received many gifts in my life but some of the best are those that are in line with my interests. Well, I realize how powerful this is and you can also use it as a recommendation as you choose a monthsary gift. By the end of one month, you definitely know a few things about your friend and can pick a few interests that they have. Use that to choose a gift that touches on a particular interest that they have. This could be in line with a hobby or sport that they so love. For example, if he or she is a true football lover, you can buy them their favorite team’s jersey or a soccer ball. If they love cooking, why not buy a good recipe guide or just take them for a personal cooking experience.

  • Pick something they’ll see most of the time

A gift could mean a lot especially if the recipient is able to see it or use it most of the time. It surely will remind them of you and your generosity thus keeping you lingering in their minds forever. What about a pillow case or a pair of cute, artistic saddles for use in the house? What about a chain, earrings or even a hair clip? Well, depending with your level of relationship, you can pick something intimate and thoughtful.

These are some of the best recommendations you can use to choose a monthsary gift for your friend. They don’t have to be too expensive but if you can afford, even spending a good amount won’t hurt. Remember, the value of a gift is not in the amount you spend but the thoughtfulness you give to it.

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