8 Best Cities to Find Stunning Colombian Women

I can't lie to you - Colombian women are a special breed. Don't get me wrong - these women are sexy, but that's not what makes the Colombianas so amazing. It's their vibe and energy. Girls in Colombia are sexy without being slutty. Start meeting them here to get a head start before you go. They are fun and flirty without exuding the attitude of a tramp. These girls can make a man feel special (even if she has a number of men in her rotation). She'll cook for you. Maybe she'll bring you a little gift. Or she may show up at your front steps at four in the morning looking to shag.Colombian Women

I'm not sure what made Colombian women the way they are, but I surmise their free spirited, fun, and caring attitude comes from living through a culture of violence. Girls in Colombia live for the moment.

They live for the times they spend dancing in the club, but they also love to take care of a man. If you can give her strong orgasms and a night out dancing now and then - there's a good chance she'll cook and clean for you just like the good ole' women of yesteryear.

Before I break down the women of Colombia too much, here are the eight best cities to find stunning Colombian Women (in no particular order):

Colombian Women Bogota

colombian assThe capital of Colombia is home to more hot Colombian girls than one's mind could ever imagine. You can never run out of sexy girls to meet in Bogota. There's millions upon millions of them. The girls in Bogota (nicknamed "rolas") don't have a great reputation for beauty within Colombia, but this is simply not true.

There are some incredibly sexy rolas in Bogota, and they often have whiter skin than other Colombianas. Another great part about the girls is Bogota is that you'll find chicks from every other city in the capital. You could meet a rola one day, a calena the next day, and a costena a few days later.

 Variety is the spice of life in Bogota. Our book, The Bachelors Guide to Central America can be a valuable resource, EVEN here, click here to check it out.

Cali is great for Colombian Women

Cali is said to be the plastic surgery capital of Colombia (which is saying something). Girls in Cali are said to ask for fake boobs and occasionally a fake ass on their fifteenth birthday. Not a car, not a new iPhone - they want their bodies done before their junior year of high school.

 Due to this phenomenon, you'll definitely meet some chicks in Cali who have amazing bodies. Colombian women from Cali (referred to as "calenas") will often be a little bit darker than girls in Bogota and Medellin, but not from African genes.

The consensus is that the hottest girls in Colombia are in Medellin, but most men from Cali tend to disagree. The only downfall of the city is the danger. Cali is considered one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

Medellin has sexy Colombian Women

While the girls in Medellin (nicknamed "paisas") may not live all the way up to the hype - they come pretty damn close. Paisas are a sexy bunch, and they know it. If someone tells you the hottest women in Colombia come from Medellin - they aren't lying.

White skin, well-done features, and hips that certainly don't lie are all common of the Colombian women in Medellin. Getting connected a bit beforehand online can help greatly. Try Here

The problem with the paisas is that there are a lot of gringos in Medellin. Most of these gringos are not the interesting, well-traveled types that girls in Colombia love. No, these foreign men are more of the backpacker, sex-tourist type.

 As a result of these dorks invading Medellin by the thousands, you'll have less value here than in other Colombian cities. Most men who spend time in Medellin come away frustrated but have one experience with an absolute stunner that leaves them coming back for more.

Medellin also has lovely weather and a great public transportation system. The Tinder Template and Traveling with Tinder can make it much easier to meet hot Columbian women.

Quiet but home to some Beautiful Colombian Women is Barranquilla

While Medellin is a nice city and has numerous things to do - Barranquilla is the exact opposite. There is nothing to do in the city. The beach that's 20 minutes away blows. The nightlife isn't great. Tourism infrastructure is nearly non-existent. That being said there are some hot chicks in this city, and there are not many foreign guys. You'll have a decent amount of value here. Colombian Cupid is a connection king here.

Colombian girls in Barranquilla and all cities on the Caribbean coast (referred to as "costenas") don't get as much plastic surgery done as girls from other parts of Colombia. This is because they don't need to. Due to a slight amount of African blood, a number of girls on the coast will have amazing bodies naturally.

 Costenas generally have a little darker skin (not black) and are very sexual. If you just want to meet some girls in Colombia - Barranquilla could be a good choice.


If you make friends with a Colombian guy, then the topic of women will come up. You'll tell him how much you love Colombianas. He'll tell you how much he enjoys the pink nipples on many gringas. Then he'll lean over to you and almost whisper in your ear about the women of Pereira. He'll begin by telling you they're not as hot as the girls in Medellin.

Then he'll tell you there are easy - really easy. And not only are they easy, but they don't care about money at all. They just want sex. Colombian guys know more about the chicks in Colombia than I do, and their advice is spot on.

Pereira is a smaller city, but the girls do love to get down. You'll also have good value as a foreigner in Pereira. Latin American Cupid has been a  great help to many, give it a try and you will like it.

Santa Marta is very nice, but fewer Colombian Women

sexy colombianaI almost didn't want to include Santa Marta on this list, but I did because there is amazing nature around the city. Even if you don't meet incredibly sexy Colombianas in the city, you can still have a great time. There are three parts of Santa Marta: Rodadero (beach area), Santa Marta (the city itself), and Taganga (backpack hang out and beach).

You can meet hot Colombian women in this city, but you'll find them in smaller quantities than other parts of Colombia. Meet some chicks in Santa Marta, but make sure to enjoy the nature surrounding the city as well. Parque Tayrona and Ciudad Perdida are incredible tourist areas and stunningly beautiful. The Bachelors Guide TO Central America can be a valuable resource, EVEN here.

Bring your own Colombian Women to Cartagena

Cartagena is the tourism capital of Colombia. The city is where most Colombians take their vacations. Unless you go in high season, you may struggle to meet that many hot Colombian chicks in this city. The local girls have a sexy skin tone that I can only describe as "milky" due to intermixing and their African genes.

However, you'll find many local girls are wary of gringos due to all the tourists that pass through the city. Nightlife can be sparse, and many girls in Cartagena will be hookers. All that being said - the colonial architecture in the city if far superior to most colonial towns I've visited.

Check out the old city and hit the beach a bit, but I'd advise you to bring a girl with you. If that's not an option and making love to Colombian women is your goal - you may want to come in the high season (December, January, early April, July, early August).

Cucuta has many Colombian Women

Underrated and underreported - most travelers to Colombia would never imagine going to Cucuta. And unless you have a decent amount of time in the country, I wouldn't recommend it. That being said - the women in Cucuta are said to be attractive and your value will be sky high.

Plus, this is the sixth largest city in Colombia.Latin American Cupid has been a  great help to many, give it a try and you will like it. You'll have a decent amount of Colombian girls to work with here. The city itself is said to be fairly safe, but the surrounding areas are not.

 The FARC is still alive and well in this area of Colombia (close to Venezuela). So flying from Bogota is your best bet to get to Cucuta. Don't take the bus!

Meet More Colombian Women

No matter what cities you visit in Colombia - you can meet some amazing Colombian girls. It all depends on your wants and needs. Pick a city based on what you enjoy, not something you've read online. The country has beaches, nightlife, perfect weather, and more.

P.S. If you’re planning to date or hook up with a few cute Colombian chicks, Colombian Cupid is one of the best places to find them. This is especially important if you’re on a short trip (think a two-weeks) and just want a hassle-free manner to meet some sexy Colombianas.

While you'll have to pay out a few dollars for a subscription, Colombian Cupid is definitely worth it.

  Dating Colombian Girls is about Making the First  MoveColumbian Women

It’s no secret that a lot of women in this country are exceptionally beautiful.

The question is: How can you attract one of these Colombian models?

Well, this is not the Philippines. You can’t just sign up on an online dating site and expect to receive dozens of messages. I only received two messages on Colombian Cupid from girls who contacted me first. But I received dozens of replies from girls once I initiated the conversation.

You need to make the first move. That’s your only chance.

  The Rule Above Doesn’t Apply When You Already Have a Girlfriend

Yes, they flirt with you, but they don’t make the first move…unless you have a girlfriend.

Colombian women prove that the theory that women are more attracted to men who are taken is in fact true. I mean, it’s insane. I walked alone in the streets of Manila and a few girls stared at me. I walked hand in hand with Karol and every second girl stared at me, smiled at me and touched me.

Yes, touched me!

We were in a bar and I was sitting right next to Karol. Heck, I remember holding her hand. That didn’t stop all the sexy Colombian babes to hit on me. That never happened when I was alone or out with a friend.

19 Replies to “8 Best Cities to Find Stunning Colombian Women”

  1. Solid list! Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bogota in that order for me. People in Santa Marta were the most obese/least attractive Colombians I saw. A girl I saw in Cali changed my entire work ethic.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t put these in order because each city offers so much, but in a different way. If we are being honest – every city in Colombia can be fun. I differ daily on my favorite, but I did love the nightlife in Bogota.

      1. yeah Bogota is a great place. Spent most of my time there. Some days I would question why the hell I was there so long while others I’d question if I’d ever want to leave. The North coast is a whole different world compared to the cities in the mountains. Once I started living in Northern Bogota, I almost never came out of the North except down to Parque 93 or Zona T. My first run was in the Candelaria and interesting to say the least.

        1. I think Candelaria is a shit hole. I would never recommend a guy stay there. Anything north of 55 in Bogota is pretty good. Bogota compared to the coast is night and day. They feel like different countries to me.

          1. Candelaria is fun if your a Philly/NYC bred guy like me. Mainly because during the day it’s the most awesome part of the city in my opinion (free music, art, museums, fun to drink there in the day). I saw this group of black dudes that killed it on some bucket drums. Also, poked a dragqueens fake tit in front a Colombian audience.

            The North is nice for chill mode, Chapinero is cool if you are a hipster, but too many gays for me. Santa Barbara and Candelaria were my favorite but it was a bummer on opposite sides of the city.

            Some highlights of Candelaria is everything is 1/3-1/2 the price as other parts. Getting my shoes shined for under a $1 was top notch. Also, best places to exchange money without having to use ID. Best almuerzos. Wouldn’t mind rolling through there now haha.

          2. Haha sounds like you loved the place and had a great time. I just couldn’t stand it. I loved every area from 55 through Parque 93. A ton of action and a good vibe. Candelaria was a little too far from zona rosa for my taste, too. Did you ever hit up Gringo Wednesday in Candelaria?

          3. The Candelaria was where I got the Colombian flag and made some unforgettable memories. I agree it’s most likely not for 90% of guys doing this. Never did hit up the Wednesday but did do the Tuesday a few times in Zona T I believe. This guy from Switzerland told me he pulled there at the Wednesday.

          4. Yeah the quality of the women there is sky high too. Drinks can get pricey in bars. I got used to drinking grocery store/bodega beer and aguardiente.

          5. haha that’s awesome wish I had been there for that. Never got to smoke a cigar with that guy, it was a bit of a let down. Hopefully another time.

  2. The part where you said “Colombian women from Cali (referred to as “calenas”) will often be a little bit darker than girls in Bogota and Medellin, but not from African genes”, that’s not true. There is no race darker than African people. A quarter of Cali’s population is of African descent. Mind you, Colombia has the 2nd largest black population in South America after Brazil.

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