A Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Women


Brazil is a wonderful country, aaahh, and Brazilian women. It’s beautiful, it’s diverse, and it features a culture that would merit a large discussion on its own. With that said, you rarely hear foreigners mention Brazil without at the very least making a comment on Brazilian women. It practically goes without saying that the women in Brazil are highly regarded for their beauty. You will rarely see a Brazilian girl that fails to excite you. BrazilianCupid Dating site is a Fabulous way to meet the Amazing Brazilian Women. And it’s almost a guarantee that every Brazilian woman you come across will ooze sex appeal in a way that could not be properly explained with words alone.

Brazilian womenI’d like to discuss Brazilian women with you today, not only so that you can learn about what it takes to meet and seduce them, but also so that you’re more familiar with them. In some respects, it may feel like it requires overcoming a steep learning curve to succeed consistently with these girls. But once you have your first few doses of success, you’ll find yourself unable to quit. That’s because there is a certain charm about them that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And, as you’ll see for yourself if you take a trip down to Brazil, there is always a sexier, more elegant girl around the corner.

What are Brazilian Women Like?

I recently mentioned that it’s hard to explain the sort of sex appeal you’ll find in Brazilian women. It’s something that you have to experience firsthand. Brazilian girls do not only have cute faces, long legs and large asses. The majority of their appeal lies in their personality and demeanor, especially in a sexual context. Those who have dated a Brazilian girl know exactly what I’m talking about. They have an upbeat vibe, and when they get turned on, they exhibit such an intense level of passion and excitement that it can be overwhelming for a man who has not had this type of experience before.

Of course, there is no downside about this whatsoever. You’ll just have to be careful with your first girl because you’ll likely find it much easier to catch feelings – much more than what you’re used to. As always, it’s ideal to have a sample of experiences first before you can determine which girls compliment you the best.

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Let me tell you more about what Brazilian women are really like:

  • Your first Brazilian girl may be wonderful. But if you go all-in on her without exploring what the other girls in Brazil have to offer, you’d likely be missing out on some fantastic women.
  • Conversational Portuguese, click here  for an easy way to learn to talk the same language as these world famous beautiful ladies
  • Generally speaking, they’re great fun, they have great vibes, and they have great personalities. But they’re also highly sexual. Sex can happen very quickly, especially if the chemistry between you is strong. While they will at times give you resistance, it will likely be trivial in comparison to what you’ve had to overcome in the past.
  • When Brazilian women get aroused, it’s no BS. They’re down to cut to the chase. No last-minute chats about you just wanting her for sex, or her proudly saying that she’s not that easy. You won’t even have to lead her hand down to your pants – she will probably do it herself.

  • This is something you might be familiar with, but Brazilian women love anal sex. They have few reservations about it. So if this is something you’re into, it’s yet another trait about Brazilian women that you’ll find alluring.
  • It’s not all about sex, so allow me to back up a bit. If you meet a Brazilian girl at a bar, you’ll find that it’s pitifully easy to make-out with her once you start having a conversation. If she’s smiling and talking to you plenty, you’re given a green light to make your move within minutes. In fact, they will think you lack confidence if you don’t go for a kiss within the first 15 minutes of meeting her on a lively night out. So definitely don’t hesitate.
  • Regarding online game, when Brazilian women meet with you, then she likes you. She’s not meeting you to see what sort of chemistry she has with you, where she would decide if she’d accept your kiss later. If she’s out with you, you’ll kiss her. From that point onwards, it’s all about logistics to take things further.
    Brazilian Women
    Make Her Scream With Delight
  • Brazilian women have tremendous sex appeal, great vibes, and are in fact highly sexual as well. But of course, they also have incredible bodies. There’s a large variety in their appearance, so there’s plenty to suit your tastes. If you like dark-skinned girls, stick to the cities along the coast in the northern half of the country. The more south you go, the lighter the girls get.
  • You’ll find astonishing bodies all over the country, no matter which way you go. While tit-size will vary greatly, you’re all but guaranteed to find a nice ass on just about every woman. More importantly, she will know how to use what she’s got in the bedroom. No longer will you have to do all of the work.
  • If Brazilian men are known for their sexual prowess – it’s because they learned it from their women to begin with. So it goes without saying that you’ll be amazed by the sexual experiences you’ll have with Brazilian girls.
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Here’s a pretty good video, a little goofy, but some good points to know:

Violence, Logistics, and Lodging while chasing Brazilian Women

Make no mistake: Brazil is a dangerous country. It’s much better if you were to overestimate this fact if it meant that you took more care of yourself. You have nothing to lose by being mildly paranoid during your time in the country.

Brazilian WomenIt is however highly unlikely that anything serious would ever happen to you. The most serious crimes usually happen toupper-classs Brazilians, or those living in the favelas (slums). But you are still at risk of petty theft. Muggings do happen, so make sure that you never carry your passport or bank cards on you without necessity. Leave them in your apartment or hotel.

One point I must make on safety is that awareness is your friend. As long as you’re consistently aware of your environment and those surrounding you, you will greatly decrease the chances of something bad ever happening. Thieves or “pivetes” look to prey on those that are distracted. Chatting on your phone as you’re walking on the street is not a good idea in Brazil.

When you’re walking through a crowd, keep your hands inside your pockets to prevent pickpocketing. Make sure that you keep your wallet in one of your front pockets as well.

Unlike other Latin countries, thieves in Brazil will rarely bluff. So if by chance you’re confronted with a thief, he will probably not waste time in showing you a weapon that he’s not afraid to use. At worst, (and this is if the worst happens), just give them what you have. Losing your phone may be a setback, but you would get over it in a week. And you would be glad that you didn’t risk your life for it.

Additionally, it helps to stay in the nice areas of a city to minimize your chances of running into trouble. It also helps when it comes to isolating the Brazilian women as well. I will briefly mention why each of these cities is an excellent place to visit shortly, but for now, here are the best neighborhoods in each city that I recommend you stay in:

  • Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon
  • Sao Paulo: Vila Madalena/Pinheiros, Jardim Paulista, Brooklin
  • Manaus: Ponta Negra, Nossa Senhora das Graças
  • Florianopolis: Lagoa da Conceição, Jurerê, Centro

Here’s an article on underrated Latin American cities:

brazilian womenThere’s one point I’d like to make clear. Staying in the above areas in these cities will reduce your chances of running into crime. But never take your safety for granted. Brazil is dangerous no matter your location, so something could always happen to you. But again, by taking precautions you’ll greatly minimize the risk of something serious ever happening.

For instance, at night I highly recommend that you just take a taxi to or from the bar, even if it’s only a 15-minute walk away. Don’t place yourself in precarious situations voluntarily. Paying a nominal taxi fee is worth it for the peace of mind alone.

Now that I’ve covered some of the essentials to prepare you for an eventual stay in Brazil, let’s move on to meeting and seducing Brazilian women.

This video will be helpful, check it out here:

How to Meet Brazilian Women

I have great news if you’re not Brazilian. While you may feel at a disadvantage because you may not speak Portuguese, the exotic factor that is being a foreigner is truly significant in Brazil. Brazilian girls are highly interested in foreigners, especially Americans. If you’re European, however, don’t fret. There’s certainly a niche available to you in Brazil as well.

Brazilian girls have grown up with the influence of American culture, so they will be very excited to speak to you if you’re American. They are also obsessed with traveling around Europe and meeting people from different parts, which is a bonus for European men. She will tell you about that one time she traveled in your country for 2 days, or about her future plans to go there.

In any case, the simple fact you’re an English speaker will attract many girls that would like to practice their fluent or broken English with you. So don’t despair if you don’t speak Portuguese fluently. There are still plenty of girls in Brazil that would be interested in you. So, how are you to meet them? Let’s start with the online game.

Online Game chasing Brazilian Women

Online will be your bread and butter for meeting Brazilian women. While some may not agree, meeting girls online is arguably the best way to date women in Brazil. You’ll be able to select the girls that are most receptive to you, given that you’re a foreigner, and you’ll avoid wasting time with girls that already have boyfriends. Generally speaking, Brazilian girls tend to have long relationships once they start seeing a guy, so it’s incredibly efficient to just skip to the girls that are making themselves available to you.

You’ll find that the girls you meet online will be flirty, receptive, and sexy – even if your standards are higher than most. While you’ll encounter many girls that don’t speak English, make sure to screen for the ones that do. Although some Portuguese goes a long way, if you’re in a big city like the ones I mention here you can still get by on English alone. Especially if you’re in Rio or Sao Paulo.

brazilian womenI’d like to start with my strongest recommendation for meeting Brazilian women online: Tinder. You may or may not be new to Tinder, but the fact remains that it’s an incredibly useful tool for meeting women in general. Brazil is no exception. While there are alternatives, the fact that it’s so easy to use and that Brazilian girls are readily on it means that you could meet gorgeous women the moment you step in a new city.

P.S.: To succeed with Tinder, I highly recommend that you check out The Tinder Template. The advice in the book is tailor-made to work on women in Brazil. 

For Tinder tips that are specific to Brazilian women, here’s what I suggest. Start the conversation by saying “Ola, tudo bem?” Let her respond. She will answer and ask how are you in return, “Tudo joia/beleza, e você?”

Reply by saying that you’re well, and ask if she speaks English, “Tudo joia. Você fala inglês?” Her reply will let you know how much you need to use a translator to speak to her. Many girls will say that they don’t speak English very well, but they will often understand it. At that point, you could say that you’re still working on your Portuguese, and proceed from there.

It’s important that you move your conversation from Tinder to WhatsApp as soon as possible. Exchange a few messages, feel out how receptive she is to you, and do not waste any more time in getting her number. With Brazilian women, you can move fast, so don’t hesitate.

Other options for the online game include the following sites: Latin American Cupid.com and Badoo.com.

Profile Consultation


Brazil Cupid is a great alternative to Tinder. While Tinder still remains the gold standard, it may not be the ideal online game method for some guys. For some men, particularly those who are 25+, Brazil Cupid is a great option. It’s also a good place to find Brazilian girls that are relationship oriented.

On Tinder, there are plenty of gringos looking to make the most of the Brazilian women just like you. But since Brazil Cupid is less explored by gringos, you might have a distinct advantage on there if you’re looking for girls that are less exposed to foreigners.

brazilian womenIn regards to Badoo, quite frankly I’ve never used it because Tinder and Brazil Cupid have always provided me with all the girls I could hope to meet. It doesn’t hurt that day and night game are highly fruitful in Brazil, as well. But feel free to give it a try. As you may know, however, Badoo is hit or miss in many countries.

In any case, your objective should be to transition your conversation to WhatsApp as soon as you can. It’s more comfortable, and it also allows you to exchange photos and videos with her that shows what an exciting lifestyle you have. Don’t be afraid to use voice messages as well, as they are great for building rapport.

Day Game with Brazilian Women

The great thing about Brazilian culture is that Brazilians are social by nature. Which means you’d be hard-pressed to find a Brazilian girl that wouldn’t be interested in having a chat with you if you were to approach her during the day. The only downside is that due to safety concerns, it could be difficult to meet girls on the street since Brazilian women have their guard up by default due to the prevalence of crime. But if you see a cute girl you like, you should be OK as long as she isn’t in a hurry and you calibrate your approach.

Whether you go direct or indirect is up to you. I recommend that you experiment with both. Direct is always a go with these women, since they reward bold behavior more than most. Definitely, open in Portuguese if you can, but English also works. Opening in broken Portuguese, however, can show her you’re a foreigner that wants to practice your Portuguese. So bonus points there. For an all-purpose approach, try the following:

“Ola, tudo bem? Eu te vi passando, e me deu vontade de conhecer você. Você é bonita.”

Don’t worry if your delivery isn’t the greatest. It will be far from perfect. What matters is that she is keen to talk to you. While you’re not going to succeed every time, you’ll find many girls that are into you if you put in the work to meet them.

Also, you’ll find that girls in Brazil are not shy about showing you interest. Which means you’ll get a lot more eye contact from them than you may be used to. This is definitely a cue to approach her. Whether you’re at a mall, supermarket, on the street, or on the beach is irrelevant.

Night Game with Brazilian Women

Nights out in Brazil are very long. Usually, crowds arrive around 10pm-12am and stay until as late as 4 or 5am. So there’s plenty of time to make your move. Definitely, do not arrive at a bar or club and start approaching every girl in sight. Usually, crowds stick tightly together until the booze starts flowing and the vibe in the club picks up. By 12-1am, you can start approaching the sexy girls that have been giving you conspicuous looks.

brazilian womenStart chatting to a girl. Within a minute you’ll know if she’s interested based on her body language. If she’s asking you questions or is immediately touching you, you’ll know that she’s receptive. Don’t waste much time in going for the kiss, because Brazilian girls are not shy about kissing a guy they find attractive, regardless of the presence of her friends.

If there’s one tip I could give you, it’s not to make-out heavily after that first kiss. Play it slow. Brazilian guys would smother her after the first kiss, so you can differentiate yourself by being patient. At the end of the night, you can try to take her back to your place (or to a love motel) if the vibe between you is really strong. Otherwise, settle for her number.

Here’s an article on using Tinder in South America:

Dating Brazilian Women

Taking a Brazilian woman out on a date is not rocket science. If she’s out with you, she likes you, so there’s no need to work on increasing her attraction or play any tricks. Basically, just run a game that doesn’t screw you over, because the opportunity is yours to lose.

Go for a drink (caipirinha?) Go for a juice date. Going for açai makes for a great afternoon date. Go for a walk. Essentially, do what you’re most comfortable with. Then try to get her back to your place for “just one drink” or to listen to some music together.

With Brazilian women, it shouldn’t take too long to score. If she doesn’t want to go back to your place on the first date, don’t push it. But do schedule a dinner date with wine at your pad the next time you see each other. If you’re able to get her home, you’ll find that escalation will not be too difficult.

Best Cities to Meet Brazilian Women

As I previously mentioned, I’d like to make a quick note on the best cities to meet girls in Brazil:

  • Rio de Janeiro: Rio is a go-to city for tourists, not only for the women but also for its remarkable scenery and incredible beaches. Cariocas, the girls in Rio, are free-spirited, and very welcoming to foreigners. You’re not going to be disappointed with the bodies you’ll find here.
  • Sao Paulo: In many ways, Sao Paulo is a logistical nightmare. The city is tremendous in size, and traffic is a mess. But you’ll find many English-speaking Paulista girls here, and there’s always plenty to keep you busy.
  • Manaus: Located in the Amazon forest, Manaus is a city with very hot and humid temperatures. But the dark-skinned, sensual women you’ll find in this place make it worth a visit. Your value as a foreigner will be extremely high in Manaus, but you’re unlikely to find many English speakers.
  • Florianopolis: Florianopolis is a vacation spot for Brazilians and tourists alike given its distinct geography. Beaches are nice here, but so are the women. You’ll find light-skinned girls in Florianopolis with European descent. The best time to visit is December – March during the South American summer.

For a first time traveler to Brazil, you can’t go wrong with Rio, although it is the most expensive location. Sao Paulo is also a great option, particularly if your Portuguese isn’t noteworthy. Manaus is great if you like darker girls, but you’ll need the local language to make the most of it. Florianopolis is worth seeing, but it’s probably best suited for a weekend trip.

Brazilian Women – Overall

Brazilian girls are not perfect. While I’ve obviously focused on their upsides, they do have some shortcomings. They can be flakier than most Western girls, though Colombian girls still take the crown for flakiest girls in Latin America (perhaps the world). They can be remarkably vain and status-oriented, which means you could encounter a harsh attitude from them in a few circumstances.

Brazilian womenBut, they are incredibly sexy. They have a level of passion in the bedroom that is unparalleled. They are fantastic kissers. They will flirt with you intensely and cling to you when there is strong mutual chemistry.

Lastly, don’t think that just because you’re a foreigner you’re guaranteed to succeed with a plethora of Brazilian women. You still need to put in the work to find the girls that are most receptive to you. While they are not necessarily difficult to bed, generally speaking, they are not as easy as American girls. But you would rarely find a Western girl that brings you the pleasure and great company that you would get from a typical Brazilian girl.

Smile, have fun, don’t go into it with any expectations, and you’ll have a great time with the Brasileiras. As we say in Brazil, “Bola pra Frente!” (Play on!)

Tchau, e boa sorte!
– Roberto Nascimento

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P.S. If you’re currently planning your first trip to Brazil, or are already in the country, you can start “meeting” Brazilian girls quickly and efficiently with Tinder Plus and Brazilian Cupid. You have nothing to lose, and absolutely plenty of wonderful experiences to gain.

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  1. Where can I find a girl like the one in the light green bikini?
    I’m looking at flights now. $550-$700. Its cost twice as much to go to Brazil than say Colombia or D.R.

    1. From what I understand, it’s more expensive than Colombia, but probably on par with how you should be rolling in the DR. The real is down right now, so it could be a better value now than ever.

      1. For the last few months the Real has been staying at the 3.21-3.26 range per $1.
        Flights are more expansive the cheapest I found was $650 round trip from NJ to Sao Paulo.
        While more difficult to learn especially speaking unlike Spanish few gringos know any Portuguese this gives a motivated player a serious advantage.
        Brazil is better suited for younger men as there are few venues which service the older single crowd however age is less of an issue if you know some Portuguese and approach durning the day. Also P4P is legal here too.

  2. You have given very good explanation of how to met Brazilian girls, but if tickets are expensive or there is any other problem in meeting girls in Brazil, then just start dating women online first before meeting them face to face, online dating is easy and provides lots of options of attractive girls. https://datetingtips.quora.com/, read these tips and you will get to know how it can be done efficiently.

  3. As a brazilian from Rio I can say: BULLSHIT
    All you can get with those ‘ tips ‘ are hookers desperate for an green card or prostitutes.
    Good lucky treating brazilian women like products because of what the media sell to u guys hahahhaha

  4. i think we should respect woman and never take them as product , Brazilians are emotional and kind hearted people unlike Indians i believe , though Brazilians are open to approach and easy going people as compared to Indians , I have a friend who is Brazilian and i never experienced anything like you mentioned , with all due respect and i am not really criticizing you by any mean , just be yourself and see if you someone is interested in you and this will allow you to have long and healthy relationship with your desired woman , just be what you really are.

    1. Brazil is the country with most mixed population of the world we have a historical immigration of Italians, Germans, Japaneses, Portugueses, Netherlands and Africans. We really don’t care about the color of your skin. If the girl think you handsome you are good but if not don’t think it’s just you are a blackman. We actually create a new race we call ‘Pardos’ the people like me that have a mixed face features and dar brown skin, Pardos is officially a race of Brazil, about 47% of population.

  5. As a Brazilian I can say the most part that you said is true but you are wrong in some points.

    1 first of all. Brazilian girls like anal sex? Are you kidding me? That is biggest lie you said in entire post, anal sex IS NOT SEE WITH GOOD EYES BY SOCIETY AND WOMEN NEITHER.

    2 Brazil is not a safe place to walk alone at the night, but the part of extremely insecure is all about Rio, there are others cities like Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, that you’ll be safe except at night. The night in Brazil is a regular problem with criminals.

  6. Most of what’s been said in this blog I would agree with, apart for that anal sex part which is definitely not the case, even a blowjob can be a problem especially with regular brazilian girls. Also, it is getting increasingly difficult to get laid in Brazil, I know that because I’m visiting Brazil regularly, and in the past it was a hell of a lot easier then it is now.

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