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BBWCupid Reviews [The #1 BBW Dating Site]

If you are looking for bbw or plus size dating sites to search for a perfect match, this bbwcupid review is perfect for you. As a first hand user, I can confidently say that is included among the elite, and the best dating site if you'er looking for big guys or girls.

Take it from me, as I was able to find a girl who was not just beautiful and a ton of fun, but also was pretty fun to talk to (though if you know me I don't like to get tied down too much).

This website introduces a comprehensive, overall approach to dating where actual users enjoy a wide array of options which can help them decide as they look for voluptuous women as their perfect partner. What I personally like about it is that signing up with this BBW site is free, which covers access to basic features.

Does it Work?

After signing up with this site and reading bbwcupid reviews, I can say that this site is one of the best for bbw dating. It took me a couple of weeks to get the gist of it, but after that I was lining up a lot of dates. Unlike other free bbw dating sites, what I like about bbwcupid is that there are a lot of real women instead of mostly fake profiles.

 I was at first hesitant in signing up in the website, but after looking at the site, I thought it was reliable. Just after getting 3-4 days of not checking it and having 6 matches, I started sending messages. I must admit that my initial goal was to get laid, I mean whose isn't? Out of the several girls I was exchanging messages with, there were a couple of girls who I liked so I ended up setting up 3 dates (though 1 ended up bailing).

What I liked was that each of the 2 women wanted something different. One was looking for a long term relationship, but since I wasn't we parted ways gracefully.

The second date was a lot more fun for both of us. We met up for drinks and I knew that she was open to any type of relationship. Fortunately, after 3-4 drinks and some fun paying pool at the bar I was able to bring her back to my place.

These weren't my only experiences in the 4 months I used bbwcupid but I can say that within the first 2 weeks I was able to get something going. I'm not sure if it's normal, but at least I can say it is possible.

BBWCupid - Variety of Women

I have noticed with bbwcupid that there are a lot of selections that are available. As a matter of fact, I love the idea that members come from different backgrounds, some women are even on the rich and old side which his a little surprising, but at least most of them tend to be mid twenty’s to late thirties. BBW Twitter Photo

When traveling abroad most of the members spoke good English, which makes communication easier. When traveling to Colombia I was able to get a girl not too far away, since that was what I wanted initially. I wasn't sure about using it internationally, but I did have some mild success with it.

It's relatively straightforward to understand what each woman wants, with users in the site for just sex and hooking up, while others are interested in deeper relationships like me.

Throughout the matches & dates over the few months I was on BBW and I can say that there are a good variety of girls. Based on my experiences I would say about 70% are looking for some type of relationship and 30% are pretty open to both dating and just a casual fling so no matter what you're looking for it's a great way to meet big beautiful women.

As far as race goes most are Caucasian and Black, with a decent amount of Hispanics when you are closer to the border (California, Arizona, and Texas). If you're looking for Middle Eastern or Asian women that are plus sized it'll be a little harder to find some success, but I did some of both.

Is it Good for Match Making?

BBWcupid is good for match making because the website itself is very easy to navigate, and appealing overall. It's great because there is a really good variety of women.

This makes it easier, even for non-techy users like me to find options on big and beautiful dating women out of the wide selection of bbw singles. While there are some bbw sites that I have also looked into, those plus size dating sites are not that organized in a way that bbwcupid is.

When it comes to match making, I can't say in particular since I'm not really looking for anything long term. However, I have been digging the matches I've been getting. I like big beautiful women, but I also want a woman whom I can relate to; somewhat who is not just into sex, though it is a plus part as well!

Is it Free?

BBW Cupid Sign Up

I was able to sign-up with for free, where I was provided access to its basic features. There are also other membership options to choose from, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual fee. Gold membership is also available. As I browsed through the site further, here are the subscription rates under the Gold membership (I personally did a 1 month, then a  3-month):

  • 1 month - $24.98

  • 3 months - $16.66/month

  • 6 months - $12.5/month

  • 1 year - $8.33/month

There's a platinum upgrade as well, but it's definitely not worth it based on the extra features offered so I would just stick with the gold plan if anythign.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

The website is very easy to use. Other bbwcupid reviews also agree to the fact that the features included in the website are what every user would want to see. I can personally say that BBWCupid website is very attractive. There are separate sub-sections for every features on the site. As such, I did not have any problems in navigating through the available options.

When I accessed the site, I used the advanced search option which allowed me to filter matches according to age and location, which is why BBWcupid gave me with the list of bbw singles in my locality. I do not have much time to go out and meet others who live far, and I got a perfect match for me!

Is BBWCupid Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experiences it's definitely legit. The best part is unlike a lot of online dating sites there doesn't seem to be many (if any) scammers and all the profiles seem pretty legit so far.

The coolest part is the  bbwcupid blog section extremely helpful as well. This portion is valuable to all members, even those who are hesitant and skeptical about these types of free bbw dating services. While there may be some fake profiles, the website, itself, is a reliable one. I never had any problems with the site itself.

How does it BBWCupid With Other Sites?

After simultaneously checking out Large Friends and The Big and The Beautiful this was definitely the best choice. had a lot of annoying ads and the quality of the women seemed to be pretty mediocre compared to BBWCupid. was okay, but I had reason to suspect most women on there are fake. Within 5 minutes I had 2 matches of very attractive women who seemed to be some bait. Also, a lot of my matches didn't seem to message back after initially reaching out so I don't know if they are all real or not on that site

Conclusion: Is it Worth Purchasing?

Things We Liked

  • Easy tagging system to find optimal matches
  • Real women and lots of different kinds
  • Free basic features

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not great in small cities

BBWcupid is undoubtebly a good option for those who are looking for bbw  as it's the best dating site in the BBW community. I can easily see why this has become one of the most popular bbw sites in this industry, thanks to its very unique appeal. The features that are available are highly rated, as compared to other free bbw dating sites.

The basic features are all available for free, while the costs related in upgrading to higher subscription is fairly decent within the online dating community as long as you get the Gold version.  

The Platinum version isn't typically worth it, but you can get it if you really want "video profiles" and a couple of other unnecessary features.

When it comes to the overall appearance and design of the site, it is special on its own. I like it that the interface is well-designed, andBBWCupid Headshot very easy to use and navigate. The layout is just simple, resulting to a website that is fun to use. When looking for bbw singles, this big and beautiful dating website is one of the best options that you can take into consideration.

While there may be some minor features that are offered in other bbw sites, as each site comes with its own set of features, there is an assurance that it comes with all the essential ones that allows us users to connect with bbw singles that will match our needs and preferences.

My experience with BBWcupid has been a pleasurable one. It definitely satisfied my cravings for some curvy women, but I think I'll go back to my typical Tinder hunting ways.

I definitely plan on returning and probably will in about a year. 

Overall Rating: 4.4

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