How to Awaken Your Inner Alpha Male

Pure alpha males can’t be called the best partners for serious relationships. They prioritize their needs and are too focused on themselves. Yet, they attract women like a magnet. This is because they have a number of qualities that make them masculine in the eyes of the opposite sex. They are strong, confident, calm, uncompromising, decisive, and, yes, successful with women. They know how to seduce and flirt with girls and constantly use this knowledge. Since an alpha male is living inside every man, you should just put in some effort to awaken it. Read on to find out how to activate your manly qualities and allure women.

Work on your body language. Before you open your mouth your body language already speaks volumes about you. Your inner state almost always reflects on your posture, movements, and gestures. You should be in control of your body in order to appear confident no matter what. Have a good posture, keep your shoulders back, chest out, and head up. Look people in the eyes – this way you communicate that you feel comfortable talking to them. Don’t cross your arms on the chest but stand and sit in an open position.

Work out. Of course, muscles alone will not make you an alpha male but women are subconsciously attracted to the physically strong men. They need to feel protected and know that in case of danger their man will be able to fight. Going to the gym is always a good idea. Keeping your body in tone will not only make you look manly but also will benefit your health.

Speak with confidence. Believe in what you say and express your opinion clearly. Tell the truth and don’t try to pretend, then maintaining eye contact will not be a problem for you. Pay attention to how you speak, that is to the loudness and pitch of your voice. It should always sound natural as if you were in the company of your buddies. Speak in a low and confident voice while approaching women. They can discern the subtlest shades of anxiety and hesitation in men’s speech so train your voice and talk to the opposite sex frequently until you master your skills.

Dominate. The craving for dominance is quite exaggerated in alpha males – they want to order and want everything to be their way. Women love leaders but if a man is uncompromising, it may turn them off especially when they look for a serious relationship. That’s why dominance is good and attractive in a moderate dosage. You should demonstrate your dominance by your body language and leadership qualities. A woman should feel that she can follow you and you’ll take care of everything.

Never complain. Only weak personalities resort to complaining. Real men are strong enough to endure any difficulties, take responsibility for all faults, and find the way out. If you want to be successful with women, they shouldn’t hear you complain about anything. Stop looking for excuses (even in your thoughts) once you did something wrong. Have the courage to admit your faults and move on.

Keep calm. Don’t let trifles drive you out of your wits. A real man will never fight with his woman over insignificant things. If she starts to express her concerns, he’ll listen to her first and then tell her what he thinks about it. He will never shout or blame her in return because he understands that women are emotional creatures. He knows that he should keep his head and deal with any difficult situation with dignity.

Be funny. Do you know that you can influence people using your sense of humor? It’s a great tool of the leaders who use it to demonstrate their confidence and good communication skills. Also, humor is necessary if you want to make a good impression on a woman.

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