Are Lonely Planet Guides Worth It?

Even in our modern world filled with smartphones, tablets, and slim laptops – you’re still bound to come across a scraggly-looking gringo white-knuckling his Lonely Planet Guide on your travels.

Actually, it’s likely you’ll run across a number of them. These characters will stick to their guidebook’s recommendation like it’s a commandment from heaven. They’ll never stray from the top-rated hostels that almighty Lonely Planet has recommended and will make sure to do as many activities they’ve found in their guidebook before their three days in a city is up.

gringo lonely planetIf you’re one of these white-knuckling worshippers of Lonely Planet Guides, then the book is obviously worth it. For a number of other men – you may find other ways to get your hands on travel advice preferable. I’m not saying Lonely Planet Guides are worthless, but they are not necessary these days.

Here’s why:

Depends on your Desires

We all have different reasons to travel. Some guys want to relax on a beach. Some guys want adventure. Some guys want pussy. Most will settle for a combination of all three. While you shouldn’t travel solely for the purpose of getting laid (personal opinion), I have a feeling you’d like to as you travel if you’re reading this blog. The thing about Lonely Planet Guides is they won’t help you achieve this goal at all.

A Lonely Planet Guide features recommendations for everyone. This includes girls and gays. While there is nothing wrong with this fact – the advice given to general travelers may not work well for men looking to make sweet love to foreign girls. Most men over thirty will have no need for the guide. On the other hand, if you’re a young guy (18-25) looking to get out of your country for the first time and do some backpacking – a guide by Lonely Planet may provide enormous value to you.

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Depends on Length of your Trip

A two-week trip to Rio de Janiero or Peru would not require a Lonely Planet Guide. A three-month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia or Central America probably should. A short trip through a country or a few cities won’t require a guidebook, but a longer trip through a whole region may necessitate one. If you plan on doing a whole region in one trip – then I’d invest the $20 or so in a Lonely Planet Guide. If you plan on hitting up a whole region in on

*If you plan on hitting up a whole region in one trip and want to grab a guide, I’d appreciate if you use my link(s) below:

PS: Don’t buy the Kindle version unless you hate paperback. They’re are nearly the same price as the full-length guidebook in color. What a scam! 

Depends on the Location

machu pichu gringoRegions that get a lot of tourists get talked about a lot online. Places like Thailand, Colombia, London, Machu Pichu, etc. You won’t need a guidebook for places like these. However, there are a lot of places that many travelers don’t go. a Lonely Planet Guide will be beneficial when traveling to underreported destinations (aka places that don’t get talked about a lot online). If you’re checking out places in Africa, maybe Russia, or dangerous Latin countries like Venezuela, Honduras, or El Salvador – then a Lonely Planet Guide could be useful.

Better Sources for Travel Advice

As so many people are traveling these days – you’ll find information on many destinations online. This information will be up-to-date and recent. People post first-hand accounts of their travels on their blogs and websites. This information is often very detailed and can be specified to a particular group of people. Location independent entrepreneurs and traveling playboys are fond of posting detailed travel advice on cities they visited.

If a man is looking for travel advice, I’d highly suggest starting off at the Roosh V Forum. You’ll find detailed travel advice on cities all over the world at the forum. Do some research on the site and then venture out to other places looking for information (and don’t post a “where should I go” or I want free travel advice thread right off the bat, or ever).

Are Lonely Planet Guides Worth It?

For most guys – a Lonely Planet Guide is a waste of money. For some guys going on trips through a whole region or younger guys backpacking around, the guide is a great investment. If you do decide to grab a guide before your next trip – just be sure you don’t become one of the white-knuckling gringos known for following the advice of Lonely Planet like it’s one of the commandments.

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