Sex With A Midget

How I Accidentally Had Sex With a Midget

I never planned to have sex with a midget. I’m just not that type of nigga. Fetishes aren’t really my thing. Sure, I like to fuck thick bootied Latinas in their ass on occasion, but that’s more of a dominance thing. Normally, I prefer normal sized women with large assets. LATIN American CUPID can get you all the choices you would want, Small, Big, Tan, White or Black, CLICK here to check it out free!! Alas, this isn’t a tale of such sexual escapades. I had sex with a midget, I really did. And I’m not exactly proud of it. Actually, I’m downright ashamed. It pained me to write this, but the truth must come out. The show must go on. In the game if life, you win some and other times – you come up short 😉

My Midget Chick

I travel and hook up with some chicks. A decent chunk of them come from online dating sites like Tinder or Colombian Cupid. Often, if they let me get my claws in deep enough, I can get them to come straight to my apartment without meeting at the bar or park first. This is especially common in countries like Colombia and Peru, where some girls just love gringos. I didn’t know soon I would have sex with a midget. Learn Spanish get laid, read this book !! Click Here.  not ugly midgetShorty let me get in deep enough in more ways than one. We had been messaging for a few weeks. She looked normal in pictures. A student and dancer – her body was tight and toned in photos. She had brown skin that was mixed in just the right way. I took her to be pretty hot from her photos. So when she wrote me one morning seeing if I was free in the afternoon, I was up for meeting. She wanted to come over. Sounds even better. I agreed and set out to hit the gym and get some work done. The day went by and she wrote saying she was on the way. I wrapped up my work and waited. In normal Colombiana fashion, she was thirty minutes late. Even midgets in Colombia have the audacity to show up late to a date. She rang the doorbell to my apartment, and I glanced out the window. She looked up and smiled. Looking down o her, she was really cute. A pretty face, great complexion and amazing skin tone. I skipped down the stairs to greet her. And then I opened the door… I looked out and didn’t see anybody, then I looked down. There she was. My “hola” barely slipped out of my mouth. I kind of stuttered. I was dumbfounded. She was tiny. We greeted and made out way back to my place. I still couldn’t figure out how she looked so normal in photos. She had pictures standing with her friends. Maybe she had midget friends, too. My mind was racing. I was thinking, could I have sex with a midget. Columbian Cupid is awesome for meeting chicks here, check it out free CLICK HERE!!

Should I Do It?

We started talking, and I instantly knew she was game. She came over to fuck. Nothing more. Nothing less. I just didn’t know if I could garner an erection for a midget. I mean, she was pretty. If she were normal sized, I would have smashed. But she wasn’t! She was not normal sized at all. Eventually, I asked her how tall she was. She replied 145 CM. That’s 4’9″ in inches. I didn’t know that at the time, but I remembered the number. We talked for thirty more minutes, and I made the decision to try it out. If my dick could get up for it, then I would smash. She was sitting on my bed, the date cost nothing, and she was clearly dying to be fucked just by how she looked at me.

Sex With a Midget

So I leaned in and kissed her. No dick movement, but she was into it. We kissed for a few more minutes. Dick still not working. I took off all her clothes and then told her to suck my dick. And sadly, the dick started to work. Fuck! Her tiny midget hands both wrapped around my shaft as she blew me. My ego loved how giant my cock looked as she sucked me off. I finally peeled my eyes off my now giant looking dick to glance at her ass. Her midget booty was well-shaped from years of dancing and Colombiana thick. Now, I was horny and ready to have sex with a midget. I threw her on her back and grabbed a condom. Seconds later, I was half-shaft deep inside her midget vagina. Now, I’m incredibly average when it comes to below the belt, but I bottomed her out half way in. It appears the height of her vagina was stunted in a comparable manner to her bones. She screamed as I tried to go deeper, so I made her get on top.

The MOST Disgusting Thing

She was riding me and getting herself off, but I still wanted to see her midget booty from the back. So I flipped her over and got behind her. Her ass looked good, and I started going to town. She was screaming, and my sadistic side was loving it. Then I saw it… There were these little white crystals coming out from her pussy as I fucked her from behind. I started to inspect closer, but I began feeling sick. They were fucking gross. What the fuck is that?! My dick was done. I was done. I pulled out and faked an orgasm. Then immediately went into the shower and washed myself, and the shame, off multiple times. She was dressed when I came back, and I quickly made an excuse to get her out. I was disgusted. Not by her height, but by that white shit. I fucked a decent amount of girls in my life, and I’ve never seen some shit like that. She was confused by my “emergency Skype meeting with a client,” but she left nonetheless. It was awkward, but I didn’t give a damn at that point. The Spanish Book will give you the lingo to get laid !! Click here

Researching Sex With a Midget

After she left, I quickly opened up the computer and to research a few things. The disgusting white crystals coming out of her vagina turned out to be a yeast infection. Or at least that’s what my Google research led me to conclude. And her height – well, she was indeed a certified midget. By definition, a midget is any person under 4’10” and she was 4’9″ based off what she told me. On the other hand, she was not a dwarf. So her proportions were normal. Hence, why she could look attractive in photos still. After researching, I took another shower. The shame still there and the disgust still in the back of my mind. I took a break from online game after this experience. Sometimes 18-year-old music video models show up and other times a midget does. Tis life. LATIN American CUPID can get you all the choices you would want, Small, Big, Tan, White or Black, CLICK here to check it out free!!

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  1. Nigga are you crazy?? That mini bitch had drug diamonds shooting out her pussy! Colombian women discharge cocaine baby! You ain’t know? You should have bumped a good line from that vagine!

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