9 Observations About Colombian Girls {HOTTIES}

Colombian girls are known all around the world as some of the sexiest women on planet earth. I cannot refute this opinion, as it’s reasonably accurate. Girls in Colombia can be amazing creatures, but they are not perfect. Just like Peruvian girls have their weaknesses, so do the stunning Colombianas. That being said – I’m a big fan of the women in Colombia. So I wanted to break down a few things I noticed about these girls. Columbian Cupid is a great way to meet them.

Here are nine observations about Colombian girls I’ve made after spending some time in the country:

Live for the Moment

Colombian Girls are incredibly feminine. The girls in Colombia just ooze feminine energy in nearly everything they do. As a result of this fact – the women you’ll meet in Colombia will live for the moment. They will get caught up with you and sex will just happen. They won’t

plan to have sex, but a combination of your charming gringo allure, some wine, and a little dancing will have her losing control of her logical abilities. These guides will help you help them find you. cute colombian girls 2You may say that this is true of women everywhere. And I’ll agree, but in Colombia, the “live for the moment” attitude that many women have is more pronounced. Due to a history of violence in Colombia, many of these women (and their mothers) have had to adopt a mindset that only thinks about the present. The past was too painful to think about, and the future was not guaranteed.

They Love Dancing

Due to their carefree attitude, you’ll struggle to find a woman in Colombia who doesn’t like to dance. For decades – the people of Colombia have used dancing as an escape from the violence and tragedy that often engulfed their real life. Every single Colombian girl I met enjoyed dancing. Salsa is by far the most popular (especially in Cali), but reggaeton is popular, and bachata is common. The Caribbean coast of Colombia even has a few of its own genres to dance to (vallenato and champeta).  Columbian Cupid will give you a head start, click here.

Colombian girls are Caring & Passionate

Colombian girls are some of the most caring and kind women I’ve ever met. They take care of their men quite well. Home Cooked meals are typical. Bringing you a small gift when she comes to see you is, too. Doing your dishes is no problem. Do you need a load of laundry done real quick? Not a problem. If a Colombian woman likes you – then she will want to make your life easier. Use our guide to make new connections and become more comfortable approaching beautiful Colombian latinas. Not only do these Colombian Girls take care of their men, but they are passionate in bed. Colombian women love sex. They occasionally (rarely) try to hold out before you had sex the first time (usually by not even allowing themselves to enter your home), but once you have sex with a girl in Colombia – she’s going to be asking for more and more. And when she comes back for round two, she will do anything and everything you want. She will get turned on by pleasing you and work to make sure she gets to see you again.

Loyalty & Honesty can be Questionable with Colombian girls

At this point, you may be thinking that the women in Colombia are near perfect, but that’s just not true. Colombia girls have their faults. The major one is they’re not the most loyal or honest women. I could tell you story after story about the dishonesty of the women in Colombia, but I’ll stick to a couple for now. average colombia girlsOne night I had a date with a chick around six in the evening. I pushed for some different date options, but she only wanted coffee because she only had an hour or two before she needed to be home. Apparently, her mother was very strict with her (she claimed). I relented and met her at the coffee shop. She was a cutie with a big, round butt. We chatted, and the date was going well. I pitched heading back to my place for a dance lesson, and she finally bit after some convincing. We got back to my

place, and my roommate was sitting on the couch. Pleasantries were made and then we headed into my room. She was bright red in the cheeks once we got into my room. I asked her about it, but she didn’t say anything. I let it go, and we danced. She didn’t want to have sex, but sucked my dick and then left. A solid date. I went downstairs, and my roommate was laughing. He told me he was supposed to have a date with her around eight that night. I laughed, and we both deleted her number. Columbian Cupid will give you a head start, click here. Another time, I met a Colombian Girl out at night. She was with a few of her girlfriends and seemed really into me. Her tits were the size of basketballs, and I wanted to dribble, shoot, and score. We were making out in the club (uncommon in Colombia), and her hand couldn’t stop grabbing my dick, but her friends wouldn’t let her come home. We exchanged numbers. cute colombian chickI met up with her the next day for a date. I figured it was a sure thing. The bouncy titties were about to be mine, but she claimed to be on her

period and wouldn’t come back to my place. The date was great, but there seemed to be something off. We made out all night, and I squeezed on her tits. She gave me a quick blowjob behind the tree at a park, but stopped when a car came. I believed she was on her period, and we would bang the next time we hung out. I kissed her goodbye and put her in a taxi. The next day she texted me saying she couldn’t see me again – ever. I was baffled because we were having such a good time together. After some prying, I found out her wedding was in two months. The moral of these stories – Colombian girls are great, but the reasons they are so great also make them difficult to date seriously.

Colombian girls Lots of Plastic Surgery

Colombian Girls get a lot of plastic surgery done. Fake boobs are pretty standard. I made sweet love to a few girls who had liposuction on their hips to create a perfect hip-to-ass ratio. Hell, you’ll even run into a fake ass now and then in Colombia. If you don’t like girls with their bodies “done” then you may not want to spend too much time in Colombia. Even girls you won’t think had anything done will have had something. Sneaky fake tits in the B-C cup range are common. Here’s a great way to meet some sweet Colombia girls to do your own critiques of Colombian plastic surgeons. 

Great Natural Booties

fake boobs colombiaWhile it’s rare for a lighter skinned Colombian Girls to have large natural boobs, you’ll find some women in the country have amazing booties. Most men don’t agree with me, but I found girls in Colombia to have the best ass of any women I’ve seen (even better than Dominican booties). It’s common to see a rail-thin girl in Colombia with an ass that will drop your jaw. It may be fake, but I’ve encountered much more real ass in Colombia than fake ass.

Not Concerned with Money

Columbian Cupid will help you meet her early, click here. Medellin is a bit of a different ball game, but for the most part – Colombian girls are not that concerned with cash. They rar

ely think too far into the future and prefer to live in the moment. As long as you can afford to buy her drinks on a date and take her dancing now and then – most chicks in Colombia won’t have many concerns with your cash flow. This is the opposite of Dominican girls. Girls in the Dominican Republic may refuse to have sex with you if they find out you’re living in a hostel or renting a room in a guesthouse. Colombian women wouldn’t give a damn where you lived, as long as she liked you.

sexy colombian girlsAge is Irrelevant

Many have said that women in Colombia love men over the age of thirty. This is true, but Colombian Girls don’t care much about a man’s age. The girls in this amazing country care much more about how you make them feel and the time you spend together. I dated Colombian chicks that were 18 and women in Colombia that were 32

-33. Age was never an issue. Enjoying our time together was always the most important part of the connection. I had friends who were nearly 40 years old and were seeing Colombian girls in their teens. Find your young wife here.

Often Age Well

The funny thing about Colombia is that the women between the ages of 28-35 can be so incredibly attractive. Most Colombian Girls in this age range have had some surgeries done (sometimes a lot). She’ll look great naked, invest in tons of beauty (anti-aging) products for her face, and truly want to take care of any man she dates. You’d easily mistake a good looking Colombian woman in her early thirt

ies for a 24-27-year-old career chick in the west. These guides will help you in your pursuit.

The Colombian girls in Colombia – Overall

I love the Colombian Girls, but they have a few downfalls. Amazing for short-term relationships and fun – I’m not sure I’d want to marry a Colombian woman. They have too much game and are crafty. For every girl I caught being dishonest, I know there were three others doing the same things (or worse). Still, you should visit and date some Colombian Girls. I promise you won’t regret it. P.S: If you’re headed to Colombia soon and looking to meet some beautiful Colombian Girls in the country – I highly recommend Colombi

a Cupid. The site is by far the best online dating site in Colombia and girls using Colombia Cupid are looking to meet foreign men like you. A monthly membership will cost a bit of cash, but it’s worth it for guys looking to date or hook up with a Colombiana.

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  1. Most guys will gloss over the point about dancing, but it’s a HUGE part of getting laid in Colombia. If you are willing get up and let her teach you a few moves – it can make the difference between getting laid that night or getting blue-balled. The more Spanish and dance skills you have, the easier it will be for you to get laid in Latin America. They are both learnable skills.

    1. So true. You don’t even have to be a good dancer. You just have to get out there and try. If she likes you – she won’t care if you have two left feet. She just wants to see you make the effort. The same goes with learning her language. Just make some type of effort.

  2. Im. Colombian girl and I found this disrespectful, just because you dated some that where like this doesn’t mean all of them are, I’m a very loyal person because in my house they reached me this and I know many other girls that are like me, the mayority but Ofcourse if you date a girl that you meet in a club don’t expect her to be loyal.

    1. I think he was making generalizations, and didn’t mean offense to any one person. For example, the generalization of fat Americans doesn’t apply to me (or probably to the author), but it’s true for many.

    2. Hi I totally agree with you he should go and find a girl at the library I think he will have a different experience that’s a perfect place to find a Princess or a lady ?❤️

  3. Im colombian and just like the other girl who posted, I feel this is completely disrespectful.
    I highly doubt you met enough colombian girls to say we are all the same. Plus, probably you are just a gringo going to clubs and tindering ; as I can tell and guess what, if you go to a club in Colombia or any other country what kind of girl are you trying to find?
    I am seriously struggling to not be rude but… i wish gringos like you just didn’t come here.

    1. This is my first time posting in this blog… Angie… My very first time in Colombia was to help your country get rid of Escobar and it happened in 94… Im now retired and have been back in Colombia and I meet young colombianas everyday when i’m out and about. I meet them in the mall, groceries stores, banks, shopping centers and other places… 99.9% are younger than me… The colombian women I have met compared to the western women I have been with are much more desirable than any women I have met throughout my travels abroad with the US military… They are clearly without a doubt the most gorgeous and sexually aggressive women regardless of what you may think but everyone has their own opinion.. As far as you not wanting people like they individual who started this blog to stay out of your country is ridiculous … I think you’re one of the few colombianas that are trapped in a relationship that has restricted you to what you’re allowed to do or you are just not the attractive type us gringos like, and will go un noticed but thinking you’re the cream dela crim of your your country’s female population…. So all of you women who are offended by this blog and the comments made here how about sexy drop dead gorgeous women should stop reading it because your opinion is not going to make us feel any different about what we will continue to share with each other about what we can do whenever we feel the desire to do so and nobody has the power to stop us,, So zip it up and carry on about your daily chores and your controlling colombian you’re married to,, living with or are alone because you are not able to attract any man for that matter alone. CHOA.

  4. I don’t think you will find the woman of your dreams that you wish to marry in a club .. it could happen but just as it happens in the uk and USA loads of white women just want to desperately have sex and I’m sorry but I think Europeans and North Americans are way worst than what I just read in this article. Clearly all you wanted to have was sex and that’s what you got. If you keep your friend down there a bit more out of control then you will find that Colombian women are actually educated to stay at home and look for a good man who’s not interested in her just because of her body. I’m not saying we all like that, of course you always find what you are looking for. I really don’t know what kind of man disrecpest a woman like this.

    1. No creo que el gringo, Como tu lo llamas ,en un depreciable estilo sudaca y tercermundista este muy lejos de LA verdad cuando describe a las Colombian as Como infieles y bastante pu**$ no the parece??

  5. I live in Chichina Caldas Colombia. The women here are very friendly, work and study hard. They also have immense respect for their families and friends. I have been lucky enough to have made friends with a local cop Jamie and his girlfriend Estrella. Man, if I could begin to tell you the fun we have. I am a gringo that can dance but my Spanish needs work. Jamie speaks English.

    Oh, women. I n met a girl from Palestina, a town 15 minutes from here. I met her on a colectivo coming from Manizales. She’s big by Colombian standards, but she lights up my day. Honest and kind.

    I have lived all over the world. One thing I should say is this: Where ever you go, there you are. Meaning, your experience with people and places are a direct reflection of you.


  6. I agree! Every person is individual!!!! Can’t make general statements about an entire culture of Women!!!!Love conquers all, A woman that truly loves her man is faithful! Also for a man to his mujer! Ladies my number 9152677984!!! Besitos tu mi amor verdad,!!!

  7. Colombian women are constantly sexualized and stereotyped by articles like this. As a Colombian girl, I find it entirely disrespectful for people to go online like this and generalize all Colombian women, calling us fake and dishonest, while continuing still to upkeep this fiery latina stereotype that is so prevalent in society today. These so called “observations” are then carried on from this original article to influence what readers believe about other Colombian/Latina women. Please stop contributing to the mass sexualization of Latina women with degrading articles like this.

  8. I have found the sweetest, loving and most affectionate Colombian women ever. I have had bad experiences with Russian women and American women and decided to finally do something different. Im an American guy that has been looking for real passionate love my entire life and never had any luck until i met Marcela in Colombia, and i have never been happier than i am today. She has illuminated my life completely and I am full of exuberance. I cannot believe anyone would have the audacity to disparage Colombian women in such an offensive way as you have. Where is your integrity, morality and dignity as a person. Marcela has made me the happiest person on this planet and i thank GOD for answering my prayers.

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