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A Man In Demand Academy By Christian McQueen – Review

Much more than just a game guide.

a man in demand previewDamn. I’ve never promoted a program like, A Man In Demand by Christian McQueen. It’s just not my style, but this program is just too damn good to be ignored. I don’t really mess with PUA stuff and game stuff too much. Shit is corny to me. I’m a travel guy. Learn how to get laid and then hit the streets, Tinder and clubs around the world trying to mack exotic chicks.

And luckily, A Man In Demand isn’t about that bullshit. This program is about teaching men how to actually become a better man. Truly a better man. Christian McQueen lays out step by step how to go from never getting laid to being successful in every single aspect of your life.

What A Man In Demand Is?

The Man In Demand Academy is a six-month long course designed to take you from an average guy to an elite guy. Every aspect of becoming a high-value male and meeting more women and better-looking women is covered. Christian didn’t leave any stone unturned while designing his program. The academy is professionally done and well-worth the investment.

What A Man In Demand Academy Isn’t?

While I believe many men will find a lot of value in this program, this isn’t some magic pill. This course isn’t a quick fix. There’s no secret techniques or special information that will take you from zero to hero in 24 hours. What I mean is – there’s no bullshit Internet marketing with this course. Just proven techniques that ensure you become a better man – if you put in hard work over six months.

Who A Man In Demand Was Created For?

McQueen dubbed the course, “a step-by-step system on how to charm girls for shy guys and become a social powerhouse.” And while this is certainly true. I would say this academy is perfect for any man who is truly committed to sleeping with more girls and hotter ones. If you’re looking to actually change your love life, and life overall, then A Man In Demand may be just what you need.

A Few Benefits of the Program

sexy blonde babeAs a course that’s designed to help you become the best man you can be, A Man In Demand is chalk full of benefits. No lie – nearly every aspect of truly becoming a better man have been covered in this program. And like I said before, every aspect of this course will “work” for you – provided you put in the work to find the success you desire.

Here are a few of my favorite aspects of the academy:
  • Body Language

While people have hated on McQueen before, you cannot deny the guy has better body language than just about any one else. And that doesn’t even take into account his vocal tonality. A Man In Demand dives deep into every aspect of body language. From how you sit on a date or in a business setting to how you stand and walk or how you hold a drink in the bar – this program covers it all. If you’ve ever wondered how some men walk into a room and immediately demands attention – you’ll find out in the body language module.

  • Vocal Tonality

McQueen’s voice is pretty impressive. There’s no denying that. And he details exactly how to develop a commanding voice in this program. If you’ve ever felt you voice isn’t manly, the module in A Man In Demand will cure your problem quickly. While vocal tonality isn’t the most important aspect of becoming a better man, we can all admit the more manly your voice it – the easier the game becomes.

  • Affirmations

Failure is not an option. Failure is not an option. Failure is not an option.

Just typing that phrase three times was motivating. While you may think affirmations are basic or corny, there’s no denying how important self-talk is. You can change your life just by how you talk to yourself. A Man In Demand Academy details self-talk and how to positively use affirmations to improve your life. “Failure is not an option,” is just one of the great affirmations McQueen drops in this module.

  • Style

If you’ve ever wanted to dress better or rock a suit, McQueen details exactly how to dress well without going over the top. Christian details every aspect of style. From the nightclub to a house party to a pool party to the first date – the guesswork will be taken out of your dress.

What I really like about this module was how McQueen went into the details of dressing well on a budget and venue selection. A college guy with $100 in his pocket is going to have to make different wardrobe choices than a 31-year-old man in finance. McQueen takes this into account and dishes the dirt of fashion for men in all walks of life.

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  • Talking to Girls

And yeah, the A Man In Demand course details exactly how to talk to girls. Every aspect of the approaching chicks is detailed here. Talking to girls during the day? Check. Night game openers? Check. Direct and indirect approaches? For sure. Christian leaves nothing to the imagination with this aspect of the course – even providing an opener cheat sheet you can download to make things easier.

Flirting is also detailed, along with how to escalate a conversation, go for the number or bounce her to a different venue (i.e. your crib). If you’ve ever wonder what to say to a woman, fear no more – A Man In Demand has you covered from every angle on that front.

  • Texting

Of course, texting girls is covered in detail in the program. McQueen’s style of texting is tailor-made to ensure American girls don’t waste your time before spreading their legs. If you’ve ever lost a “hot” lead due to texting, then this module will do you a lot of good.

P.S.: This program contains the best eBook about texting on the Internet, too.
  • Become a Social Powerhouse

I’m not going to spoil this one for you, but I will say – this module alone is worth the price of admission to the A Man In Demand Academy. Seriously, this shit was crazy impressive. McQueen breaks down exactly how to work a room – not just how to get girls. Even if you’re a seasoned player, this part of the course will take your game from good to fucking great. If you’re not fucking as hot of girls as you’d like to, you NEED this.

Become the Best YOU

I’m not big on promoting info products. Outside of the occasional eBook, I’ve only ever promoted a Spanish language-learning course for players. A Man In Demand Academy was just too good to not tell you about. There’s really only one way to say this…

If you haven’t found the type of success with women that you desire, you’ll will find great value in this course. For all the reasons mentioned above, I highly recommend A Man In Demand Academy.

P.S.: While the course is a bit expensive, it’s definitely worth it. McQueen offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Click here to learn more.

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