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A Beginner’s Guide to Thai Dating – TrulyThai Review

A Beginner's Guide to Thai Dating - TrulyThai Review

What are your reasons for trying out Thai dating?

Are you looking for a Thai girlfriend? A fun Thai girl to show you around Thailand? Or you probably want a Thai bride?

If you answered Yes to one or two of those questions, you should know that you don’t physically have to be in Thailand to meet their gorgeous ladies. The secret is just to be in the right place and at the right time.

Keep reading and learn how to do Thai dating the right way with

Disclaimer: This is also a Truly Thai dating site review

    1. Truly Thai Review: Free vs Paid

Everybody wants to get something for free. I mean who doesn’t, right? But keep in mind that there are always some strings attached when it comes to free things. Like in free Thai dating sites, there are either fake profiles, girls who just ask you for money, or Ladyboys who will trick you to thinking that they are women.

But when you’re in a paid Thai dating site, you can really see that the members are more curated, the security is tighter, and the functionalities are more pleasing to look at and easy to use. The only catch is, you’ve got to pay for what you use.

Premium Member Features

  • Interact with all members

  • Unlimited chat & instant messages

  • Unlimited video chat

  • Read messages from all members

  • Premium customer support

  • The elite badge on your profile

Basic Member Features

  • Browse online and offline profiles

  • Send interests to all members

  • Add friends

  • Advanced search

    1. Thai Girls You’ll Find on TrulyThai

      1. 1. Traditional Thai Girls

There’s always the misconception that all girls from Thailand are either gold diggers or ladyboys. As annoying as that stereotype goes, you’ll actually find more traditional Thai girls as long as you know where to look.

These girls are more on the conservative side and do real actual jobs to support their family. They’re not fond of clubbing and/or drinking. Even if they’re on the traditional side, they’re actually open to dating foreigners but only if the relationship is for long-term and heading for marriage.

      1. 2. Liberated But Good Thai Girls

This type of Thai girl most likely lived in the city for most of her life and has a touch of the west in her, Both in actions and attitude. Compared to the Traditional Thai girl, they’re more on the adventurous side which made them more open to friendships and long-term relationships with a man(though it depends.)

They are also more used to seeing foreign tourists since they live in the city and they can speak English well. They’re mostly from middle-class families and finished their studies in big universities in Thailand.

    1. Truly Thai Review: Pros & Cons

    2. Pros

  • Real Thai Profiles

  • Easy to use features

  • The perfect site if you’re looking for Thai women for marriage and long term relationships

  • Fake profiles are banned immediately

  • Very cheap monthly fee

    1. Cons

  • You’ll need to upgrade your account to get the full Thai dating experience

  • Members are considerably less compared to other dating sites

  • This platform is not for hook ups and casual dating

    1. How to Use Truly Thai: Get Matches in Thailand

      1. 1. Sign Up

Joining a Thai dating site like TrulyThai is not rocket science.

And just like other dating sites, signing up for an account on Truly Thai is free.

Everything is simple and straightforward as it should be. Just type in your name, email, password, and gender(you can get your name wrong, just make sure your gender is not. You don’t want to see a bunch of dudes once you start browsing.)

      1. 2. Set Up Your Profile

Too many guys have made the mistake of going straight to browsing profiles without even setting up their own, then they blame the dating site because no one would respond to them or they couldn’t find anyone. That is an online dating rookie mistake that’s crucial.

Don’t be like those bitter and lazy guys. Follow these steps instead:

  • Upload Your Profile Picture

  • Share a few sentences about yourself.

A beautiful Thai woman online has many guys messaging her, why should she give you the time of day? Why should she respond to your message? What’s so unique about you? Share a little about yourself and what you’re looking for. Be different from those lazy guys who always message her.

  • Share Basic Stuff About You and Your Lifestyle

Who are you and how do you live your life? This might be basic information, but it’s a crucial one. One woman might prefer a guy with children, while another might prefer a college graduate. So better share that info on your profile.

  • What Do You Look Like?

Even if you have a profile photo ready, you still need to describe your appearance for you to appear on searches whenever they’re looking for you. Be as honest as possible here.

  • Describe your ideal match

What relationship are you looking for? Are you looking for a Thai girlfriend or wife? What would be her ideal age? This set of questions might be small, but you know deep down that it’s beneficial.

      1. 3. Find Your Ideal Thai Girl

Looking for the right woman should never be hard. When you visualize her, what qualities do you actually think of?

Trulythai has an Advanced Search feature which you can easily utilize.  

If you’re currently in Thailand, enter the city where you’re at, the age range, select the option to show profiles with photos, and women who have been active within the last week.  

      1. 4. Upgrade Your Truly Thai Account

What can you actually get if you upgrade your basic Truly Thai account?  

The best thing about this is they have a 7-day trial. If you want to test the waters first before committing to 30 days, then this option is for you. And if you’re extra lucky, you might meet some pretty Thai girls before 7 days. That’s probably the best $2.95 you will ever spend.

      1. 5. Chat with Awesome Thai Girls

After you’ve followed those online Thai dating tips, give it a few hours and messages, friend requests, and interests will start pouring on to your account at any moment.  

This guide is proof that Thai dating can be done online. That you don’t actually have to be in Thailand to meet beautiful Thai women. Don’t simply be on any site on the internet, but on a trusted and legit Thai dating site like TrulyThai.

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