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The Secret To Sleeping With as Many Central American Latina Beauties as Possible In 4 Months Without Getting Robbed, Shot or Deported!

From: Masculine Profiles: Former Frustrated American-Turned Over-Sexed Latina Lover Hey man, Ok, so I made it back Stateside. And I’m in one piece. Central America. 4 countries, nearly 4 months, too many girls to count, and god knows how many drunken nights. If you’ve ever thought about taking a trip through Central America and tasting some caramel-skinned latinas, realize this: if a clueless gringo like me with zero Spanish (besides “dos cervezas por favor”) and a self-destructive penchant for ‘raw-dogging’ can have a blast and arrive home safely then anyone can.  The Tinder Template and Traveling with Tinder are awesome resources, try them here.

What Have I Been Doing Since I Got Back?

Glad you asked. Aside from the sex addicts meetings, I’ve been in ‘full on writer’ mode. For me that means banging on a keyboard for 18 hours a day, not showering or shaving for days and…no girls. Well, just messaging all my peachy ass Central American girls – who are all begging me to go back and see them.


Snip20150930_28I’ve captured it all in this book. Every drunken night out, every big-titted 18-year-old, every border crossing, every date with a Panamanian model. It’s all here. The whole enchilada. Call it part travel guide, part sex travel memoir and part pickup bible for men who love women from Central America.

Actually, scratch that. Imagine Hunter S. Thompson never went to Vegas but actually banged his way through Central America then wrote a book of off-the-wall adventures called ‘Fear and Loathing in Central America.’ You get the idea. Anyway, this book is a must-read for every Western man visiting Central America to bang…WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. I tell you where the hot girls party on Friday nights in Panama City. I tell you if Tinder, Badoo or OK Cupid has lots of dime-pieces looking to hook up in Costa Rica. I even tell you about little-known cities off the beaten path where no travelers go and the girls will be lining up to ‘experience’ a gringo. I go into deep, deep details on girls from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador. For example, some of the countries down there are a bit conservative. Religious traditions run deep so don’t think you’ll be pulling club skanks into the bathroom like you did in Vegas. Not that there aren’t slutty girls in Central America. There are. You just need to know where to find ‘em.

medium_12217787615Ok. Let’s talk about safety here for a second. I wanted to mention it because I know it’s on your mind if you’re thinking about a trip to Central America. Don’t worry, in this book I’ve got you covered. I tell you where its safe to walk around at night and where to stay the fuck out of unless your name is Chuck Norris.

Seducing Central American Girls Has Never Been Easier!

I’ve been the ‘Central America player guinea pig’ so you don’t have to. Now, most travel guides tell you which hotel doesn’t have bed bugs and where you can find $3 tacos. I mean, if you’re looking for a book that says stuff like “I’m only giving this hostel 4 stars instead of 5 because they only change the bed sheets twice a week instead of three”, then this book isn’t for you. PURCHASE NOW

Sorry. Go and join a backpacker forum. But if you’re a ‘flag-hunting’ International Playboy like me then you’ll want to know stuff like:

  • Which are the best hotels and hostels with the best logistics and girl friendly staff (Imagine you pull a smokeshow out of the night club, and then you have to take a 30 min cab ride to your place, and then once you get there some sourpuss receptionist refuses to let her in!)
  • Which countries are the best for ONS and easy girls.
  • If you’ve ‘had your fill’ of that and you’re looking for a ‘good girl’ then I tell you where to find the girls that make the best girlfriends. Some of the sweetest, most loyal girls you’ll ever meet.
  • Which countries and cities in Central America have the best English if your Spanish is a bit malo.
  • What are the tricks for hacking online dating in Central America so you can have them begging to meet you.

PURCHASE NOW Snip20150929_12

…And mucho, mucho more.

A Bachelor’s Guide To Central America

Nearly 42,000 words covering a full range of topics, city guides, money-saving tips, accommodation recommendations, known scams, advice for picking up local 9s with a few personal stories sprinkled in there. Absolutely everything you need to start enjoying the life and women in Central America is covered between in this 3-part book.

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I truly want to help you make sweet love to as many curvy Central American girls as possible.

Snip20150930_28This is possibly the most important investment you can ever make if you want to get laid regularly in Central America. Every time you have a cinnamon-colored latina riding you and screaming “Ay si Papi!” thanks to a tip you read in this book, you will realize the value of what you learned.

Just leave some girls for me, would you? Muchas Gracias, Masculine Profiles P.S. Got a question? Contact me with anything you’d like to know.


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