7 Ways to Get Naughty With Your Girlfriend

7 Ways to Get Naughty With Your Girlfriend

Love is meant to be enjoyed. And it doesn't matter how long you have been together with your girlfriend, because finding true companionship in each other is mainly all you need to start your relationship from the right foot. But then you will have to work a little bit harder to maintain the spark. One of the many ways to ensure this is by discovering various techniques to get naughty with her, during those private moments.

We compiled a list of what every woman needs for your to-do list.

1: Do Some Dirty Talk

If you're like most men, then you must have found yourself avoiding dirty talk whenever you're with your girlfriend. While you might view this as some sort of respect for her, she actually wants to hear you spill some detailed raunchy words. Get vocal!

2: Undress Her

And no, we are not talking about the rushed half-way way of undressing for a quickie, but rather the slow-motion sensual one or an aggressive one. Make her feel how much you want her with some kisses and soft gaze.

3: Allow Her To Take Charge

If you always find yourself taking charge in the bedroom, now is the time to let her explore with you. Help her position herself on top of you and play " I am your slave" part. You will be surprised by her wildness.

4: Use A Vibrator On Her

Gone are the days when people used to negatively label sex toys. But to be sure about her feelings towards this, bring it up as part of your normal conversations and see her reaction. If she seems not to mind, then you can throw in a line like" honey let's click here and check out the various varieties online." It will be fun going through the best vibrators list together and selecting one for your intimate adventure. She will love you even more for this!

5: Blindfold Her

There is nothing that ignites the passion of love like anticipation. Take charge of things and blindfold her. Then slowly undress her and make out as you have never done before. Only that this time she won't tell when and where to expect the next kiss.

6: Get Down There

If you have been enjoying her giving you a blow job, then know she also needs that down there. You don't have to penetrate her for her to orgasm, in fact, most women need clitoral rubbing to cum. So make your tongue your ride or die sex weapon.

7: Make Her Moan

Women can be so good at holding their inner feelings inside. Don't settle for this. Source out for her weak point and concentrate there until she can't hold her voice anymore. Let her make noise and tease her to scream louder if she wants more. You can even record her for both of you to listen to it later.

From the above-stated tips, it's evident that there are various ways to enjoy your sex life with your girlfriend. You just have to be creative and be ready to take charge and be controlled at the same time. You can also be gentle or aggressive. Whichever way you two love it, remember it's all about you. So enjoy each other to the fullest!

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