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7 Terrible First Date Ideas

You have probably asked girls out numerous times. Most men stick to several organizational patterns – they always prefer the same type of activities for dates. Other men are trying to be creative and invest their mind into unusual date ideas. Both – stick-to-pattern and creative guys – have the same chances to fail at creating the right image. Or they just might make the wrong choice.

Some date ideas are not just bad – they create an irreversible effect that will never let you get a second chance. Some of them are so popular that you would be amazed by how they even work. Thanks to our Brides Russian Stars friends, we were able to gather this list. Dive in!

1. Meeting the family

There are time and place for everything in this world. The initial phase of your relationship is not the best time to get your girlfriend acquainted with your family members. Aside from being anxiety-provoking, it is likewise quite a serious step. If you are not ready to become committed, family meetings make little sense. In the end, a girl might not want to tolerate your family’s peculiarities while you two are not that close. Seriously, it’s pretty awkward.

2. Cinema

You are probably surprised. Going to the cinema is one of the most popular date ideas – and one of the worst ones. The thing is – during the date, you need to communicate and understand each other, trying to find something in common. Movie theaters don’t give such opportunity because you stare a screen the entire time. Going to a movie can be a part of the date, but don’t make it the only event. For example, go get some light food or desserts, talk for an hour or two, and then for to the cinema. That is already loads better than going just to the movie. This way, you’ll be able to talk and connect BEFORE the movie. Then after the movie you can form some inside jokes based on your previous conversation.

3. Playing Sports

Everybody wants a girl who is not only sweet and attractive, but also pretty fit. However, why would you want to challenge her by taking her on a hiking date or a long bicycle session? Nothing that takes too much effort and makes her feel tired will work at the first date because your’e making her do TOO MUCH WORK. If you are really into sports and want to have some fun playing soccer or skiing (which is not that romantic as they show in movies), ask her about it beforehand. Overall, playing sports just isn’t a great date idea. Instead, try watching one live or at a bar.

4. Eating Greasy Junk food

Healthy foods are exceedingly trendy in the contemporary world. Nonetheless, many people still love to please themselves with some cheeseburgers, BBQ, chips, street foods etc. Unfortunately, it’s not the best choice for the date – and for several reasons. First, girls sometimes feel awkward eating in front of someone they barely know – junk food can be messy. Second, you risk looking cheap when you invite girls to this kind of places because, well, you probably are a little cheap. Either that or you have a strange obsession with crappy food. Third, she probably prefers other kinds of foods. Women care more about their body than men so try going to a DECENT sit down that has a variety of foods. Some lighter entrees, nice salads, and even larger main courses should all be available for your consumption.

5. Hanging Out With your Friends

If you date someone, it means you will eventually get her acquainted with a bunch of your close friends. However, making in during the initial stage of your developing relationship is a terrible, especially if a specific range or interests (same school, workplace, gaming, tourism…) connects you and your friends, and your prospective girlfriend has nothing to do with it. You’ll also seem too bro-ey and will probably end up ignoring her in favor of your friends so this is definitely not a good idea. Don’t even try to do a double date for the first date unless it’s with HER friends.

6. Going to a club

No one can actually explain why they like clubbing. We can understand people that want to get wasted and dance until their bodies ache. But taking a girl to the club while you don’t know each other very well makes little sense. Just as in a case with cinema, you will have no opportunity to communicate properly. It guarantees a failure instead of a great time. That, and there is a good chance she’ll get hit on by a ton of guys.

7. Inviting her home

Yeah, we know – your apartment looks great, it’s cozy and you can have a lot of fun just watching movies or talking while sitting on a couch and drinking wine. If you were in her shoes, you would understand that such invitations commonly mean that you want to have sex with her. It’s a trend in the modern world. You have no other choice than be more creative than that. However, if you’re just looking for one date pump and dump then it’s so bad. Just make sure you go to a bar first and use some class to get her back. Always have a good excuse ready and lined up so that even if she says yes (she’ll still see right through your excuse) she won’t feel bad.


Avoid these date ideas and you can’t go wrong. Sure, some of these may work out in specific situations, but overall it’s best to think of some great alternatives. That way, you can end up getting that second, third, fourth date and settle down a bit from that crazy life I know you’re living.

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  1. Completely disagree with #7. Inviting girls directly to your house filters out the ones that are a waste of time and leaves only the ones that want to bang.

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