6 Ways Dermal Fillers Can Find You The Love Of Your Life

The skin naturally produces collagen, which keeps our skin elastic against loose fat or wrinkles. The production of this essential protein keeps decreasing as we get older until the skin doesn’t produce enough collagen to be tight or enough hyaluronic to keep itself hydrated. Aging goes way beyond than just some fine lines or wrinkles, the evenly distributed fat under our skin that supports our facial contour also decreases. So it was only logical that science comes up with many solutions to fight the ugly side effects of aging. Dermal fillers are a way to restore the lost fat volume in our faces and necks to restore the youthful look we lost. Fillers can also be used to enhance our natural beauty to create more pleasing facial features and proportions. There is no shame in doing any cosmetic, plastic surgeries, or using any beauty treatment to feel better about ourselves and to find happiness. So here are 6 ways dermal fillers can make your life better and even help you find the love of your life.

1. Get Rid Of Low Self-Esteem

Fixing what you don’t like about your appearance comes from a point of strength rather than weakness like some people advertise. Holding your head up to admit what you want to change and going for it can restore your lost self-esteem and give you the mood boost you need to put yourself out there again. Loving yourself by giving yourself the mood and self-esteem boost with dermal fillers will be the first step towards finding a suitable match to spend the rest of your life with.

2. Finding Your Self-Confidence

People find building their confidence to be much easier rather than their self-esteem, usually even mistaken one for the other. Dermal fillers might be just the thing you need to give yourself a little push to be able to believe in yourself and to redefine your self-worth. We often settle for less when we don’t have enough self-confidence or self-love, dermal fillers might give you the confidence boost you need to start valuing yourself for what you really are.

3. Bigger Lips Are In

Ever since Kylie Jenner decided to give herself the big lips we know her for, and the world became obsessed. Women who have been self-conscious about their lips their whole lives were encouraged to do something about what's bothering them without shaming themselves. Using dermal fillers to enhance your facial features doesn’t make you any less of a feminist or pro-empowerment.

4. It Might Help Your Love Life And Your Career

Kylie Jenner injected her lips with fillers and the next thing you know, she has a successful career and a boujie makeup line that focuses mainly on the lips. Derma fillers gave her the confidence she lacked her entire life to find her passion in life which got her to be the youngest self-made millionaire and she made it to Forbes’ covers. All started with a simple lip injection. For all we know, you might be the next Kylie Jenner.

5. You Will Be More Sociable

Beginning your journey to self-love and transforming your points of weakness to points of strengths will undoubtedly give you enough confidence to start putting yourself out there. Once you start being confident and getting out more to make new friends, you will have a bigger social network. This will eventually give you more chances to meet new people and hopefully finding what you are looking for. Your love might be around the corner yet the question remains, are you ready for them?

6. You Will Look Younger

Dermal fillers unquestionably help to give you a healthier and a more youthful look. You might need to do some research as there many decisions when it comes to the type of the treatment you are looking for. Restylane and Juvederm are two types of injections that are used with hyaluronic acid to plump your face and lips. Both are safe and injected sometimes with lidocaine to reduce the pain, both costs vary between $300 and $600. While Juvederm is mostly used for cheeks and around the lips or the lips themselves, Restylane is mostly used around the eyes. Consulting a specialist if you are still not sure Restylane or Juvederm will work better for your skin, is the best way to make sure you will get the results you are after. It might take only one injection for your skin to feel plump, smooth, and healthy and it can last you for quite some time.

Do Your Research

It’s amazing what a little pick me up can do for your love life, and it’s not just about the way you look. If you look better, you feel better, and you give off that energy, and positive energy is bound to draw love into! Fillers can be used as a preventive method just as they can be used for treatment. There are many different substances and many different types. You need to have a clear image about what you want exactly out of your fillers and do your research accordingly. If you are still unsure about the type of fillers to go forward, you can always book a consulting session with your dermatologist to help you define your desired outcome and draw a map of the road that you should follow.

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