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People are like leaves on different trees - you will never find two absolutely similar leaves. (One thing is at least 96 % true, women love cunnilingus. Oral sex has been over-enjoyed selfishly by men far too long).  This is what I recognize when I think about people. We are all different. Our appearance is not the only thing that makes us completely individualistic. Our worldview, thinking, our plans, and psyche differs us from each other more than anything else. Women are not identical as well.

​There is no a universal recommendation, a tip, or an advice that will make you an ideal lover. Oral sex for her will put you over the rest in many ways, not only will you  make her body happy, you will also show her that you want to make her happy, even when it requires a little effort on your part

Oral Sex

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 With Anna, you can be her ideal lover. However, when you implement the same approach to Samantha, she will reject you since she does not like the things Anna loves. Oral sex, in most cases, they will both enjoy and cherish the fact that you do it. Hence, every girl requires a unique understanding and approach. At the same time, there are a lot of things that unite all women.

In this helpful blog post, I will provide you with some of the most effective recommendations on how to become an ideal lover.

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As I have mentioned before, all women are different. Therefore, no doubts, different women prefer different things. Your current girlfriend may not be as sexually perverted as your previous one was. For this reason, you should avoid fatal mistakes that might destroy your relationship.

Women are very sensitive to their body, the subject here is cunnilingus, oral sex for her. If she doesn't feel fresh she will turn down your attempt to godown on her. Find out, if you don't know her well yet, if that was a one time turn down to accept oral sex for her, or is it that she doesn't like it when you go down on her. It's ok to ask!! 

There are definitely a lot of common things that almost every woman loves. For example, every girl wants to be caressed, fondled and kissed in sex. Of course, sometimes, they might prefer hardcore sex. However, I bet there is no a single girl in this world who dislikes being caressed in sex. 

Pro input from a Woman

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Oral Sex

 It is always good to talk with your woman about sex. Ask her about her preferences. Don't be shy. Ask about all the details you are interested in. I am sure she will tell you everything that will further enhance your sexual life thereby making you her ideal lover.


No matter what culture do you live in: Western or Eastern, it is common when a woman is supposed to be excellent in oral sex. Whilst it is natural when a woman pleasures her partner orally, most of the men around the globe consider cunnilingus to be a non-manly thing. I am sure that intelligent and educated men treat cunnilingus with respect and pleasure.

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You can try it free, from home before you go. That's one of the great things about online dating, you can create friendships before you leave your laptop at home. You can get to know each other, even build trust before you are both ​even on the same continent.

You definitely want to become an ideal lover to all women you will have sexual affairs with. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article. We have come to a very important point. It is cunnilingus. If you want to be an ideal lover without being perfect in cunnilingus, then, you can leave this article up. It is not for you.

On the other hand, if you treat it normally as it should be, you should know that all women enjoy being caressed orally. Some of them love cunnilingus more than vaginal sex. A professional cunnilingus gives your women unforgettable feelings and emotions. Improving your oral sex skills will be your second step to becoming an ideal lover.

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We usually don't understand and even underestimate women's emotional feelings. We are filled with testosterone, and therefore, hardcore sex is one of the things almost every man will enjoy. Women treat sex differently. There are absolutely different things that turn women on. Whilst men are sexually aroused by visual signals, a woman needs to be turned on emotionally.

Foreplay must be a must if you want to be an ideal lover. All women love foreplays. It should last from 15 to even 30 minutes. There is nothing wrong if foreplay takes 40 minutes. Enjoy these moments. Sex is not all about inserting and moving your penis in her vagina. Sex is more than simply physical feelings. Learn to control your sexual arousal. Do be in a hurry to get inside. Fondle her till she is hot and wet.


Women love beautiful words. No matter what you are doing, women love receiving compliments all the time. Do not forget about it during sex. You can use some dirty words if your sex partner likes it. It is absolutely acceptable in sex.  In addition, dirty words make sex more passionate?


When a man reaches the climax, he will usually forget about his lover. Some even close their eyes and sleep. 

oral sex

This is a fatal mistake. When you have reached the climax, sex is not over yet. The climax is not a culmination of a sexual act. You are still with your girl in your bed. You should not forget about fondling after the climax. Most of your women will never tell you this, however, they all hate when men forget about them after the climax.

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These are the basic tips that will make you an ideal lover. The first tip is a universal advice. As long as you understand what your woman loves and hates, you will do everything to please her in sex. 

Latin American is a great place to find a fabulous woman, or many fabulous women. We recommend Latin American Cupid dating site. A guy from our staff uses it and had met wonderful women in Latin America and highly recommends. You can check it out for free.

What is more, you will definitely avoid the things that might displease her. Improving your oral sex skills will require some education and practice. However, you will definitely succeed in it if you wish. I believe in you. Other tips things will require your mere attention.

There is a huge library of tools for you to access to learn the tricks and moves to enhance your cunnilingus skills. How to make a woman orgasm

Online dating has become a great way to meet women all over the world, really helping men find women that simply would not have been available to them 10-20 years ago. International Cupid Dating site is awesome, check it out for free. Asian Dating is fabulous if you are traveling that area.

Wish you success and good luck in the art of seduction! 

Oral Sex

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