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5 Ways To Improve Online Dating Messages

​Here are five quick ways to improve your online dating messages.

Happy hunting gents,

Don't use online dating messages like seemingly every other douche on the Internet. Be different! Hell, be weird if you have to. It’s better to come off as a odd character online than the cookie-cutter chode that most guys attempting to date online come off as.​

​Look, if you are striving to have success dating online, you have to destroy your competition. You must display yourself as higher value than the other males online. Use humor. Be different. Make yourself the adventure that she is missing in her life.

Here's a great article we did on online dating in Latin America.

Think about it, these women are dating online, Use Great Dating Messages

They are on these sites for a reason. Something is missing in their lives. Fill that void. And I am not speaking in the sense of an innuendo.

​A key thing to remember is to have a lower amount of investment in the relationship than the girl.  To maintain this facade, short opening dating messages are necessary.

As a general rule, your opener should be only a short paragraph of a few sentences.

 A girl is not going to want to read much more than that from a stranger and even if it is clever and brilliant, she will wonder, “why this guy is investing so much time on me?”

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Dating Messages

This is the easiest way to separate oneself online

​It is also one of the most important parts of spitting or typing, proper online game. A majority of men never do this, much less even consider doing this online, or in person.</p>
<p> To qualify a girl, simply ask her a question that forces her to tell you why she is special in someway. This changes the game and makes her seem like she is trying to prove something to you, not you trying to win her over. Qualifying can be used as an opening messaging or as one of your initial follow up messages.

​When she responds, you want to practice mirroring.  If she only responds with a curt, couple word sentence, try to match her in length or be even shorter. ​

Don’t write paragraphs with your online dating messages...

​ Unless she is.  Review your online conversations.  If you see that you are writing the vast majority of the words, you are writing way too much.  

Tone it down, you do not have answer every one of her questions or tell her your entire day start to finish if she asks.  ​

​These lengthy responses ring a bell that you are attracted and want her.  Usually, when a woman senses this, it starts to kill her attraction to you.

​​Get The Number Quickly. Never become a digital pen pal with a girl with your online dating messages.

Not only is it a wasted use of your time, but the girl will resent you for it as well.

Dating Messages

The ideal time to ask for her number...

​ is between the third through the sixth message back and forth. Any earlier in the interaction and you come off as desperate. Any later in the interaction and you are getting eerily close to pen pal territory​.

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Dating Messages
Dating Messages

Here's a great write up on the writing the first message written by MenAskEm.

Here’s how to level up with your first message:

1. Focus on quality, not quantity.  

Unfortunately, many guys try to message a bunch of girls, instead of just the ones who are the best.....

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