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3 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Have Sex

3 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Have Sex

Sex feels great, well it does if you’re doing it right! We love a good roll in the hay for an obvious reason – it makes us feel good. Did you know however that sex is also incredibly good both for our physical and mental health?

I’m sure you’ve heard reports that today’s youth is having less sex than ever. The fools! Not only are they missing out on the single purest pleasure you can have on this funny blue planet of ours. They are also doing their health a disservice. It’s no wonder teenagers today look so unhealthy and grumpy. Go get some kids!

Read on below and I will let you in on three reasons why you should be doing everything in your power to get your rocks off a little bit more often. Your health depends on it people. After reading this you might even be tempted to go out and buy a better bed. You’re gonna need it!

Sex gives you a great workout

sex and health

Ok, quick question. Why do we go to the gym, or go jogging or swim, or do any exercise? Easy, to look and feel better. Why are we trying to look and feel better? Easy, To attract, or keep, a mate. 

Yep, whether we are conscious of this fact or not, the majority of our actions are driven by an evolutionary design to ‘get some’. What’s ironic is that sex is actually a great workout in itself. You could save a fortune on gym memberships by just staying at home in bed with your favourite special friend. 

Now, unless you have the sexual-stamina of a Greek god, or you’re engaged in Sting-like tantric marathons, you’re probably not going to burn a huge amount of calories in any one session. Most positions it’s thought will burn about as much as 30 minute hike. But if you think about it sex is actually the perfect exercise because it combines all manner of different activities. It’s one part weight lifting, one part pilates, one part yoga, one part aerobics.

If you are a calorie counter then certain positions will burn more or less depending on your role.  Ladies, Khloé Kardashian swears by the reverse cowgirl. Men, research suggests that doggie style or just plain old missionary will give you more of workout.

sex and health

Sex is the perfect stress relief

Hormones often get a bad rep. They are often associated in women at least with an emotional time of the month for instance. This bad press is a little unfair as hormones dictate every single thing we feel and do.

Hormones certainly have a lot to do with sex. When we enjoy a little hide the pickle with our partner, our body is flooded with a chemical known as - oxytocin. Also known colloquially by those in the know as the ‘love hormone’. Oxytocin makes us feel incredible close to our partner. It fills us full of a sense of safety and comfort. It’s one of the reasons we sleep so very well after a good shag. More on that below.

Sex also plays a very important role in flushing a hormone called cortisol from our system. Cortisol, also referred to as the ‘stress hormone’ is the chemical responsible for triggering our fight or flight response. It was a very useful substance in our caveman days when we were faced with sabre-toothed tigers around every corner, it’s less useful now when the things we worry about are being late to meetings and forgetting to reply to emails.

A build up of cortisol leads to increase anxiety, stress and even depression, fortunately the cocktail of happy hormones such as endorphins released during sex seems to chase cortisol away. Yay!

sex and health

Sex helps us sleep

Sex is a great sleep aid, firstly your body is tired from the physical exertion, your mind is clear and stress free and your system has been flooded with a cocktail of mood lifting neurotransmitters. Things get even better if you’ve all managed to reach the magical O.

When you orgasm the body is flooded with a hormone known as prolactin, yep another hormone! Prolactin makes you feel relaxed, peaceful, tranquil and drowsy. All things that make it very easy to sleep.

Now you could be thinking, well if all I need to do to get a good night’s rest is to orgasm, then I can do that myself. I’d say go ahead. It certainly can’t harm your odds. Research has however discovered that the amount of prolactin produced after intercourse is a mind-boggling 400% greater than after simply taking care of business yourself.

So, there you have it my frisky friends, it’s not an apple a day that will keep the doctor away, its a roll in the hay.

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