11 Reasons Why You Have No Tinder Matches

Meeting chicks on Tinder isn’t easy – until it is. If you’re lamenting about why you have no Tinder matches each and every night, do not despair. I’m going to break down exactly why you Tinder game is lame. I’ll show you how to go from zero to hero on the app. And if we're honest, the main reason you’re struggling on Tinder, you haven’t purchased and mastered The Tinder Template is on right now with 30 trial.  We also offer private, one on one Tinder Consulting. 2 different options here, 1) The Tinder Consultant, and , 2) The comprehensive Tinder Coach.

no tinder matches

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If you’re tired of having no Tinder matches, read below for some tough love tips and tricks:

Here's an article on 3 qualities women want, 3 Tinder rules: 

1. You have no Tinder Matches Because Your Photos Suck

Point. Blank. Period. If you have no Tinder matches, your photos suck. Now before you get your panties all in a bunch, I didn’t say you were ugly, Man. I said your pictures suck ass. There’s a big difference. See, a lot of good-looking dudes have no idea how to present themselves as an attractive man in photos. They post photos with their bros, or creepy bathroom selfies, or a picture where they’re smiling so big you’d think they’re getting a rim job while it was taken. Really, this guide will make a huge difference.


no tinder matches
Tinder Consultations

really big boobsNone of the above is attractive to women on Tinder. Girls on Tinder are looking for one thing, and one thing only – dick. They want hot sex from a hot guy, but you need to remember one thing, hot is relative. You being attractive is a figment of her imagination. Girls don’t know or care what they think; the only relevant factor is how she feels.

You must instantly give girls a “feeling” as she incessantly swipes through your photos. The goal of this feeling is hopefully sexual attraction, but baby steps may be necessary. If you’ve got no Tinder matches, check out this piece on Tinder profile photos first.

2. Your “About” Section Blows

A lot of dudes write "About" sections, or Tinder bios, that absolutely blow. Instead of portraying themselves as a fun, flirty and sexy guy - they come off as a dweeb or a try-hard. We have some great tips for just this right hereIt's commonplace, don't feel bad. 

Before I go to far into your bio on Tinder, it's important to note that your photos are worth 5-10X the value of your bio. As I've said before, if she's looking at your bio, then she's already interested in your photos. So that's good news.

The bad news is your Tinder bio can make or break the swipe. A lame bio can hurt even the best-looking guys on the app. So I'll give you one quick tip, avoid using "I'm" in your bio as much as possible. Which sounds better?

I'm a civil engineer who enjoys the outdoors.


Just a civil engineer looking for an adrenaline junky to tag along.

While neither bio is ideal, I think we can both agree the second one is better. If you're looking for more info about crafting a great Tinder bio, check this out.

3.You Didn’t Write a Tinder Bio

You know those chicks on Tinder who have no bios, three photos and no mutual friends or interests? They're usually bots, roughly 95% of the time. Chicks see Tinder bots, too.

Here's an article on the Tinder Hook Up:
So if your profile doesn't have text, you're hurting your chances of that swipe right. If you have no "About" section on Tinder, then you can't complain about having no Tinder matches. Also, don't make it look like shit. Girls aren't as easy and shallow as us guys so that won't fly.

Use the guide I created above to help you throw something into your profile.


Did You Fart Meme“Hi”, “Hey” and the like are not getting responses these days unless you’re fucking gorgeous. Let’s just be real. And chicks that claim to love, “cheesy pickup lines” are clear cut attention whores on Tinder.

So you need some lines that meet in the middle. They’re more than one word, but they’re not cheesy as fuck. They should be an easy clever sentence designed to to surprise.  When no Tinder matches isn’t a problem, but messaging is – check this post out.

Here’s a list of Tinder Dating books, choose the one, or them all, get them and make it happen.

5. Your Follow-Up Game is Lame

Messaging is an art form. It's not easy; I won't lie. Girls love attention and need to be entertained. Once she's hooked, you can stick to simple questions, but it can be hard to get to that point with some chicks. You have to get her in conversation without asking too many questions. The fortune is in the follow-up!! Here are some great tips. So here are my two rules:

  • Try not to ask questions when you can make a comment. For example, don't say, "That's a cute dog. What kind is he?", say, "I would so steal you dog. He'd like me more than you." You're still talking about your dog, but now it's flirty and not just questions. After a little banter, you can ask what kind of dog it is (if you have to).
  • Ask questions that you need to know. You don't need to know how her day is going. You've never met her. Why do you care if she's having a shit day or the best day of her life? You do need to know, "What part of town do you live in?" and "What are you looking for on here?" The answers to these questions will lead you to actually meeting up down the road.

6. You’re Too Chatty

no tinder matchesgreat rackBanter is absolutely necessary on Tinder and while texting, but you can only chat so much before meeting up in person. This is particularly the case in the dick buffet that is the United States.

There is a fine line between staying on her radar until you meet and building a connection to becoming her text buddy. Anything over ten back and forths on Tinder before getting her number is too much.                                                                                                                                                               Find out the important information, get her number, and text her. That’s how to close 101.


7. You Play It Too Cool

Playing it too cool is the opposite of being too chatty. You have to show some vulnerability. You have to put yourself out there a little bit. This means you'll have to ask her some questions and make an attempt to relate to her as a human being. We can help, check this out.

Here's another article if you're not getting any Tinder Matches

There's no need to be a hard ass while on Tinder. Flirt and have fun, just avoid coming off as needy. It'll take some practice, but you'll find that fine line soon enough. Don't overthink it. You'll naturally get there as you talk to more women on Tinder.

Just remember, it's not an app for messaging. It's an app to get laid. Use Tinder, get her #, meet up, and get laid. It's as easy as that.

8. You have no Tinder Matches because You Live In a Shitty City

If you have no Tinder matches, it could just be your location. Tinder is ass in many places. In other places, you can have sex with a new girl every day using Tinder. If you're a man in his twenties living in a city under one million people, you're doing yourself a grave disservice.

Many men (like Rob) continually lament how a man shoots himself in the foot by living in small towns and cities. If you're a single man living in the suburbs, you're literally shooting yourself in the foot from a sexual standpoint. Move! Live in a shitty studio next to the bars. Get some roommates in the restaurant district. Do whatever it takes to live in a decent sized city.

Needless to say this is pretty hard to get around. Obviously not everyone can just move whenever they want. However, you'll definitely want to expand the radius more than normal. Our "Traveling with Tinder" can help you get out of the box and into a strangers bed.

Here's a list of Tinder Dating books, choose the one, or them all, get them and make it happen, CLICK HERE

9. You have no Tinder Matches because Your Logistics Are Terrible

  • This goes back to the city thing. If you cannot walk to bars from your home, you've already lost half the battle. We don't have to discuss how alcohol is essentially sex fuel for winners. You know how to win. Get drunk with her. Bait her back home. The last step is very important. Particularly the bait bit.

    Throw on some smooth tunes. Pour her a glass of wine. Whip your dick out. It's not complex, gents. In fact, you might as well write this down and repeat it t yourself 10 times every morning.

    I hear stories of guys living in butt fuck Egypt and wonder why they can't get laid. It's not you - it's your city and logistics. Traveling With Tinder is a great travel companion for the active traveling bachelor. 

10. You Don’t Use The App Enough, that's why you have no Tinder Matches

The Tinder algorithm is a complex son of a bitch. I won't sit here fronting like I know exactly how it works. I will say that if you don't use the app for a couple of days (up to a week), you'll probably get more matches the next time you start swiping.

If you don't use the app for a couple of weeks, you'll be so far down the match results that you may never get seen by girls in your area. If you want more Tinder matches, make it a rule to use the app every 1-3 days. Otherwise, your profile will rot, decay, and it will no longer be shown to the women we're trying so hard to get in bed.

11. You Haven’t Bought My Book Yet, this is really why you have no Tinder Matches

Snip20150930_27While the quick tips above will ensure the problem of no Tinder matches no longer eludes you, I know some guys want detailed advice that’ll take your Tinder game from no matches to balls deep in a matter of days.

If that’s you, then check out my best-selling book, The Tinder Template. It’s that all killer, and no filler. Just actionable advice designed to help you make sweet sex with girls using the app.

You’ll find detailed examples on how to meet women, actionable opening messages, and tons of different ways and techniques to get laid.

Best of all, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

24 Replies to “11 Reasons Why You Have No Tinder Matches”

  1. Basically, Tinder is a joke.Even with the best pics etc. etc. etc. no bitch will respond unless your a model. Tips and tricks achieves zippo…..

    1. What? Girls respond, and I am not gorgeous by any means. I would agree that 3/4 girls don’t respond though, or at least the ones you REALLY want to respond don’t end up responding.

  2. Just ask a girl out in real life, and use Tinder if you can make it work for you. But if your game is weak in real life, then you’re missing out on all the non-algorithm-matches that could work for you (rather than work for whatever the algorithm offers you based on it’s flaws or contrivances that work against you).
    However, sadly, even when men are polite these days, they can get an aggressive response… Society is anti-male, face it. Then change it. Women did. We can show them we can do better.

  3. It works for me, im 43 shaved head and a little fluffy. These girls live me on here. I live in gv fl, yeah UF college town. All my hookups are early 20’s . Be a salesman for yourselves and stop thinking it all has to do with looks. Again, these girls fuckin love me here and im far from a model. I am cute tho. Happy hunting!

  4. How about some advice from a woman?!

    1. Contrary to the article, not all girls are only on tinder for dick. It is a changing landscape with many people wanting something more meaningful. If you want hookups, swipe right on the woman who want hookups. If you are just out for sex and swipe right on someone looking for a relationship, they won’t respond no matter how hot you are. For those girls, the immediate request for sex makes you come off as a creepy perv. Conversely, if you want something meaningful, avoid profiles of girls just looking for sex. To them you are potentially clingy baggage. Know your audience.

    2. Lay off the mirror selfies!!! Do you not have any friends that can take a picture of you? Do you never leave your bathroom and engage in any fun activities where pics are taken? Or worse case, do you not know how to use the camera on your phone to take pics of you somewhere other than in a mirror by using facial recognition or hand gestures? On the subject, why do so many guys feel the need to take selfies in the front seat of their car?!

    3. Have at least one picture of you smiling and take off the damn sunglasses in at least one photo. Many girls are first attracted to eyes and a smile. You may think the deadpan glare makes you look sexy, but you just look like a cold, ignorant douche who hates life and doesn’t know how to have fun.

    4. Show your face! Even a girl desperate for sex would have to be really desperate to intentionally match with you when they can’t even see you. If you matched with girls then didn’t get a reply back it is probably because they were swiping right on everyone then when they saw no pictures weren’t interested. This goes for blurry photos, distance photos, memes, pics of cars and motocycles, pics of your tattoos, etc. It is fine to include a couple of those to show your interests and personality, but not as your only photos!

    5. Refer to point 1-know your audience. If you are just out for sex, skip the pics of you with your kids, your dog, etc. Stick with your shirtless selfies with your pants rolled down as low as you can possibly get them without showing your dick or the close-ups of your tightie whities and your hard-on.

    6. Avoid group shots. If it is the only photo, refer to point 4-we aren’t going to play Russian roulette trying to figure out which one you are. That being said, if there is a group shot with a couple of hot guys and an unattractive guy, we know 9 times out of 10 you are the unattractive one, and seeing all your hot friends just makes it that much more disappointing when we slide to the next pic and confirm our suspicions.

    7. Totally agree with the article. Nothing will get you unmatched faster than a first message of hey, hi, or whassup?

    8. For those looking for more than sex, remember, you only get one shot to make a first impression. Why post pics of you with other women, drunk and giving the camera the finger, tongue hanging out, holding up fish or standing over dead bloody animals, or otherwise doing things that would impress your buddies but not your girlfriend? No wait, scratch that. Please keep doing that because it really helps weed through the pack!

      1. Tinder seems more of a dating app to me nowadays; half of the profiles I look at say “no hookups”. This has been the case with almost all locations I tried using Passport. If anyone knows of a place that is hookup heaven, please let us know.

        Another thing I and others have noticed is that it doesn’t matter if you swipe every day, you start getting a relatively high number of matches at first and then it declines. I think it’s probably Tinder’s way into luring you into buying Plus/Boost.

  5. Hi,

    So I have just found your website because of this article. And I am already interested in buying your Tinder Template book. I have joined Tinder 5 days ago, I did a lot of research on it and I have great pictures and a great bio with some self deprecating humor there, I believe my profile is solid.

    I got 5 matches, 3 of which happened on the first day and the other 2 on the second day, but I got nothing the past 3 days, even though I swiped MUCH MORE in the past 3 days. (I have the 110 likes swipe limit not the 15 one). I am talking about 300 or 400 more swipes than the first 2 days here.

    Is this because of the algorithm or something?

    One last thing, and this is another big concern of mine. All the matches I got were IMMEDIATELY when I swiped right. I never logged in and found a match from a previous like I made, which makes NO SENSE. I mean think about it, when I matched with these girls I am quite sure 3 of them were offline, so they found the matches were logged in, how come I never found a match when I logged in?

    Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

    I think I will try not using Tinder for a couple of days and start swiping again and see where that gets me. But if you can share any tips or something that would be great!

    Thanks for all the great content you have here by the way! Take care dude!

    1. Hey Nick,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoy my articles – you can be sure The Tinder Template has some nice tips. If you don’t like it I offer a full money guarantee.

      Honestly, Tinder is a hit or miss. With that in mind – where are you located? This can make a difference.

      Matches can happen right when you swipe right if they already saw you and swiped you.

      1. I’m located in Malta, population is less than 435k for both islands unfortunately.

        So that means it works differently for women right? They can sign in and find matches and that is not the case for us men.

  6. As far as algorithms, I saw some posted facts and will try to remember the main points.
    1. Tinder will assign you an attractiveness number. That number starts out very high. When people do not like you back the number falls. When it reaches some sort of equilibrium, you will be presented with people that are about as attractive.

    2. So if you go mostly for those out of your league, it will lower your score.
    3. If you appear desperate, like you visit the site too often, your score will fall.
    4. If you want to gain some momentum, focus on people your age and of similar attractiveness (kind of subjective, I know).
    5. Try to maintain at least two open contacts. Don’t close the contacts (channels) of those you did not go out with. Tinder uses that to evaluate your attractiveness (aka desirability)
    6. I think knowing your audience is important, though I have no evidence. Focus on either one nighters or on relationships.
    All this boils down to Tinder is tough. I visit every two days, and have gotten ride of some photos, but we will see…I do not accept all or reject all. I would guess accept about 2/3 and reject 1/3 of the people.

  7. My friend is an handsome guy. He showed me his pics. Only selfie pictures. Nothing special about them. No Bio. No Instagram linked. He let me play with his phone. And oh my god it was too easy. I felt I was in God like mode. Girls would match. They would reply or even write first. Laugh at shitty or naughty jokes. And most would end up giving me their number. I once thought I was just too bad at texting or having the wrong photos . Now I know that you just need to be a very nice looking guy. If you are an avrage looking guy, just forget about it. Best case you ll go on a date with 4/10 girl. One of the very few matches you had in a whole month.

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