Resource Review: ‘Bang’ By Roosh V

Commonly referred to as ‘The Pickup Bible”, Bang is definitely worth a read. The flagship book of international love tourist and ‘game’ guru, Roosh V is Bang. While not perfect, the book delivers on teaching men a process to engage and ultimately, sleep with more girls. The book is an encyclopedia on how to become better with women and in turn, sleep with more quality women

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Bang is a book that builds the foundation of a man’s ‘game’. While the book is 167 pages, it is seemingly brief. Each section is broken down into what works best. There is no fluff in Bang, there are no fillers. Simply, what has been most effective for Roosh from his experience throughout his life and travels. Roosh covers both ‘Internal Game’ and ‘Outer Game’ in Bang. While brief, the ‘Internal Game’ section was a personal favorite. My favorite part was when Roosh covered his mindset on why he gets quality girls:

“Because my game is tight and I think I’m the shit.”

That mindset is what you are after, what we are after. But Bang is certainly not only about the introspective part of ‘game’. A majority of the book is about ‘Outer Game’. While eliminating fluff, Bang breaks down each part of the ‘Outer Game’. From ‘Early Game’ to ‘Middle Game’ to ‘Late Game’ to ‘End Game’, Bang has got it covered. It goes without saying, if you don’t know what those mean you need this book. By breaking down each step in the seduction process thoroughly, Roosh leaves readers with a step by step guide on how to escalate from approaching a pretty girl in the bar to having her in your bed, no matter if the process takes a night or 5 dates.

By avoiding gimmicks and ‘PUA’ acronyms throughout, Bang comes off as a book that a normal dude would read and be able to apply to his life. You don’t feel like Bang is written by some weird, internet marketing guru. The book feels like it was written by a dude that went out and tried to sleep with a bunch of girls, then he figured out what worked best, and shared his thoughts.

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Another personal favorite part of the ‘game’ preached in Bang is “Weasel Game”. While counter intuitive in some respects, Roosh lays out a plan to get you into the girls place after a date. The method is tried and true:

“You won’t let her know your intention to enter her place until you’re within sight of her front door. Then you’ll pull out the most low-tech line that will ever come of your mouth: “Can I use your bathroom?” This line is joked about and well-known, but it works extremely well…” Pretty? No. Effective? …yes.”

As well, Bang covers other aspects of the game. While both ‘Internal Game’ and ‘Outer Game’ are preached, the book also goes over nuances one comes across while trying to hook up with chicks. Texting and going out alone to ‘game’ are both covered extensively and well.

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While Bang is refer to as “The Pickup Bible” for a reason, it is not perfect. Bang avoids scripted routines and does not provide readers with many lines and openers. This is done for a reason. Yet, to the newbie spitting ‘game’ at the bar this may slow their initial progress. It is harder to start out with an opener and nothing else, but your ‘game’ and penis will thank you for this in the long run. As well, Bang sticks to a nighttime ‘game’ focus for a majority of the book.

Still, Bang is a no bullshit book about how to sleep with more women. Bang does not provide shortcuts to the man looking to attract and sleep with high quality women. It simply teaches men how to do so through hard work and an intelligent approach. If you are looking to improve your life with women, get Bang today.

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